Coinbase's cryptocurrency index fund opens its door to U.S. investors

In March, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced it would be launching an index fund for cryptocurrencies, allowing investors to effortlessly buy a basket of coins traded on Coinbase's exchange GDAX, recently rebranded to Coinbase Pro. Now, the fund is officially open for U.S.

Adobe's new experiment turns tone deaf humming into real music

What if your tone deaf humming could actually sound...pretty good? That's the premise of a new experiment from Adobe that aims to turn your voice into music.It's called Project Kazoo, and it could one day make soundtrack creation as simple as humming a quick tune.SEE ALSO:

10 gifts for the fan who has a love/hate relationship with Marvel

Whether you're drawn to the blockbuster movies, to Netflix, to old-school cartoons or to the comics that started it all, you know by now that it's Marvel's world and we're only living in it. It's tough, sometimes, to know that you're a teeny, tiny cog in a massive corporate entertainment empire,

Best deals for Oct. 16: Xbox One S, Nintendo Switch games, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, and more on sale

If you have ever felt the shoulder ache brought on by too much gaming, have an indent permanently worn into your couch in your "spot," or have ever blown on a gaming cartridge to get it to work, then these deals are about to make you very happy.SEE ALSO: Save nearly $3,

Google Pixel 3 XL teardown reveals Samsung screen, tons of glue

Now that the Pixel 3 XL is out in the open, it was just a matter of time until someone disassembled it. The first to do so is the trusty iFixit, and while digging through the Pixel 3 XL's innards didn't result in any groundbreaking discoveries,

Why Netflix's 'Hill House' finale changes the way we look at the show

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the entirety of Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House, all 10 episodes. Proceed with caution.It's safe to assume these days that a supernatural TV drama isn't going to end with us, the viewers,

Amazon's new Kindle Paperwhite shows e-readers can still get better

There are very few gadgets in this world I consider to be perfect. But one of them, or at least one that comes pretty damn close, is my Amazon Kindle e-reader. I’ve been a huge fan since I bought my first Kindle (third-generation) back in 2007,

SimpliSafe takes on Nest with the Video Doorbell Pro

The connected doorbell market is expanding. Modular home security manufacturer SimpliSafe is launching the Video Doorbell Pro nationwide on Tuesday for $169.99. While the price undercuts other offerings like the Nest Hello ($229),

Kanye West tweets about the music in 'Deadpool', gets cheeky reply from Ryan Reynolds

If you happened to be thinking to yourself, "The Deadpool franchise is great and everything, but it could use a little more Kanye West"...then we've got some good news: you may well be in luck.SEE ALSO: 69 times Ryan Reynolds was hands down the funniest actor on TwitterOn Tuesday,

Spotify releases the 'Queer Eye' men's playlists to ring in the new season

You can now travel deep into the psyche of the Queer Eye guys — all by examining their Spotify playlists.To celebrate Pride month and the show's new season, Spotify has released a new plug-in that allows users to tune into their favorite Queer Eye characters' playlists. 

15 Mister Rogers quotes for when you need a friendly neighbor

Won't You Be My Neighbor?,the recently released Mister Rogers biopic, has everyone weeping with a nostalgic, foreign emotion: joy.Between the #MeToo movement and a president who plucks babies away from their parents, it's hard to think of men in contemporary public life who inspire admiration.

How to Spend Only 10 Minutes Per Day on Twitter

The No. 1 complaint from businesses new to social media is: “I just don’t have time.” What these people don’t realize is that social media doesn’t always require a huge commitment,

Gawker Russia Crushes Sochi Medal Count, U.S.

Gawker Russia Crushes Sochi Medal Count, U.S. Did Fine | Jalopnik The 2014 Daytona 500 Has Been A Ridiculously Wet Mess, In Pictures | Jezebel Here Is Alec Baldwin's Epic Farewell Essay, Titled 'I Give Up' | Kotaku Chinese Robot Will Decimate Your Flappy Bird ScoreRead more...    

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Why has Microsoft Azure had such a tough month?

According to the Microsoft Azure status page the service has had numerous problems over the past month. The Microsoft Azure status page lists 38 separate incidents over the past 30 days.Read more:


北京2014年8月19日电 /美通社/ -- 完美世界有限责任公司 (NASDAQ: PWRD)(以下简称“完美世界”或“公司”),一家总部位于中国的领先的网络游戏开发商和运营商,今天公布其截至2014年6月30日止的第二季度未经审计财务业绩。

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据《华尔街日报》昨日报道,苹果正在与美国多家广播公司谈判,准备在今年秋天发布一个在线流媒体点播的电视网络服务。而关于苹果推出Apple TV实体电视硬件的传言已经由来多时,可是一直未见其现身。


在华盛顿州检察长办公室宣布美国第一例涉及众筹的消费者保护案一年之后,法庭裁决未能交付产品的众筹发起人支付54,851美元的罚款和赔偿金。被告是Edward J.

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