In data we trust - balancing data innovation with data protection

Data is now a part of our daily lives and businesses must show consumers that they can safeguard their data effectively.

Why multi-layered protection might be the only security you can trust

Rising security risks and demand for seamless and secure access across any device, anytime, has triggered greater adoption of authentication solutions. So how can you choose a solution that works?Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Top 4 ways to make use of Open Data

There's no doubt the UK leads the way in open government data, with almost 17,000 datasets now available on the website. Here's how you can make the most of it.Read more:

Google Agitates For Public Debate On Europe’s Right To Be Forgotten Ruling

Google has now announced the full compliment of Google-selected “experts” who will be sitting on an advisory committee it has established to help navigate the decision making process in the wake of the so-called right to be forgotten ruling in Europe. Read More

The Sabermetrics Arms Race: Scouting In The Age Of Cyber Signal Stealing

In my favorite episode of “Seinfeld,” George Costanza’s boss with the Yankees, Mr. Wilhelm, notices that some shoes, bases, helmets and batting doughnuts have gone missing. After noting suspicious behavior from Costanza, Wilhelm shares his misgivings with Mr. Steinbrenner.

Cybersecurity And The Future Digital Economy

Just a week ago, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified before Congress that his fundamental concern focuses on the “moderate, iterative and constant barrage of cyber attacks on U.S. infrastructure” that will “impose cumulative costs on U.S.

Algorithms Are Replacing Unions As The Champions of Workers

So when I look around the world today and observe who are the next champions of workers, I surprisingly don’t see them where you would normally expect. Unions were once the bastions of progressive improvements for labor,

Interviews: Bruce Perens Answers Your Questions

A while ago you had the chance to ask programmer and open source advocate Bruce Perens about the future of open source, its role in government, and a number of other questions. Below you'll find his answers and an update on what he's doing now. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Porklife: The Science of Building the Perfect Pig

Passing fields of soy, corn and towering bleach-white windmills fanning out across windy plains, I arrive early one morning somewhere between Chicago and Indianapolis at a place that promises "sow much fun". Read more...

Your Ultimate Guide To Mountaineering Gear

Ready to geek out on outdoors gear? Combining climbing, high altitudes, camping and extreme winter weather, mountaineering is probably the most gear-intensive sport there is. And here’s your ultimate guide to the best gear for it. Read more...

East of Palo Alto’s Eden

What if Silicon Valley had emerged from a racially integrated community? Would the technology industry be different?  Would we? And what can the technology industry do now to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past?

Oracle slammed for underpaying women and minorities

Company alledgedly saved $400 million by paying women and people of colour less.

UK schools unequipped to teach a digital future

Teachers believe technology helps with learning, but many don't feel confident using it

McAfee finds entirely new ransomware strain

Anatova is asking for DASH.

Over half of PC software is out-of-date

In many cases, the operating system itself is outdated.

Universities lead the way in public sector cloud adoption

Educational institutions are enjoying the scalability and agility cloud provides.

2018 hacks indicate importance of threat detection

Companies continue to fail to detect anomalous network activity, but it’s not often this kind of activity has been going on for so long without being flagged.

Why a ‘single-pane’ work experience is critical for enterprise success

Less is more when it comes to employee engagement, which is why businesses should consider implementing strategies that pull disparate systems into one destination.

Crisis communication and the power of video

Organisations can use video as a means of quickly disseminating information to shareholders in a crisis.

IT Zen: Joining the shadow with the light

CIOs must develop a digital strategy that combines the flexibility of shadow IT with the needs of their business.

UK tech scene set for major new investment

Prime Minister reveals £2.3bn in new funding, with around 1,600 jobs set to be created.


嗯,今天分享给大家的,是一个我们可能不会见到其落成的建筑物——但仅就华丽程度而言,它超乎通常人的想象: 来自伦敦建筑事务所Architects of Invention为智利某公司的设计,这个建筑其实是一个电视塔,只是,它那独具特色的大圆套小圆的主体结构(小圆相当于是办公区,而大圆则是超华丽的空中走廊),却让它漂亮得如同是科幻电影的布景,似乎不经意间,嗡嗡响着的小飞船就会从里面蜜蜂一般飞出~ ▲ 必须承认,夜间效果相当华丽 设计:Architects of Invention 国别:英国 主页:architectsofinvention.

US Navy Wants Smart Robots With Morals, Ethics

coondoggie writes: "The U.S. Office of Naval Research this week offered a $7.5m grant to university researchers to develop robots with autonomous moral reasoning ability.




作为世界工厂,中国有许多产品遍布全球。它们大多以便宜著称。而下面这9大国货确是真正NB。让外国人都不能不爱呢!国产魔方-国产魔方不仅仅是made in China,还是Designed in China。

QT自定义精美换肤界面 - 飞扬青云




Creator of 'Battlestar Galactica' and 'Knight Rider,' Glen A. Larson, dead at 77

Glen A. Larson, a writer and producer behind such notable TV shows as the original "Battlestar Galactica," ''Knight Rider" and "Magnum, P.I.," has died.Larson's son, James, said Saturday that his father died Friday evening at the University of California,

The NSA Uses the Same Chat Protocol As Hackers

rossgneumann writes NSA documents obtained by Edward Snowden and reported on by Der Spiegel on Sunday reveal that the agency communicates internally with Jabber, an open source messaging service used by hackers and activists trying to skirt the NSA's internet surveillance dragnet.

Gamestop will adopt Azure for the shop-floor in a move to engage with consumers

Gamestop, one of the largest consumer technology retailers in the US, has announced that it will adopt Microsoft's Azure platform in order to revolutionize the retail experience for consumers throughout the country.Via smartphones and tablets using Windows,

.NET逻辑分层架构演示:DDD分层架构的进化 - 杨康新


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