Plex adds a traditional grid programming guide to its TV service

Media software maker Plex is the latest live TV service to add a traditional grid-style programming guide as an alternative to browsing through thumbnail images or lists of recommendations. The guide, which is available first on the web,

Airbnb wants to give its hosts equity in its business

Airbnb wants to give the homeowners who power its service the opportunity to own a piece of its business. That’s why, as Axios reports, the $31-billion-valued company has written to the SEC to ask if its rules around security ownership can be revised. Specifically,

Toyota’s autonomous mobility lead to speak at Startup Battlefield MENA

Hard to believe, but Startup Battlefield MENA is just over a week away. We’ve got some of the top founders and investors in the region speaking, including Magnus Olsson of Careem, Imad Kreidieh of Ogero, Mai Medhat of Eventtus,

Swiping right on virtual relationships

Sextech entrepreneur and advocate Bryony Cole is planning for a future when entire relationships exist in virtual reality.

White House says a draft executive order reviewing social media companies is not “official”

A draft executive order circulating around the White House “is not the result of an official White House policymaking process,” according to deputy White House press secretary, Lindsay Walters. According to a report in The Washington Post, 

Cinematic train wreck, “The Room”, is now on YouTube in its entirety

The Room has been ranked with Plan 9 From Outer Space as a strong contender for the “best” worst movie ever made — and it’s now available in its entirety on YouTube. Written, directed, and starring Tommy Wiseau, The Room belongs in the same category as Plan 9,

Comcast outbids Fox in $40B battle for Sky

Comcast has outbid Twenty-First Century Fox for the UK's Sky, a final step in what's been a years-long takeover battle between the two media conglomerates.

Corporate venture investment climbs higher throughout 2018

Many corporations are pinning their futures on their venture investment portfolios. If you can’t beat startups at the innovation game, go into business with them as financial partners.

Amazon now lets you share your custom skills made with Alexa Blueprints

Earlier this year, Amazon introduced “Alexa Blueprints” – a way for anyone to create their own customized Alexa skills for personal use, without needing to know how to code. Today, the company will allow those skills to be shared with others, including through text messages, email,

Adblock Plus wants to use blockchain to call out fake news

eyeo, the company behind the popular browser-based ad block product Adblock Plus, is no stranger to controversy. Which is just as well given its new “passion project”: A browser add-on that labels news content as ‘trusted’ or, well, Breitbart. The beta browser extension,

Managed By Q acquires NVS to offer space planning and project management

Managed by Q, the office management platform based out of NYC, today announced its acquisition of NVS. Founded by Jason Havens in 2011, NVS is an office space planning and project management service, helping businesses plan their moves or office redesigns from start to finish.


Camera360是一款拥有2.5亿用户的照相应用。当然它也面临着其他竞品如Camera+、Afterligh […]

苹果发布新版Safari Seed2 测试重点仍未变

威锋网消息,苹果今日继续提供 Safari 的最新测试版。上周苹果已经发布了 Safari 的第一个测试版,分别有针对 OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 的 Safari 6.1.3 和针对 OS X Mavericks 10.9 Safari 7.0.3。  



5 Reasons Why Employers Don’t Respond After a Job Interview

You researched the company you wanted to work for ahead of time. You were dressed in your snazziest interview outfit and showed up promptly and prepared. You answered every question brilliantly — even the strange job interview questions like, "If you were a pizza delivery man,

半官方確認:iPhone 6 就在這一天發佈

進入 8 月份,距離 iPhone 6 發佈已經十分接近,但究竟確實日期是哪時? 今天幾個外國大媒體同時指向同一個日子,可說是半官方確認了。 閱讀全文

[Linux] 在 Linux CLI 使用 ssh-keygen 生成 RSA 密钥 - iFantasticMe

RSA 是一种公钥加密算法,在 1977 年由麻省理工学院的Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir, Leonard Adleman 三人一起提出,因此该算法命名以三人姓氏首字母组合而成。


中兴红牛手机改名V5之后,将于10月23日发布一款全新的旗舰产品,支持双4G,屏幕更大、更时尚,内置nubia UI,并提供一颗1300万像素OIS光学防抖摄像头。


Evernote 最近动作不小,新版本推出了 WorkChat 和 Context 功能,一增强协作,目标是革掉 Google Drive 和 Office 的命,二是让 Evernote 本身更智能——以场景来匹配搜索,让人更快地找到当下需要的资料。




北京2015年6月19日电 /美通社/ -- 6月25日,由中国经营报主办的“2015中国企业竞争力夏季峰会”在北京举办。

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