IT Zen: Joining the shadow with the light

CIOs must develop a digital strategy that combines the flexibility of shadow IT with the needs of their business.

The AI-transformed customer experience – how does it actually work?

AI is making it possible for businesses to distinguish themselves through better, more personalised customer engagements.

DAG – The next generation of blockchain

DAG solves the limitations of blockchain and allows the technology to scale infinitely and at negligible cost.

Don't square off against a cyber threat without a game plan

Whether your organisation is dealing with ransomware, phishing or any other cyber threat, knowing what you're up against is essential to prevent falling victim to an attack.

Addressing the threat from within

How can businesses encourage employees to take cyber security as seriously as they do?

Cyber’s coming home: defending the World Cup against cyberattacks

It's time for businesses and individuals to treat their digital information and property as they would physical property.

Government launches UK Institute of Coding

The IoC’s goal is to nurture UK’s next generation of digital talent ‘at degree level and above’.

Panasonic launches new rugged Android handset

It's rugged, durable, and comes with a set of unique features, ones that the average consumer might find useless, but which will probably mean a lot for workers.

UK tech scene set for major new investment

Prime Minister reveals £2.3bn in new funding, with around 1,600 jobs set to be created.

Why, in 2018, do the vast majority of applications still not undergo security testing?

Software is often the weakest link which allows attackers to gain access to organisations and their data.

Symantec: Why security is no longer just your insurance policy

Going back to security basics could help prove a key business differentiator, says Symantec’s Darren Thomson.

Samsung Ativ Core in works, rumored to be a Windows Phone 8.1 handset

Samsung is ready to set its footprints in the Windows Phone arena. Recently, the company launched the Samsung Ativ SE powered by Windows Phone and up for pre-orders on Verizon, but it seems the Korean OEM is working on more Windows Phone powered handsets as well. 

赵科林又跳槽了... 这次去联想负责全球手机业务

分类: 产业新闻差不多十个月前,原诺基亚销售主管、「铁人」赵科林(Colin Giles)在暌违手机业一年多后,加盟了华为负责全球市场营销。


“2001 年的时候,互联网泡沫破灭,各种低潮,中国评论家们天天说的是,什么时候中国才会出一个 10 亿美金市值的互联网公司呢?

FCC to Review Peering Deals as the Battle Over Internet Traffic Deepens

Netflix's war of words on Internet service providers has scored its first victory.The FCC will begin looking at the network connection agreements between companies like Netflix and Verizon, a move that could mean more regulatory scrutiny over how data is sent to Internet users.See also:

小伙见游戏女友后吵架 跪7小时女子不现身


Toyota 与华硕合作推出「Toyota 智慧行」车用系统

延续之前和 Toyota 在日月潭的合作,华硕今天发布了第一款和 Toyota 一同开发,专为年轻族群设计的新一代车用智慧系统。这个系统真的是颇有华硕的风格,核心是装上了华硕自家开发软件的...

[译]Stairway to Integration Services Level 8 - SSIS 工作流管理高级 - Haseo

介绍在前两个章节我们,建立了一个新的SSIS包,简单的使用了一下scripting还有优先约束,并且测试了MaxConcurrentExecutables 属性. 同时实验了 “On Success”, “On Completion”, 和“On Failure”几种类型的优先约束.本文中我们继续深...

微软努力让Windows 10成为PC游戏玩家的最佳选择

毫无疑问,上月底最大的事件之一就是微软的 Windows 10 发布会。该操作系统是微软目前为止最新、最令人印象深刻的操作系统,并且首次实现全平台运行,包括 PC、智能手机、平板电脑和 Xbox One 主机等等。

animation CSS3动画总结 - 全全的前端浆糊

CSS3动画 CSS3事件



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