Symantec: Why security is no longer just your insurance policy

Going back to security basics could help prove a key business differentiator, says Symantec’s Darren Thomson.

UK firms can't tell if their IoT is secure

Research reports raises more questions about the overall security of IoT user data.

Microsoft secures huge Department of Defence contract

It will be bringing home almost $2 billion over five years.

Intel to go 'non-traditional' in search of CEO

Computing giant may bring in someone from outside the company.

Cutting through the AI hype: Explainable AI and a flexible workforce

Preparing the c-suite for the future workplace.

Top web hosting services have major security flaws

Roughly seven million users could have had their accounts exposed.

Smart transport needs data sharing

Across the globe, technology companies and multi-stakeholder, cross-industry groups are investing money and time into exploring an innovation that is rapidly approaching usability.

Payment innovations: A look back and predictions for the year ahead

For invisible payments and the technologies that enable them, we will no doubt see a continuation in the focus on consumer security and control.

ZTE set for return to business in the US

Chinese firm due to begin trading again after paying $1.4bn fine.

Microsoft told to help users still suffering Windows 10 pain

Windows 10 updates lead to consumer woes.

UK watchdog hits Yahoo with £250k data breach fine

ICO fines the UK arm of Yahoo over its notorious 2014 hack.

私有Git版本库的搭建和使用(初探) - 书中叶


This New Hubble Pic Takes Us Halfway to the Edge of the Universe

This is a new picture taken by the Hubble Telescope that shows us the universe in more detail than we've ever seen it.

All eyes are on Apple, but Android forces are vying for its position

As the American tech press turns to San Francisco and Apple's developer conference, the real world looks to Taipei and Computex. There you see the Android Army's march against iOS.Read more:

OS X Yosemite在商业领域将拥有无限优势

在线营销公司 fishbat 对于苹果最新发布的 OS X Yosemite 系统及该系统在商业领域所拥有的无限优势兴奋不已。fishbat 客户关系副总裁 Justin Maas 就为我们指出这个新系统在商业领域将带来的变化。  


天河二号在一年半里连续三次登顶Top500榜单,它的峰值运算速度33.86 petaflop/s,短时间内其它超级计算机难以对它构成挑战。



亿达软件新城签约IBM 启动智慧园区建设

武汉2014年9月28日电 /美通社/ -- 9月27日,在武汉举办的亿达软件新城绿色IT中国行活动上,亿达软件新城正式与IBM签约,率先启动亿达软件新城的智慧园区顶层设计,共同打造升级版亿达软件新城智慧园区建设。

传Apple pay或将内嵌入支付宝在大陆运转,苹果则帮助阿里巴巴做跨境业务。

阿里和苹果,这对中美跨国好基友正式联姻的可能性有多少?据36氪得到的消息:almost nailed down! (极大,极大)今天,洛杉矶的拉古娜海滩,阿里巴巴执行主席马云和苹果CEO库克一起出席了WSJD Conference。





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