Using tech to assess risk when embarking on international expansion

CSOs must use every tool at their disposal to understand the threats that await their organisation in new markets.

Huawei unveils Mate20 and Mate20 Pro with boosted AI and in-screen fingerprint sensor

New Mate20 and Mate20 Pro devices look to target “young entrepreneurs” with souped-up AI power.

MoD secrets exposed in major cyberattack

Secrets of the Ministry of Defence have been exposed in numerous cyber security incidents last year.

The future of commerce will be the human touch

Bringing emotion and empathy to the online experience will be the defining characteristic of a successful eCommerce retailer.

Contactless becomes most popular form of in-store payment

Worldpay study sees 30 per cent increase in contactless as consumers drop cash payments.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen dies

Allen died in Seattle due to complications caused by the non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

The future of the fintech will require security, not just innovation

To stand a chance of remaining successful in the future banking market, financial services companies must ensure IAM policies are thorough, while guaranteeing API security. Any lapses here will cost a company dearly.

GCHQ demands companies shape up their IoT security

Security protector publishes rules to be followed by tech firms, with the likes of Hive already on board.

In data we trust - balancing data innovation with data protection

Data is now a part of our daily lives and businesses must show consumers that they can safeguard their data effectively.

Crisis communication and the power of video

Organisations can use video as a means of quickly disseminating information to shareholders in a crisis.

IT Zen: Joining the shadow with the light

CIOs must develop a digital strategy that combines the flexibility of shadow IT with the needs of their business.

YII千万级PV架构经验分享--俯瞰篇--性能介绍 - php博弈



香港公司注册处信息显示,阿里巴巴影业集团有限公司已于今年 4 月 3 日在香港成立,主要为了与大股东阿里巴巴对接,从事电影业务,但相关业务暂未正式开展。

Microsoft quietly ends some Azure discounts for new customers

All good things must come to an end, and it seems that this old adage applies to discount pricing. No announcement was made, but as GigaOM noticed, at some point in the last three weeks, Microsoft changed the criteria to qualify for "commitment discounts".



2014年10月【上】-前端开发半月刊 - 豪情

综合类 meta移动互联网创业者的三大误区如何评价煎蛋这样的网站?创业中如何寻找一个...

What's the Best Water Bottle?

The water bottle market is flooded with options, but which vessel is the best for toting around the liquid you need to stay alive? Head for the comments and let us know.Read more...


东京--(美国商业资讯)--包括"RETAILTECH JAPAN"(日本零售技术展)和"SECURITY SHOW"(安防展)在内,日本经济新闻社(Nikkei Inc.)将同时举办日本同类最大的展会活动之一。

[图]三星粉丝也排队选购最新的Galaxy S6旗舰

4月10日,当果粉在苹果门店排队等待15分钟的Apple Watch上手体验,三星粉丝也开始在运营商和三星门店排队选购最新的Galaxy S旗舰,位于荷兰鹿特丹的T-Mobile门店抓拍的照片可以看到门口已经排起了长长的队伍,他们正在等待上手Galaxy S6并将其带回家。


魅族科技今日联合耳机制造商拜亚动力发布“声动套装”,该套装包括定制金色版魅族MX4 Pro 32G、金色版拜亚动力耳机DT1350G,售价3699元。

10项汽车领域的创新技术 只是走进了死胡同


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