Coinbase's cryptocurrency index fund opens its door to U.S. investors

In March, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced it would be launching an index fund for cryptocurrencies, allowing investors to effortlessly buy a basket of coins traded on Coinbase's exchange GDAX, recently rebranded to Coinbase Pro. Now, the fund is officially open for U.S.

Hillary Clinton wrote a lovely letter to an 8-year-old girl who lost her class election

Hillary Clinton knows a thing or two about tough election losses.That's apparently what compelled the former 2016 candidate for president to write a letter to 8-year-old Martha Kennedy Morales. The school-aged girl recently faced off against a boy from her class in an election for class president,

Elon Musk is ready and tweeting ahead of his tunnel opening party

The Boring Company pushed back the opening of its Hawthorne underground tunnel in Los Angeles, but recent signs point to the Tuesday event happening.On Saturday,

Stephen Miller may have sprayed his hair on (?) and Twitter is having fun

White House Senior Policy Advisor Stephen Miller appeared on CBS news show Face the Nation Sunday afternoon sporting hairdo. It's certainly new hair, anyway.Well, paint. It looks like paint. And Twitter is having an absolute field day with his new look. SEE ALSO:

Twitter thread explores questionable ways men, uh, decorate their bathrooms

Here's your chance to go deep in the bowels of a man's soul — his bathroom.A Twitter thread posted Friday asked women what's the weirdest thing they've seen in a dude's bathroom. It starts off with a plunger-hairbrush hybrid contraption that must be used for plunging and then scrubbing the bowl.

'Kingdom Hearts III' may have leaked, but its biggest spoilers are still safe

Square Enix's hotly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III isn't supposed to be on the market until Jan. 25, 2019, but some copies have already made it to market, leading fans to brace themselves for a deluge of early spoilers. SEE ALSO:

Believe the hype: Weighted blankets have an online cult following for a reason

Essentials Week spotlights unexpected items that make our daily lives just a little bit better. From Twitter to Reddit to Instagram, tons of internet folks are raving about a glorified tarp. Weighted blankets, also known as gravity or anxiety blankets,

People are dragging Offset on Twitter for his manipulative Cardi B stunt

In a stunning if ultimately unsurprising display of ashiness, Cardi B's recently estranged husband Offset showed up onstage at the Rolling Loud festival to beg Cardi to take him back after he cheated on her.

Kanye West tweets about the music in 'Deadpool', gets cheeky reply from Ryan Reynolds

If you happened to be thinking to yourself, "The Deadpool franchise is great and everything, but it could use a little more Kanye West"...then we've got some good news: you may well be in luck.SEE ALSO: 69 times Ryan Reynolds was hands down the funniest actor on TwitterOn Tuesday,

Spotify releases the 'Queer Eye' men's playlists to ring in the new season

You can now travel deep into the psyche of the Queer Eye guys — all by examining their Spotify playlists.To celebrate Pride month and the show's new season, Spotify has released a new plug-in that allows users to tune into their favorite Queer Eye characters' playlists. 

15 Mister Rogers quotes for when you need a friendly neighbor

Won't You Be My Neighbor?,the recently released Mister Rogers biopic, has everyone weeping with a nostalgic, foreign emotion: joy.Between the #MeToo movement and a president who plucks babies away from their parents, it's hard to think of men in contemporary public life who inspire admiration.

#2014年 SXSW 互动媒体大会:第一次看趋势和主题

我们本周在奥斯汀,准备出席将于今天晚些时候开幕的西南偏南大会 (South By Southwest Interactive)。本次活动是我今年最喜欢的活动之一。对我来说,这是一个为期一周的速成班,关乎所有数字空间参与者的未来。

单链表逆序或者逆序输出 - 树上的猪

分为两种情况,一种是只逆序输出,实际上不逆序;另一种是把链表逆序。********************逆序输出*********************** 1 #include 2 #include 3 #include 4 using namespace std; 5 6 7 typed.....

A Robotic 3D Printer Could Print Anything, Anywhere It Wants

3D printers are far from a perfect technology at this point, but one of their most glaring issues is that their printing capacity is limited to the size of the machines. The print head on a 3D printer can only travel so far,



[视频]CES 2015:Keyssa展示仅咖啡豆大小的超高速无线传输装置




唔使煩放機 ! Apple 下週於正式推行 iPhone Trade-In 服務

早於 2013 年 Apple 就開始在美國推行 iPhone Trade-in 服務,而且其後更陸續 發展到加拿大、澳洲、法國及德國等地區。

Computex 2015 :偽裝成西裝胸針的茂森 Android 條碼掃瞄器

2015 年的 Computex Taipei 展前第一天就有好兆頭,除了看到有趣的 iPhone 雷射尺 iPin Laser Ruler 以外,還看到這個可偽裝成西裝胸針的 Android 條碼掃描器外接裝置。



三星S7、iPhone 6S摄像头大战:差距惊呆

今天早些时候,三星放出了Galaxy S7的拍摄样张,很让人惊艳,那么它跟iPhone 6S一战,到底拍照上谁会胜出呢?现在,外媒已经抢先对Galaxy S7和iPhone 6S的拍照进行了对比,从实拍样张来看,三星依然胜出,不知道苹 ... ...

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