Thales and Microsoft partner to help build a common Defense Cloud solution for armed forces

Thales, a European leader in defense and cybersecurity, announced it has partnered with Microsoft to help build a common defense cloud solution for armed forces.

Xbox One’s Crackdown 3 video game just got a free bonus pack of DLC

Crackdown 3, which just launched on Xbox One and Windows 10 last week, received a completely free pack of downloadable content (DLC) today that’s available to all players. This free DLC pack contains one free weapon, a free suit, and a free vehicle for use in-game.

Microsoft To-Do updates on Android with support for more emoji and file types

Microsoft’s To-Do app updated for Android devices today with support for more file types when attaching documents in addition to extra emoji to help represent the reality of diverse families. Here’s the full release notes: We’ve brought upload support for more file types to Android.

Play the Trials Rising Open Beta for free right now on Xbox One

The open beta for the upcoming video game, Trials Rising, is now available to download and play for free on Xbox One. The open beta allows fans of the series to try out the online multiplayer before the full game’s launch on February 26th with a limited number of tracks.

Windows Admin Center Preview 1902 is now available

This new version of the browser-based remote server management experience brings support for Shared connections lists, as well as several new tools for Software Defined Networking (SDN) environments.

Microsoft patents reveal continued interest in bendable devices

Microsoft is continuing its development of a folding device, as can be seen in a recent patent, which shows off a mechanism that allows a single display to be folded shut by a hinge from inside the device.

Google plans big gaming news at GDC, will Microsoft respond?

Google is apparently planning to make some big gaming announcements at the upcoming Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in March.

How to create a Windows 10 recovery drive

Having a Windows 10 recovery drive should be a key component of your backup and recovery strategy. While not a backup itself, a recovery drive can be used to repair and recover your PC in the event of a startup failure.

Microsoft’s latest Patch Tuesday fixes Cortana flaw allowing hackers to bypass your lock screen

The McAfee Labs Advanced Threat Research team discovered a Cortana vulnerability which allowed hackers to get access to a Windows 10 PC by using Cortana on the lock screen.

Here’s what today’s Windows 10 Mobile update did on your Windows phone

Windows phones running Windows 10 Mobile received a small update today referred to as KB4316692. Since Microsoft is winding down development on the Windows 10 Mobile platform, this update didn’t see the addition of any exciting new features.

Steam ending support for Windows XP and Vista users in January 2019

Valve has announced that their Steam gaming platform will discontinue support for Windows XP and Windows Vista PCs on January 1st next year.

Watch Out for These Misleading Computer Cables

Misleading cables are nothing new, but new ones are popping up all the time. The folks at Gamers Nexus detail three cables that aren't really what they seem.Read more...    

World Cup Stadia, Then And Now

As the 2014 World Cup kicks off in Brazil, fans are traveling to 12 stadiums over the next month to cheer on their teams. Each stadium is based in a different city, and each has an interesting story behind it.See also: World Cup Day 1 Recap: What Just Happened?

架构师修炼 III - 掌握设计原则 - Ray Liang


4 Futuristic Designs for DC's Very Own High Line

Not to be outdone by New York City's beloved High Line (the final, most unwieldy phase of which opens this fall), Washington DC is planning its own elevated park , which will sail over the Anacostia River on a former freeway bridge.



型号SM-N916S 疑似Note Edge升级版曝光

凭借着出众的配置和独特的造型,三星GALAXY Note Edge自发布以来就受到了不少消费者的关注,而该机行货版本的即将上市更是为其吸引了不少了眼球。



Designated survivor: If disaster strikes State of the Union, who's president?

When leaders of the United States all get together in one location, one of them is always absentThat person is called the "designated survivor,

Windows 10不会沦为恶意流氓软件的“温室”

在“棱镜门”事件之后,安全隐私问题一直备受各界关注。Windows作为一款在全球有庞大影响力的操作系统,在安全 […]

College kid recruits fake family for Christmas card prank

Joshua Brassow deserves some a Santa hat of honor for his stunt of a Christmas cardThe 25-year-old college student from Saginaw, Michigan took the pranking spirit to the maximum ROFL level by seeking out a makeshift family to pose in his Christmas card. In order to fool his actual extended family,

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