MSN News app to become Microsoft News on iOS and Android

Microsoft's MSN beta app for iOS and Android has been rebranded to "Microsoft News" this week.

Microsoft Releases Half A Dozen MSN Apps For iOS And Android, Offering News, Sports, Weather And Mor

Continuing its efforts to become more of a mobile ecosystem player, Microsoft today has released a suite of MSN-branded mobile applications that run on iOS, Android and Amazon devices. The free apps, previously created under the awkward Bing label,

'Windows Intune' becomes rebranded as 'Microsoft Intune'

Windows Intune is a part of Microsoft's cloud-based management solution that was announced in 2011. The tool was aimed at helping small to medium sized business manage a large number of Windows PCs. Recently, in addition to receiving new updates,

Weekend recap: Windows Phone rebrand incoming, Siri vs Cortana, Surface Pro 3 sees huge demand, and

This week has been quite interesting in the world of Microsoft. We've covered a lot over the past week and chances are you most likely missed an important piece of news. Let's take a look back at the past seven days in a feature we call "Weekend Recap."

The sorry state of ebooks on Windows 10 Mobile

The so-called “app gap” that separates Windows-based smartphones from their iOS and Android counterparts is very real. There are simply far more apps available in every category on the other two major platforms, and...

Skype has surpassed the 500 million download mark on the Google Play Store

Skype has been around for a long time, and many questioned whether it was the right decision for Microsoft to acquire Skype rather than focus on growing its own MSN Messenger service. 4 years following the acquisition and Skype has become the standard video communication service on a global scale.

The Resurgent, Post-Windows Microsoft

Microsoft had become an oft-ignored, behemoth to the North, despite $77 billion in revenue and $57 billion in profits. It seemed that the mobile revolution had passed it by. Although Steve Ballmer was already making many of the right moves,

Deals, ads, stores, and buzz: Has Microsoft retail grown up?

There’s just no getting around it, this has been one heck of a holiday season for Microsoft.  12 days of deals, Xbox One blowouts, $20 brand new smartphones, doorbusters, and potshots at Apple, Microsoft has been pulling out all the stops.  So far,

Windows 10 news recap: more details on Microsoft’s “Lite OS”, Your Phone app update begins rolling o

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system.

Microsoft news recap: Mobile World Congress event will be live streamed, Visual Studio 2019 to be re

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee,

Cybersecurity firm finds 8 apps on the Microsoft Store that secretly mined cryptocurrencies

A cybersecurity firm has found that apps in the Microsoft Store have been found to be secretly mining for cryptocurrencies in the background without permission being granted from the user. Symantec discovered at least 8 offending apps that used users’ CPU resources to mine for cryptocurrencies.

Windows Insider sad face – no new Fast Ring builds for 19H1 until at least next Tuesday

Although Microsoft was hoping to get a new build out to Fast Ring insiders testing Windows 10 1903/19H1 today (Friday), it’s not going to happen. And since Monday is the President’s Day holiday in the US, there won’t be a new build until at least Tuesday: Appreciate your patience,

Deal: Save $200 on select Surface Pro 6, Laptop 2 or Book 2 models on the US Microsoft Store

For a limited time, the US Microsoft Store is currently offering up to $200 discounts on select Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2 and Surface Book 2 models.

Changes are coming to the Windows Insider Program, but what’s changing?

Yesterday Microsoft released another Windows Insider build, and as builds go there wasn’t much to it, just a list of some fairly innocuous fixes and changes with no new features. However,

How to restore your PC from a Windows 10 system image

Disaster recovery might not be the catchiest topic in computing, but it’s certainly something to stay abreast of. We recently showed you how to make a Windows system image, which contains an exact copy of everything on your hard drive. In this guide,

Thales and Microsoft partner to help build a common Defense Cloud solution for armed forces

Thales, a European leader in defense and cybersecurity, announced it has partnered with Microsoft to help build a common defense cloud solution for armed forces.

Microsoft’s latest Patch Tuesday fixes Cortana flaw allowing hackers to bypass your lock screen

The McAfee Labs Advanced Threat Research team discovered a Cortana vulnerability which allowed hackers to get access to a Windows 10 PC by using Cortana on the lock screen.

Here’s what today’s Windows 10 Mobile update did on your Windows phone

Windows phones running Windows 10 Mobile received a small update today referred to as KB4316692. Since Microsoft is winding down development on the Windows 10 Mobile platform, this update didn’t see the addition of any exciting new features.



Amazon’s 3D Smartphone Is Powered by Omron’s Face-Sensing Tech

Rumor has it – and we’ve confirmed – that Amazon will launch its first smartphone on June 18. The device will be unique in the marketplace thanks to its ability to deliver 3D effects courtesy of four front-mounted IR cameras.

Serious Security Threat Lurks on 86 Percent of Android Phones

A bug in the Android KeyStore left an estimated 86 percent of Android phones vulnerable to major security breaches, according to an advisory IBM researchers published last week. Read more...


2014年8月德国电子商务网站Top10流量分析 您可能也喜欢的文章: Internet Retailer:一家中国电子零售商电子商务网站如何影响了中国工厂 Hitwise:2009年美国电子商务网站流量首要来源为搜索引擎 comScore:2011年

载入史册新机会 为探测器登陆彗星命名

隶属于欧洲太空总署的探测器“罗塞塔”将执行一个具有里程碑意义的任务 —— 登陆彗星。现在,我们每一个人都有可能与这个任务一起载入史册。  




美国股东权益律师事务所Johnson & Weaver.

小内存有大盘算:低配版 iPhone 让苹果大赚 30 亿美元

iPhone 6 的内存为 16/64/128GB,却没有 32GB 版。分析师指出,苹果的低配版 iPhone 设定 16GB 内存,是在下很大的一盘棋——足有 30 亿美元那么大。

百度知道新版:内容为首 用户至上

【导读】百度知道相信也是大家日常工作生活中经常使用到的一款产品,使用频次较高一方面能够使用户养成使用习惯,另一 […]

疑似 LG G4(或 G4 Note)谍照流出

上图中这台 LG 手机看上去跟 G3 很像,但仔细一瞧,还是能发现一些细小的差别。根据 XDA Developers 用户 s3rv1cet3ch 的说法,它的名字是「G4 Note」。而左上方那个疑似可以拔出来的东西,据说就是 Note 产品本应该具有的触控笔。

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