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UK tech scene set for major new investment

Prime Minister reveals £2.3bn in new funding, with around 1,600 jobs set to be created.

New U.K. Government Focuses On Startups And Spooks

The U.K. voted in a General Election on Thursday. The result ends five years of coalition government, and ushers in five years of true blue Tory rule. Here’s a quick round up of a few of the tech issues and areas that are going to be in play over the course of this Parliament. Read More

London’s Mayor And Six Tech Investors Launch $133M Fund For City’s Startups

A new venture capital fund for startups has been launched by the Mayor of London, aiming to boost the city’s already burgeoning startup scene. The new London Co-Investment Fund will supported by £25 million from the Mayor’s office and up to £60 million from six private sector partners,

London’s Startups Hit A High Of $682M In VC Funding In Q1 2015

Startups in Silicon Valley, the epicenter of the tech world, and the U.S. overall have seen an unprecedented amount of investment as consumers and businesses buy into more online services, and investors flock to fund the next big thing. But the ripples of that trend are being felt elsewhere,

UK Elections Get A Partisan Spin From The Startup World

“Startup businesses back the Conservatives,” screamed last week’s headline in The Guardian newspaper. In a move that feels somewhat unprecedented for the U.K.’s startup scene, which isn’t especially known for ‘doing politics’,

Helion Venture Partners Raises New $300M Fund For Startups In India

There’s another new startup fountain in town in India, after Helion Venture Partners announced its fourth fund worth $300 million. Read More

Hire Someone Already! Google Ventures Mulls Its European Moves

As the cream of Europe’s entrepreneurs filed into the beautifully lit room at a European tech conference late in 2012, picking up their champagne as they went, a VC leaned over to Welsey Chan of Google Ventures and asked: “Why one earth are you guys sponsoring these drinks?

KweekWeek Books $3.25M Seed Round To Bridge Gap Between Event Ticketing And Discovery

You could be forgiven for thinking that Eventbrite, hot on the heels of its latest $60 million fund raise, has pretty much sewn up the long tail of event ticketing. Meanwhile,

Speakers At The Europas Conference And Awards Reflect Europe’s Diversity, June 16, London

The Europas Conference & Awards for European Tech Startups, on June 16 in London, is an annual celebration of Europe’s brightest tech companies. From a small bar in central London in 2009, it’s become a fixture of the European scene, with it’s highly curated daytime speakers and audience,

Amazon Opens Huge Photo Studio In London To Feed Its Fashion Ambition

Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos once famously said that in order to be a $200 billion company, Amazon had to learn how to sell clothes and food. And while the company has been steadily growing the latter business with initiatives like Amazon Fresh,

Tech’s Year Of Missed Political Gains

The technology sector had a rough year in Washington. In the face of growing political spending, increasing economic might and stumbling government agencies, tech got nearly nothing it wanted in 2014.NSA reform died, as did copyright reform, and patent reform. Immigration reform? Kaput.

Mozilla removes 23 Firefox add-ons in security clampdown

Firefox add-ons found to be tracking users web activity and sending data back to remote servers.

Disruption or evolution? Why blockchain is the future of global lending

Blockchain and its distributed ledger technology is poised to change the way banks lend to customers on a global scale.

Data collection: good for your health?

When it comes to healthcare, data collection is all about providing useful information on a patient's well being.

It’s electrifying… what does the future spell for the auto industry?

Car manufacturers must adapt their current technologies to ensure their brands survive.

Trump relaxes rules on US cyberattacks

Obama's 'Directive 20' is no more as current administration prepares for cyberwar.

Google employees speak up against 'censored search engine for China'

"We need a seat at the table", employees told the company in an open letter.

US targeted by Chinese hackers

American companies, as well as government agencies, were targeted by Chinese hackers recently, security experts claim.

Why, in 2018, do the vast majority of applications still not undergo security testing?

Software is often the weakest link which allows attackers to gain access to organisations and their data.

Symantec: Why security is no longer just your insurance policy

Going back to security basics could help prove a key business differentiator, says Symantec’s Darren Thomson.

ZTE set for return to business in the US

Chinese firm due to begin trading again after paying $1.4bn fine.



Pebble 智能型手表已卖出了超过 40 万只

分类: 佩戴产品在过去一个星期,大家一定将焦点放了在 Google 刚刚公布的 Android Wear 平台上,但原来 Pebble 也有好消息跟大家宣布。该公司的 CEO Eric Migicovsky 向 Fortune 表示,自 2013 年初以来,他们已经卖出了超过 400,


人们说你不可能在自己的土地上成为一位先知。作为一名总是以局外人的身份做数据挖掘的人,我发现这是真的。我发现建造一个模型时很少有超过10 - 20%的时间是花在电脑前的,有三分之一的时间是根本没有花在电脑前的。

Intel首席科学家Randolph Wang:详解Edison

在2014 Shenzhen Maker Faire第一天的主题演讲上,Intel首席科学家Randolph Wang介绍了只有SD卡大小的Edison开发板是如何从无到有,它背后的技术原理,以及那些因Edison而触发的奇思妙想和创意作品。

vivo Xshot视频开箱+超清图赏

感谢唐山雨晨的投递次拿到的vivo Xshot应该算是全国第一批机,抢先放上视频开箱以及图赏。手机搭载了高通当下最强的 Snapdragon 801 SoC(8974AC、四核、2.5GHz)、3GB RAM 和 32GB 内建存储容量,同时配备了一块 5.2 吋的 1080p LCD 屏幕。

冇倍增!iPhone 6 將維持採用 1 GB RAM

自從由 iPhone 3G 開始,每一代 iPhone 推出時都幾乎會倍增記憶體的容量。那麼 iPhone 6 的記憶體容量又會否跟隨這個傳統再度倍增呢?今日帶來的消息或會令大家失望了。以下有更多資料:The post 冇倍增!

Video Claims to Capture iPhone 6 Handoffs in Chinese Mafia

Congratulations on buying your new iPhone—now give it to someone else. According to the video above, alleged members of the Chinese mafia are reaping the benefits of other people waiting in line to buy the new iPhone for them. Read more...


这是一个会不断更新的内容,把各种产品的用户调研放在这里,分析用户到底在乎什么?讨厌什么?需求什么?用户为什么要 […]

Samsung Reportedly Investing In Original Short-Form Video

According to a report in The Information, Samsung is planning on dipping its toes in the world of original short-form video content. Think Netflix, but lower-budget and probably without Kevin Spacey. Read more...

What's Wrong With the Manhattan Project National Park

Lasrick writes Dawn Stover describes the radioactive dirt behind the creation of the Manhattan Project National Historical Park,

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