Salesforce deepens data sharing partnership with Google

Last Fall at Dreamforce, Salesforce announced a deepening friendship with Google . That began to take shape in January with integration between Salesforce CRM data and Google Analytics 360 and Google BigQuery. Today,

Inside the pay-for-post ICO industry

In a world where nothing can be trusted and fake news abounds, ICO and crypto teams are further muddying the waters by trying – and often failing – to pay for posts. While bribes for blogs is nothing new,

iRobot i7+ initial impressions

After its go around my apartment, the i7+ is “still learning.” It’s fitting sentiment for the new Roomba, which iRobot is positioning as much as a platform as a robotic vacuum. Like a smartphone, it’s designed to learn new tricks over the life of the product, through over the air updates.

Instagram will promote mid-term voting with stickers, registration info

Facebook is getting ready to purposefully influence the U.S. mid-term elections after spending two years trying to safeguard against foreign interference.

Rent the Runway opens physical store in San Francisco

Rent the Runway, the fashion startup that began as a rental service for special occasions and has since evolved over the last couple of years into a service for people also looking to spice up their everyday wear, just opened up its fifth physical, standalone location. The new location,

Behold Ubisoft’s gloriously ridiculous Assassin’s Creed Amazon Echo

The Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Echo Plus is a limited edition, which will no doubt make fans want the thing that much more. It’s a standard Amazon device that Ubisoft dressed up in a Spartan helmet, to be given away in small quantities through the company’s site.

Spire Health Tags are now on Apple’s shelves

Spire’s Health Tags, the dark and tiny devices you stick on your clothes to gather all sorts of health data from your steps, heartbeat and stress levels is now available at your local Apple Store.

Maison Me nabs $1M from Google’s Assistant fund and more for made-to-order clothes

Amazon’s focus on using its camera-enabled Echo devices to help you figure out what to wear everyday has highlighted how the tech world sees a big opportunity in building fashion-related tools and services beyond the now-ubiquitous but still quite basic business of e-commerce,

Deliveroo fattens its market presence by opening to restaurants that do deliveries

Restaurant food delivery startup Deliveroo is taking the next logical step to expand its business by opening up to restaurants that have their own delivery fleets — thereby also expanding the food choices it can offer its couch-loving users. Next month the company will launch the new service,

Truecaller makes first acquisition to build out payment and financial services in India

Sweden’s Truecaller started out life as a service that screens calls and messages to weed out spammers. In recent times the company has switched its focus to India, its largest market based on users, adding services that include payments to help make it a daily app.

Dixons Carphone discloses data breach affecting 5.9M payment cards, 105k of which were compromised

European electronics and telecoms retailer Dixons Carphone has revealed a hack of its systems in which the intruder/s attempted to compromise 5.9 million payment cards. In a statement put out today it says a review of its systems and data unearthed the data breach.

Texas Town Turns To Treated Sewage For Drinking Water

Scientific American reports that Wichita Falls, Texas has taken an unusual step, precipitated by the years-long drought that Texas has faced: it's using treated sewage for drinking water. From the article: To launch what it calls its "Direct Potable Reuse Project,

Nokia Lumia 530 budget Windows Phone 8.1 handset is unveiled

This is the cheapest Windows Phone device to date, being priced at around £70 and due to launch next month in select markets.Read more:

Hotels Are Making Record Profits From Extra Fees on Stuff You Don't Use

Forget traffic jams, the Are we there yet?! whines, and bad weatherThe real headache for many travelers is a quickly-growing list of hotel surcharges, even for items they never use.See also: Know Before You Go:

Australian Comedian Becomes Unlikely Superstar in South Korea

SYDNEY — An Australian comedian is so popular in South Korea you can't turn on the television without hearing his name, yet most Australians have never heard of him.Sam Hammington, 37,


虽然苹果没有直接打造电视机产品,但是他们与电视的交集很早就已经存在。以知名度最高的 Apple TV 为例,这款机顶盒产品能够让用户在电视上观看 Apple TV 当中包含的各种频道,同时还可以进行 AirPlay 镜像同步播放等等。



New Windows 10 leak shows how the Spartan browser works with Cortana

Microsoft officially announced Spartan, its new web browser built into Windows 10, in JanuaryAlthough Spartan isn't currently available in Windows 10 preview builds, Microsoft said at Mobile World Congress that the new browser would be available in the next build,

微软语出惊人:Windows 10没有正式版

Windows 10 Build 10240已经被签署为RTM正式版,但是微软今天对国外媒体表示,Windows 10身上并没有RTM、Goes Gold、最终正式版这样的称呼。这是为啥呢?

sql server 中 bigint 和 datetime 性能比较 - 远方V3

-- 创建表create table Test_tbl( ID varchar(40) primary key nonclustered, IntCol int,DateCol datetime) --==========================================...

We Finally Have the Full Story on Ceres' Mysterious Bright Spots

Water ice from a subterranean ocean? Giant salt deposits from an alien mining operation? Since March, dwarf planet Ceres’ bright spots have mystified scientists, dazzled space nerds, and sparked all manner of wild speculation.

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