Tableau gets AI shot in the arm with Empirical Systems acquisition

When Tableau was founded back in 2003, not many people were thinking about artificial intelligence to drive analytics and visualization, but over the years the world has changed and the company recognized that it needed talent to keep up with new trends. Today,

Oval Money app launches its investment products for millennials

Back in April Oval Money launched with the idea of combining expense tracking, saving, and investing into one app, while also adding a social element by enabling its community of users to share tips and suggestions to one another.

YouTube rolls its music subscription services into 12 more markets

YouTube has rolled out its music streaming service to a bunch more international markets, adding 12 new countries today, and also launching the premium music video version of the service across the full 17 markets.

Execs from DJI, 3DR and Skydio to discuss drones at Disrupt F 2018

Just how big are drones? According to Gartner, industry revenue topped $6 billion last year and is on-track to hit $11.2 by 2020. Unmanned aerial vehicles are a huge industry with a broad swath of applications, from hobbyists to agriculture to the military. At Disrupt SF in September,

The long Cocky-gate nightmare is over

I’ve been wanting to write about Cocky-gate for some time now but the story – a row between self-published authors that degenerated into ridiculousness – seems finally over and perhaps we can all get some perspective. The whole thing started in May when a self-published romance author,

Google’s Datally app adds more ways to limit mobile data usage

In November, Google introduced Datally, a data-saving app largely aimed at emerging markets where users often rely on prepaid SIM cards, and don’t have access to all-you-can-eat unlimited data plans. The app lets users granularly control which apps can use data,

iOS 12 will automatically share your iPhone’s location with 911 centers

Apple this morning announced a new feature in iOS 12 which will automatically share your location with first responders when U.S. users dial 911 using their iPhone. The move is meant to address the problems with dialing emergency services from a cell phone,

Toss, Korea’s top payment app, raises $40M from Sequoia China and Singapore’s GIC

The largest payment app in South Korea, Toss, has pulled in $40 million in fresh investment from Singapore sovereign wealth fund GIC and Sequoia China. The deal for Viva Republica, Toss’s parent company, comes just over a year after it raised $48 million from payment giant PayPal and others.

Microsoft gives Office a refreshed look and feel

Microsoft today announced that it’s bringing a new user interface design to its Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. This new look will be in line with the Fluent Design System the company launched last year and will roll out to both the Office.

Opendoor raises $325M to make buying and selling homes a near-instant process

Investors are placing another huge bet on a startup looking to reinvent a decades-old process into something that’s near instant,

Self-driving shuttle startup May Mobility partners with auto supplier Magna

Magna, one of the largest tier-one automotive industry suppliers in the world, has teamed up with Michigan-based startup May Mobility for the building and deployment of self-driving shuttles. The plan is to scale May Mobility’s self-driving shuttle fleet across the U.S.

文章: OSGi Bundle Convert插件原理


不急着把课堂搬到网上,Google Classroom先让学生和老师一起在线做作业




Volume+: 重新定义并且强化音量调整功能

威锋网讯,当你在听音乐的时候是否对那古板的音量加减调整界面感到厌烦了,如果你有这样的感觉,不妨试试这款由 Marbouh 开发的全新插件 Volume+。  

jQuery带有定时器的tab栏切换 - 小强老师





科技博客专栏作家MG•西格勒(MG Siegler)撰文称,由于人们喜欢在社交网站上与自己喜欢的人交流,因此即将扩充功能的Twitter“私信”(Direct Messaging)产品除了维持只有相互关注的人才能发送信息的要求外,还应该积极使用社交算法让用户可以结交有共同爱好的新朋友。


网 上的热门外卖餐厅,在现实中却无牌无证、地址虚构,凭借网络接单外卖从黑作坊送出成了写字楼白领的午餐。8月19 […]


巴勒斯坦商人甚至穿越加沙隧道来到中国 广州2014年9月1日电 /美通社/ -- 中国长期以来一直强调,巴勒斯坦和以色列之间的纷争应该通过协商沟通而非暴力的方式解决。

Hungover Bear Goes Brunching in British Columbia

A 500-pound black bear reportedly drunk on fermented apples rampaged through Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, this week.The boozing bear was first spotted at 6 a.m, sleeping on a resident's front porch. For the next several hours and into Thursday night, the bear ran through the neighborhood,

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