Newly designed Pride flag is far more inclusive for 2018

Most products from the 1970's — green bean jello, lettuce molds— don't deserve a reboot. The rainbow Pride flag might be the lonely exception.Portland designer Daniel Quasar recently launched a Kickstarter for his newly designed LGBTQ Pride flag.  

'The Conners' killed off Roseanne Barr's character, and she's not cool with it

Back in May, the reboot of Roseanne was cancelled after Roseanne Barr posted a racist remark on Twitter. That eventually led to The Conners, a Barr-free spinoff of Roseanne, which eventually aired on ABC Tuesday night. SEE ALSO:

Facebook reboots 'The Real World' to draw people to its video platform

MTV's The Real World is set to make a comeback — on Facebook.The social network is teaming up with MTV to launch a reboot of the famed reality show for its video platform, Facebook Watch.SEE ALSO: Facebook: We're not a media company. Also Facebook: Watch our news shows.

Jimmy Kimmel created a fake Broadway musical version of 'Sully' but then actually did it

Film after film has been made into a Broadway musical, from Mean Girls to Legally Blonde. But who would have thought you could make a musical from Sully?For a new segment dubbed "Fraudway," Jimmy Kimmel made up a musical version of the 2016 film starring Tom Hanks,

Why Bono, Pharrell, The National wrote songs in memory of an artist's late cat

For those of us who've lost a longtime pet, the grief can be overwhelming, but might seem inconsequential to others.It's something French conceptual artist Sophie Calle realised when she lost her beloved cat, Souris (or mouse, in English), back in 2014. SEE ALSO:

YouTube is down, please don't call the police

YouTube appears to be down, and the internet doesn't know what to do.The video platform was inaccessible on Tuesday night, either showing a server error, a blank page, or broken images when people tried to load the website. The YouTube app also showed the same problems.SEE ALSO:

Adorable 5-year-old gives Prince Harry a little beard pat

Decorum be damned when there are royal beards to tickle.That's the kind of rebellion Prince Harry found during a royal visit to the Australian town of Dubbo, when a tiny school boy indulged in a little pat of His Royal Highness' beard.

Just try not to stomp and clamp watching Rami Malek performing 'We Will Rock You'

You can't mistake that drum beat. You know when to clap, when to stomp. But do you know how Queen's "We Will Rock You" was actually written?In a new clip from upcoming Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody,

Ashton Kutcher and James Corden's rap battle gets very brutal, very fast

This one really doesn't pull any punches.In the latest episode of Drop the Mic, Ashton Kutcher goes head-to-head with James Corden in a fiery rap battle — and absolutely nothing appears to be off the table.SEE ALSO: Rap battle between Samuel L.

People are tweeting the stories of how they met their partners and it's super sweet

It's a question as old as time itself, but one that truly never gets old — "How did you two meet?"One curious tweeter posed this question to the internet, asking followers to share their stories of how they met their partners. And, boy, did the internet deliver. SEE ALSO:

The original 'Avengers' have a group chat where they talk about their matching tattoos

Just let this sink in for a moment: somewhere in the world, there exists a group message thread where the original Avengers talk to each other about their matching tattoos.SEE ALSO: You won't feel so good if you watched this before watching 'Avengers: Infinity War'Not Mark Ruffalo, though.

【专栏】Why We Buy:智能手机如何影响线上和线下的购买路径

作者:@滕宏磊 在专栏《Why We Buy – 购物者营销》购物者研究的第一篇文章【专栏】Why We Buy:




厌倦了装饰在钢筋混凝土丛林里千篇一律的商业广告,身为造梦师的自己为何不能让那些绝赞的创意在这个城市的街头绽放光芒?现在,机会来了——天使汇户外 LED 大屏幕创意众包正式开始!有创意?免费让你上!


知乎上有个问题“BAT三家谁最可能先倒下?”,我觉得很有意思。作为一个营销专业出身的产品经理,应该使用SWOT […]

A&E to air interviews with Bill Cosby accusers in new special

Some of the women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault will tell their stories on an A&E special airing ThursdayThe network on Monday said the one-hour special, Cosby: The Women Speak,

iOS项目实现SVN代码管理方法(Part 二) - 湖南金刚

前言部分由于文章截图太多,超过了发布限制所以只能将内容分成了三部分 嘿嘿。>>>>>>>第一部分>>>>>>第三部分

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' looks absolutely adorable in 'Disney Infinity'

Even the villainous Kylo Ren seems downright cuddly in his Disney-fied Infinity appearance.Disney Infinity 3.0 will be the only home for Star Wars: The Force Awakens-based gaming in 2015 — and you can get a first glimpse of it in this new trailer. The gang's all here: Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron,



Acer Goes All-In With Rugged And All-In-One Chrome Devices

Remember Chromebooks? Acer does. The company has announced a $180 “rugged” Chromebook laptop and an iMac-like all-in-one – called a Chromebase – with optional touchscreen. The devices are low cost and promise a bit of performance. The laptop, the CB3-131, has an 11.6-inch display,

vNext之旅(2):net451、dotnet5.4、dnx451、dnxcore50都是什么鬼 - KAnts

继上次”vNext之旅(1):从概念和基础开始”之后再次学习vNext重新遇到了弄不懂的事情,花了一些时间学习,今天来分享一下,为后人节省些时间。 起因 在用vNext造轮子——框架的时候引入“Microsoft.Dnx.Runtime”包错误。错误如下: 当时就很郁闷我明明用的是最新的版本:“1....

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