Why, in 2018, do the vast majority of applications still not undergo security testing? - 云聚网

Why, in 2018, do the vast majority of applications still not undergo security testing?

Software is often the weakest link which allows attackers to gain access to organisations and their data.

Mozilla removes 23 Firefox add-ons in security clampdown

Firefox add-ons found to be tracking users web activity and sending data back to remote servers.

Disruption or evolution? Why blockchain is the future of global lending

Blockchain and its distributed ledger technology is poised to change the way banks lend to customers on a global scale.

Data collection: good for your health?

When it comes to healthcare, data collection is all about providing useful information on a patient's well being.

It’s electrifying… what does the future spell for the auto industry?

Car manufacturers must adapt their current technologies to ensure their brands survive.

Trump relaxes rules on US cyberattacks

Obama's 'Directive 20' is no more as current administration prepares for cyberwar.

Google employees speak up against 'censored search engine for China'

"We need a seat at the table", employees told the company in an open letter.

US targeted by Chinese hackers

American companies, as well as government agencies, were targeted by Chinese hackers recently, security experts claim.

Symantec: Why security is no longer just your insurance policy

Going back to security basics could help prove a key business differentiator, says Symantec’s Darren Thomson.

ZTE set for return to business in the US

Chinese firm due to begin trading again after paying $1.4bn fine.

Microsoft told to help users still suffering Windows 10 pain

Windows 10 updates lead to consumer woes.

迫不及待:LG发布LG G3官方预告视频

距离 LG 的 5 月 27 日发布会大概还有两个星期的时间,LG 将会在发布会上发布自己全新的旗舰手机 LG G3。

Apple finally agrees to allow ‘approved virtual currencies’ in apps

The revised policy for apps lets developers create apps that can accept virtual currencies that have been approved by Apple with a list to be released soon.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/06/03/apple-finally-agrees-allow-approved-virtual-currencies-apps/

Outfit All of Your TVs with Super-Cheap Roku Boxes, Today Only

Odds are, you already have a streaming box hooked up to your main TV, but today's a great chance to outfit the rest of them on the cheap. Woot is selling refurbs of the current Roku lineup, and you take home a Roku 1 for $35 shipped, a Roku 2 for $45, or a Roku 3 for $67.Read more...

Samruk Kazyna 企业转型将为哈萨克斯坦增加收入

未来六年,Samruk Kazyna 企业转型将为哈萨克斯坦增加110亿美元收入 哈萨克斯坦阿斯塔纳2014年10月13日电 /美通社/ -- 管理总额近1000亿美元的重大战略性国家资产的哈萨克斯坦主权财富基金 Samruk Kazyna 正在全面改革其业务战略,包括投资方法和资产管理方法。

《GTA V》线上抢劫合作任务终于要在 2015 年初登场,怎么玩看这里!

Rockstar 早就透露过将会在《Grand Theft Auto Online》线上游戏模式中,加入 4 名玩家一同密切合作参与的抢劫模式线上版,但该公司一直到最近才正式发布了这个游戏模式的相关信息。

Android Studio 单刷《第一行代码》系列 05 —— Fragment 基础 - addict

### 前情提要(Previously) ###本系列将使用 Android Studio 将《第一行代码》(书中讲解案例使用Eclipse)刷一遍,旨在为想入坑 Android 开发,并选择 Android Studio 作为开发 IDE 的同学开路。

Street Parking Won't Be a Chore When Your BMW Finds Spots For You

A full third of all vehicular congestion in cities is estimated to be caused by people circling—and circling...and circling...and circling—as they look for parking.


几乎每个互联网创业者的日常状态都是在打仗,跟投资人见面、出席分享会、在公司里讨论策划、到市场里考察情况等等,每 ...

The 2015 year in media was about Trump, mass shootings and a general loss of control

The media — newspapers, television news, even blogs — used to have some modicum of control. It controlled what received coverage, how it was covered, and the way in which that coverage was delivered.


谈及中心化和去中心化,我们常常是在谈平台,谈个体,谈流量入口,谈连接关系,谈互联网产品,谈生活所见所思。社会是 ...

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