An update on black women raising startup funding

Black women are faring a tiny bit better in the tech industry than they (we) were a couple of years ago. While the number of black women who have received more than $1 million in investment is growing, the number is still small. In 2015, there were 12 black women who had raised more than […]

Y Combinator Talks Numbers: 842 Companies Funded To Date, 23% With Women Founders In Current Batch

Y Combinator, the startup accelerator known for being the birthplace of Dropbox, Reddit, Airbnb, Stripe, and a number of other companies, released some updated stats this morning showing just how big it’s gotten — and how diverse its current class of companies is.

The Surprising Bias Of Venture Capital Decision-Making

Stories of entrepreneurs launching innovative ideas, raising millions in venture capital and turning startups such as Uber, Airbnb and Snapchat into multi-billion dollar companies has catapulted venture capital investments, setting record numbers since the dot-com era. On the surface,

Does Ringly Have A Place In An Apple Watch World?

The first thing I thought when I opened my Ringly box was that it smelled. Bad. Like electronics that had caught on fire and were then put out in some sort of chemical bath. But the company told me that the ring I received (an early review unit sent to reporters) was part of a bad “beta batch.

Plan Your Free Online Education at Lifehacker U: Summer Semester 2015

Your education doesn’t have to stop once you leave school. We’ve put together a curriculum of some of the best free online classes available on the web this summer for the latest term of Lifehacker U, our regularly-updating guide to improving your life with free, online college-level classes.

Netflix shares are up after the streaming service adds nearly 7M new subscribers in Q3

After a disappointing second quarter, Netflix is back in Wall Street’s good graces. The company just released its third quarter earnings report, and as of 5:30pm East Coast time, the stock is up 12 percent in after hours trading. The most important number here is subscriber growth,

Passport, a customer service company focused on shipping, has raised $3 million in seed funding from

Founders building a brand today are largely relying on new infrastructure to do it, though they’re still heavily reliant on legacy carriers like FedEx and DHL when it comes to international shipping. In fact, prohibitively high prices, along with not a ton of support or tools,

Facebook News Feed now downranks sites with stolen content

Facebook is demoting trashy news publishers and other websites that illicitly scrape and republish content from other sources with little or no modification.

Google Maps amplifies its app for electric vehicle owners

Google Maps is beefing up its app to help electric vehicle owners find the most suitable and closest place to charge up. Google Maps said Tuesday it’s adding an EV charging feature to the app that will give users information about charging stations.

Coinbase now lets you buy and sell ZRX

Coinbase’s newest asset is live. On Tuesday the popular U.S.-based cryptocurrency platform added support for ZRX, the token representing the 0x Project. On Coinbase, ZRX joins the rarified ranks of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin.

Periscope broadcasters can now assign their own chat moderators

It’s going to be harder for trolls to disrupt Periscope broadcasts. The Twitter-owned live streaming app has offered chat moderation capabilities for years, but it has so far relied on group moderation. That means when users flagged a comment as abuse, spam or harassment,

Google-incubated AdLingo uses chatbot integration to create conversational ads

“Conversational marketing” is a phrase that I hear a lot, but when the team at AdLingo uses it, they mean something specific — namely, bringing chatbots and other conversational assistants into online advertising. The startup is part of Google’s Area 120,

Salesforce deepens data sharing partnership with Google

Last Fall at Dreamforce, Salesforce announced a deepening friendship with Google . That began to take shape in January with integration between Salesforce CRM data and Google Analytics 360 and Google BigQuery. Today,

Deliveroo fattens its market presence by opening to restaurants that do deliveries

Restaurant food delivery startup Deliveroo is taking the next logical step to expand its business by opening up to restaurants that have their own delivery fleets — thereby also expanding the food choices it can offer its couch-loving users. Next month the company will launch the new service,

Truecaller makes first acquisition to build out payment and financial services in India

Sweden’s Truecaller started out life as a service that screens calls and messages to weed out spammers. In recent times the company has switched its focus to India, its largest market based on users, adding services that include payments to help make it a daily app.



Java环境的搭建及用记事本来揭露下JDK到底做了些什么 - 辉太

和我一样的新手想学Java就从自己搭建环境开始,请看完这边文章,我搜集资料的整合。Java的标准版本是Java SE,所说的JDK(Java Development Kits)就是Java SE的开发工具包,下面我开始搭建自己PC的环境。我用的是Win7系统。

【UI插件】简单的日历插件(下)—— 学习MVC思想 - 叶小钗

前言我们上次写了一个简单的日历插件,但是只是一个半成品,而且做完后发现一些问题,于是我们今天尝试来解决这些问题PS:距离上次貌似很久了上次,我们大概遇到哪些问题呢:① 既然想做一套UI库,那么就应该考虑其它UI库的接入问题这个意思就是,我们的系统中所有UI插件应该有一些统一行为,我们如果希望统一为所.

Dad Turns Little Girl's Friendship With Cats Into Adorable Adventures

There's nothing that couldn't be improved by the addition of cats — and that includes growing up.Tea parties, chess, fishing, meals and learning math — all improved by cats. Russian photographer Andy Prokh has documented his daughter, Katherine,


北京时间10月17日凌晨,苹果发布了iPad Air 2、iPad Mini 3以及一系列Mac新品。如预期般,新iPad仅仅是变得更轻薄、搭载A8X处理器、新增Touch ID及金色款式,人们期待的12.9英寸“iPad Pro”并未出现。


2014年的各种盘点中,社会性的不多,复旦的这个算一个。看看大家都在关心什么社会话题吧。 复旦发展研究院传播与 […]

Walmart rains on Amazon's sale parade with a big shopping day of its own

Walmart is not-so-subtly crashing Amazon's 20th anniversary sale event with its own day — well, make that week — of steep discounts.Last week, Amazon announced it would give Prime members access to a sale event on July 15 — with deals it says will be bigger than Black Friday. And now,

Surface Pro 4采用全新液体冷却系统

昨天在纽约举行的发布会上,微软宣布推出Surface Pro 4平板电脑,微软在发布会上所讨论的特点之一是其改进的液体冷却系统,虽然有些人认为是一个噱头,但实际上Surface Pro 4采用全新液体冷却系统起着巨大的作用,让Surface Pro 4运行时比Surface Pro 3更凉快。

Twitter receives new features with latest update for Windows 10

The launch of Windows 10 back in July saw the official release of the new Twitter app designed for Microsoft’s new Universal app platform. Today the app recieved an update that refined a few...The post Twitter receives new features with latest update for Windows 10 appeared first on WinBeta.

申通估值169亿借壳艾迪西 加盟商模式存风险


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