Steve Trevor is coming back for 'Wonder Woman 2' and we're not screaming, you're screaming. (We're s - 云聚网

Steve Trevor is coming back for 'Wonder Woman 2' and we're not screaming, you're screaming. (We're s

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins announced Wednesday morning the game-changing return of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor for the film's 2019 sequel.SEE ALSO: DC's Geoff Johns drops big hint about 'Wonder Woman 2'Welcome to WONDER WOMAN 1984, Steve Trevor! #WW84 pic.twitter.

Wildfire smoke engulfing a storm in the Atlantic is an ideal metaphor for 2018

Smoke produced by fires thousands of miles away is now choking a storm swirling in the Atlantic Ocean. Welcome to weather in 2018.Thursday morning,

'Diablo 3' brings demons, devils, and dungeon-crawling to the Nintendo Switch

Diablo 3 is coming to the Nintendo Switch, making it the first Blizzard game to hit a Nintendo console since StarCraft came to the Nintendo 64 in 2000.SEE ALSO: How 'World of Warcraft' became a life-consuming addiction for meAfter teasing some Diablo-related news earlier this month,

If truly wireless earbuds are too wireless for you, here's a clever alternative

Truly wireless earbuds are great and all, but they're not the easiest things to keep track off. While they're fine to use when you're just chilling at your desk or doing anything sedentary, they tend to fall out when, say, you're working up a sweat or mowing the lawn. Admit it:

Twitter’s relationship with third-party apps is messy — but it’s not over

It's a day that some of Twitter's most high-profile developers have dreaded, though it's one they've long-known was coming: Twitter is finally shutting off some of the developer tools that popular apps like Tweetbot and Twitterific have heavily relied on.With the change,

This tricked-out SpaceX helmet is nearly all 3D printed

The majority of the minimally designed, sleek helmet has been 3D printed. It's capable of performing cooling functions, retracting the visor, and more. Read more...More about Space, Elon Musk, Spacex, 3d Printing, and Helmet

The New MacBook Pro Is Practically Impossible to Fix Yourself

Read more...More about Macbook Pro, Mashable Reels, Sn Reels, Tech, and Consumer Tech

Can't afford a trainer? This online fitness program could be the next best thing and it's only $19.

Admit it: motivating yourself to get up on the couch and hit the gym is HARD. You always say that you're going to go for a run or finally take advantage of your abandoned gym membership, but as soon as Netflix autoplays another episode of your favorite show,

Newly designed Pride flag is far more inclusive for 2018

Most products from the 1970's — green bean jello, lettuce molds— don't deserve a reboot. The rainbow Pride flag might be the lonely exception.Portland designer Daniel Quasar recently launched a Kickstarter for his newly designed LGBTQ Pride flag.  

Ashton Kutcher and James Corden's rap battle gets very brutal, very fast

This one really doesn't pull any punches.In the latest episode of Drop the Mic, Ashton Kutcher goes head-to-head with James Corden in a fiery rap battle — and absolutely nothing appears to be off the table.SEE ALSO: Rap battle between Samuel L.

People are tweeting the stories of how they met their partners and it's super sweet

It's a question as old as time itself, but one that truly never gets old — "How did you two meet?"One curious tweeter posed this question to the internet, asking followers to share their stories of how they met their partners. And, boy, did the internet deliver. SEE ALSO:

Tencent Takes 15% Stake In JD To Strengthen Position Against Alibaba

Tencent, one of China's largest Internet services companies and the maker of WeChat, and, an online direct sales company, have formed a strategic partnership. The deal can potentially boost Tencent's competitive position against rival Alibaba Group,

Coolest Clock 挂钟,比酷更酷!

Coolest Clock 是一款号称最具颜值的挂钟,它采用投影的方式,提供包括时间在内的各种生活信息,简直是 Cooler than Cooler。

Why Iowa and New Hampshire are crucial in election season

As recently as the 1960s, no one really cared about the Iowa caucus. It was some also-ran contest buried amid other caucuses and primaries somewhere along the way to electing a president of the United StatesNow, the caucus in Iowa is the all-important kickoff to election season,

2合1笔记本势头渐起 拯救平板电脑就靠它了?


方正科技:行业寒冬致PC存货激增3倍 连陷亏损



北京2016年1月13日电 /美通社/ -- 伴随股票市场跌宕起伏,证券自媒体作为一股新生力量,成为投资圈重要的舆论阵地,为投资者提供了更多独到、新锐、有价值的投资资讯。 2016年1月12日下午,由腾讯证券、证券自媒体联盟、证券研究院联合主办的“新媒体新视角 -- 腾讯证券自媒体峰会”在北京腾讯汇拉开帷幕。本次峰会由业内领先自媒体榜单平台新榜协办。 腾讯网副总编辑马腾出席本次峰会并致辞。她表示,“腾讯证券绝不仅仅是一个自媒体托管的平台,你们和我们,将是财经新闻的同盟军,这是新的一年我们努力的方向。我们也将致力于财经自媒体标准的建设,这些标准将来自新闻专业、财经专业、社会学范畴。

Drake新专辑《Views From The 6》将于4月在Beats 1上发布

据外媒报道,Drake继其在Beats 1的个人频道—OVO Sound Radio发布了最新单曲《Summer Sixteen》之后,现在,他又宣布,将于4月在该频道发布自己的最新专辑—《Views From the 6》。看来在过去的一个月时间里,Drake和他最好的朋友、现这张专辑的制作人Noah "40" Shebib一直呆在录音棚里录制这张新专辑。

在另外一起iPhone解锁案中 苹果战胜了FBI

威锋网讯,苹果和 FBI 的“互撕”估计还要持续一段时间,但在另一起 iPhone 解锁案中,苹果在和 FBI 的法律纠纷中“先下一城”。在该案件中,政府试图要求苹果解锁一名毒贩的 iPhone 从而导出手机里的数据,不过政府最终的要求被纽约的联邦法院驳回。  根据法官 James Ornstein 表示,已经有超过 200 年历史的《全令状法案》(All Writs Act)并不能够用于强制苹果解锁 2014 年毒品非法交易案中的 iPhone。  

Microsoft makes Azure IoT Suite available to everyone

To help with connecting businesses and their IoT sensors and devices to the pools of Azure data, Microsoft has just made its Azure IoT Suite available.The post Microsoft makes Azure IoT Suite available to everyone appeared first on WinBeta.

Look at This Fucking Gator

Golf hazards like sand bunkers and lakes might ruin your day—but one hazard at Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida could end your life.Read more...

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