People are tweeting the stories of how they met their partners and it's super sweet

It's a question as old as time itself, but one that truly never gets old — "How did you two meet?"One curious tweeter posed this question to the internet, asking followers to share their stories of how they met their partners. And, boy, did the internet deliver. SEE ALSO:

Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch launch and reaction

Apple is finally releasing its much-anticipated iPhone 6 handset on 9th September, and ITProPortal is going to be on hand to bring you all the updates in our minute-by-minute coverage.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

'The Conners' killed off Roseanne Barr's character, and she's not cool with it

Back in May, the reboot of Roseanne was cancelled after Roseanne Barr posted a racist remark on Twitter. That eventually led to The Conners, a Barr-free spinoff of Roseanne, which eventually aired on ABC Tuesday night. SEE ALSO:

Facebook reboots 'The Real World' to draw people to its video platform

MTV's The Real World is set to make a comeback — on Facebook.The social network is teaming up with MTV to launch a reboot of the famed reality show for its video platform, Facebook Watch.SEE ALSO: Facebook: We're not a media company. Also Facebook: Watch our news shows.

Jimmy Kimmel created a fake Broadway musical version of 'Sully' but then actually did it

Film after film has been made into a Broadway musical, from Mean Girls to Legally Blonde. But who would have thought you could make a musical from Sully?For a new segment dubbed "Fraudway," Jimmy Kimmel made up a musical version of the 2016 film starring Tom Hanks,

Why Bono, Pharrell, The National wrote songs in memory of an artist's late cat

For those of us who've lost a longtime pet, the grief can be overwhelming, but might seem inconsequential to others.It's something French conceptual artist Sophie Calle realised when she lost her beloved cat, Souris (or mouse, in English), back in 2014. SEE ALSO:

YouTube is down, please don't call the police

YouTube appears to be down, and the internet doesn't know what to do.The video platform was inaccessible on Tuesday night, either showing a server error, a blank page, or broken images when people tried to load the website. The YouTube app also showed the same problems.SEE ALSO:

Adorable 5-year-old gives Prince Harry a little beard pat

Decorum be damned when there are royal beards to tickle.That's the kind of rebellion Prince Harry found during a royal visit to the Australian town of Dubbo, when a tiny school boy indulged in a little pat of His Royal Highness' beard.

Just try not to stomp and clamp watching Rami Malek performing 'We Will Rock You'

You can't mistake that drum beat. You know when to clap, when to stomp. But do you know how Queen's "We Will Rock You" was actually written?In a new clip from upcoming Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody,

The original 'Avengers' have a group chat where they talk about their matching tattoos

Just let this sink in for a moment: somewhere in the world, there exists a group message thread where the original Avengers talk to each other about their matching tattoos.SEE ALSO: You won't feel so good if you watched this before watching 'Avengers: Infinity War'Not Mark Ruffalo, though.

Coinbase's cryptocurrency index fund opens its door to U.S. investors

In March, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced it would be launching an index fund for cryptocurrencies, allowing investors to effortlessly buy a basket of coins traded on Coinbase's exchange GDAX, recently rebranded to Coinbase Pro. Now, the fund is officially open for U.S.

Kanye West tweets about the music in 'Deadpool', gets cheeky reply from Ryan Reynolds

If you happened to be thinking to yourself, "The Deadpool franchise is great and everything, but it could use a little more Kanye West"...then we've got some good news: you may well be in luck.SEE ALSO: 69 times Ryan Reynolds was hands down the funniest actor on TwitterOn Tuesday,

【一些事晚报】酷站欣赏 神级产品经理 奇葩面试题

4月9日 一些事 晚报 | 汇总今日最热资讯        1.【你的肾准备好了吗? iOS 8七大新功能前瞻】之前的报道对iOS 8可能会有的改进做过描述,而Mark Gurman现在又披露了更多信息。

视频演讲: 跨越鸿沟--有道云笔记产品改版实践

有道云笔记iPhone在4月初发布了新版,发布之后数据变化如下:日活跃用户上升25%,人均新建笔记数量上升100%。同时,产品的 NPS(净推荐值)达到了历史峰值55,App Store的五星好评比例高达91%。

视频演讲: 拥抱开源的微软




苹果和 Cupertino 市发布新总部最新航拍照片

昨天有人使用飞行器录下了苹果 Campus 2 营地的最新建筑情况,今天苹果和 Cupertino 市联合发布了最新航拍照片,展示了苹果 Campus 2 营地的最新进展。图片显示,苹果 Campus 2 正在建设地基,建筑大楼建设仍然处于初期。

Facebook quietly rolled out a bare-bones app in emerging markets

While 1.6 billion people around the world take the latest and greatest smartphones for granted, many in emerging markets remain tethered to older devices.That's likely why Facebook quietly rolled out Facebook Lite, a lightweight Android version of the full app, to eight countries last week.

Sony SmartWatch 3 Review: The Best-Performing Android Smartwatch Yet

Sony's been trying the smartwatch thing for years, but the original SmartWatch and the SmartWatch 2 both...what's the word I'm looking for here? Sucked? Yeah. But the SmartWatch 3 has solid performance and two nifty features you won't find on any other Android Wear.


编者按:戴维·罗斯(David Rose)是 Ditto Labs 首席执行官,以及麻省理工学院媒体实验室(MIT Media Lab)研究人员,著有 《被施了魔法的物体》(Enchanted Objects)一书。 捏你三下,意思是“我爱你”;捏你两下,意思是“我害怕。

Windows 10证实将移除Media Center

微软公布了Windows 10的硬件规格和部分被移除的软件。Windows 10需要最低1GB内存(32位),16GB可用空间(32位)或20GB可用空间(64位)。微软证实在升级到Windows 10后,Windows 7家庭高级版、专业版、旗舰版或Windows 8.

Sales 開單恩物!Canon imageFORMULA P-208II / P-215II便攜式掃描器速測

以往戶外銷售團隊、保險從業員等,以往他們需要帶備大大部的掃描器或者多合一打印機,Canon 就推出了兩部便攜式掃描器 imageFORMULA P-208Ⅱ 及 P-215Ⅱ,有了它們,各位從業員就算係室外,都可以隨時隨地掃描到高質素清晰的檔案啦!

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