Symantec: Why security is no longer just your insurance policy

Going back to security basics could help prove a key business differentiator, says Symantec’s Darren Thomson.

Hackers that tried to steal $100m arrested, group dismantled

Law enforcement agencies from multiple European countries, together with the US, found the group using the GozNym malware.

Russian government leaked info on more than two million citizens

The data is 'legal to disclose', watchdog says.

Sony announces share buyback, new Microsoft partnership

The company's stock surged.

Three steps to a successful API initiative

How can you ensure that your API doesn’t fall victim to lazy design?

Collaboration is key to marketing creativity

All marketers know the challenge of really understanding your customers.

What you need to know about migrating Oracle enterprise applications to the cloud

To effectively leverage innovative technologies such as AI and IoT, a cloud platform must be a part of your infrastructure. If your business is not part of the 80 percent of businesses using the cloud, your strategy could be impeding company growth and cost savings.

Biometric technology industry: Trend of innovation arrives, implementation for national security gai

Innovation in biometric technology to transform the conventional ways.

ZTE set for return to business in the US

Chinese firm due to begin trading again after paying $1.4bn fine.

Microsoft told to help users still suffering Windows 10 pain

Windows 10 updates lead to consumer woes.

UK watchdog hits Yahoo with £250k data breach fine

ICO fines the UK arm of Yahoo over its notorious 2014 hack.


来自台湾设计师Hanhsi Chen的设计,错位时钟(Dislocation Clock)据说是设计师在皇家艺 […]

Surface Pro 3 users - Microsoft will fix your Wi-Fi woes tomorrow (maybe)

The Surface Pro 3 is quite possibly my favorite computer of all time. This is quite the amazing declaration, as I have used many. Besides its usability and high-end power, it is an awe-inspiring exampRead more: http://www.itproportal.

Google 终于承认 Chrome 故障会导致 Windows 笔记本耗电加剧

虽然全球网民中有大约 35% 在用着 Google 的 Chrome 浏览器,但这并不代表说它会与故障无缘。之前 Forbes 曾指出 Windows 版 Chrome 在未被使用时并不会回到闲置状态,其耗电量要远远超出...

Dropbox transparency report details hundreds of national security and law enforcement data requests

The report shows that there were a total of 268 law enforcement requests “for user information” in the first six months of the year and up to 249 national security requests.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

论触摸板是比鼠标更先进的输入方式 - 水石头


Oh balls: People will never let Ed Balls forget his amazing Twitter fail

LONDON — Once upon a time a politician called Ed Balls accidentally tweeted his own name, Ed Balls, to thousands of followers.See also: Election 404: Which UK political party has the best error page?It wasn't a massive balls up but of course everyone pounced,

Cocktail bitters made with human tears are a thing now

LONDON -– We’ve seen cocktail bitters made with crickets, cocktails served in hot water bottles, and even cocktails that you "drink" through inhalation.But we still haven't seen it all.See also:

Spotify Party wants to be the DJ for all your get-togethers

Party playlists are great, but they're no substitute for a proper DJ. Spotify thinks its new feature is the next best thing.Spotify launched a new "Party" mode for its iOS and Android apps, which features curated playlists with an adjustable mood selector.

Microsoft Edge Is Finally Becoming a Real Browser

I know, Microsoft Edge is basically a rebranded Internet Explorer, and for that reason alone most people stay a full barge-pole length away from Window’s default browser. But thanks to some upcoming changes, it might stop sucking so bad. Read more...


阿里巴巴今日盘前股价大涨,截至北京时间5月5日21:22,涨4.06美元至79.88美元,涨幅达5.35%。北京时间5月5日晚间,阿里巴巴(NYSE:BABA) 发布了截至2016年3月31日的2016财年第四季度及全年财报。第四季度,营收为人民币241.84亿元(约合37.51亿美元),同比增长 39%。净利润为人民币53.14亿元(约合8.24亿美元),较上年同期的人民币28.69亿元增长85%。基于非美国通用会计准则,净利润为人民币 76.35亿元(约合11.81亿美元),较上年同期的人民币77.41亿元下滑1%。

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