PSA: You can get a free taco at Taco Bell on Wednesday

Ah, SPORTS! Gotta love 'em, am I right? Especially when they get you FREE TACOS!On Wednesday, participating Taco Bell locations will be giving out free Doritos Locos Tacos as part of a “Steal a Game, Steal a Taco” campaign.SEE ALSO: Drunk dude breaks into Taco Bell for Doritos shells,

Amy Poehler would be totally up for a 'Parks and Recreation' revival

We may now know the reason why a Parks and Recreation revival is yet to happen — and the issue doesn't appear to be the willingness of certain cast members.The problem may be that the show's co-creator Mike Schur is just too damn busy.SEE ALSO:

Lena Headey posts touching Instagram response to Emilia Clarke's essay on health struggles

Actor Emilia Clarke has published a very honest and moving essay about the health problems she faced while filming Game of Thrones.After collapsing at the gym shortly after she'd finished making Season 1, Clarke was diagnosed with a subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH)Per the NHS website,

'PEN15' is a hilariously painful reminder that middle school mattered

Every once in a while, social media is swarmed by people participating in 10 year challenges, where people dig up photos of themselves from a decade ago and juxtapose them with a more recent picture. These challenges are meant to show how much time has changed someone,

It's National Puppy Day and BarkBox is just $10 for your dog's first box

National Puppy Day is here and it's about time you celebrate "man's best friend" with this deal from BarkBox. When you sign up for a 6-month or 12-month subscription, you can get your first box for just $10, which is a savings of up to $15 (depending on the plan.)SEE ALSO:

This LG OLED TV is the cheapest we've ever seen it at $700 off

Editor's note: Mashable and PCMag are both owned by Ziff Davis.Listen, maybe you don’t necessarily need a new TV just yet. Yes, we know you don’t want to be tempted to blow your savings, but just trust us here. Once in a while, a deal comes around that you simply cannot refuse. Let us explain:

Seasonal Reese's are better than Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are obviously incredible, the envy of their chocolaty peers. But as Easter approaches and we begin to consider our springtime candy lineups (I assume everyone does this),

'The Act' offers up true crime at its most heart-wrenchingly exploitative

Warning: Spoilers for The Act lie ahead.I'm a fan of true crime the same way some people are fans of Halo Top. After a long day, I'll crack open nearly any true crime account and eat up the terrifying, true-to-life details with a metaphoric spoon. Whether it's a movie, series, or podcast,

NFL kicker ruins his family kickball game

Ugh. Dads. Always showing off their professional football skills because heaven forbid you let your kids occasionally win a kickball game. SEE ALSO: Dad jokes,

Amazon daily deals for Wednesday, June 13: Echo Spot, Fire TV Stick, Gatorade, and more

With Father's Day just a few days away, it's not too late to do some last minute shopping for dear old dad. We have a lot of good deals today that you should really take advantage of, especially if you're an Amazon Prime member so you can get that free two-day shipping.SEE ALSO:

The terrifying trailer for 'Conjuring' prequel 'The Nun' is here if you can handle it

The third film in The Conjuring series, The Nun takes place long before the events of The Conjuring and shows the origins of the terrifying demon nun.Set in 1952, The Nun follows the story of a nun-in-training who joins up with a priest to investigate an abbey in Romania,

Y Combinator Will Teach A Class On Startups At Stanford This Fall

Startup accelerator Y Combinator is an undeniably helpful resource for entrepreneurs looking for mentorship through the tough process of building a company. Unfortunately, it’s a very resource-intense program,


首家国际一流心脏中心将落户华东 汇聚中外学术资源 创造全新医疗体验 上海2014年12月9日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,以创新医疗服务为宗旨的德达医疗集团宣布,与哥伦比亚大学心脏中心(哥伦比亚医学中心内外科分部及哥伦比亚大学心脏资源中心简称)正式签署协议,共同打造华东首家国际一流的心脏中心。

The Office Blog team highights recent authoring and publishing features

As part of Microsoft's quest to empower their users, the company is using it's blog as a way to continue the discussion of their products and services. 


Sonny Dickson 这个名字相信大家一定不会陌生,这位来自澳大利亚的 iPhone 爆料者已经盛名在外,这次他声称为我们带来的是“iPhone 6s”的后壳(金色)。和预料中一样,本次的“s”系列升级在外观上并没有多大的不同。

做市场的人,不一定知道什么才是 “市场”

很多公司市场部的人,每天忙着推广各种活动,忙着抓热点,甚至忙着做挂历,却忘记去真正了解市场营销的最基础定义:什 ...




乐视就在刚刚(4月20号下午)举行了2016新品发布会,发布了全新的乐2以及乐Max 2。除了那令人窒息的ID无边框3.0、骁龙820处理器、6GB RAM之外,还有一个引起网友热议的地方:毙掉了3.5mm耳机口。音频需要从Type-C进行 ... ...






这两年不断的在跟各种策展人、摄影师以及很多美院教授交流作品,自己一些作品经常被评论说“过于注重审美层面的东西”或者“过于好看”。潜台词就是,随着摄影的发展,构图在一个作品中被考量的次序实际上是越来越靠后,进一步说,大的趋势是,摄影师创作的行为,逐渐从内容服务构图转变为构图服务内容。 在这个趋势下,任何将构图作为主要创作元素的作品都可能被贴上喧宾夺主的标签。然而这并不是说构图相对过去来说越来越不重要了,而是意味着“构图”这个东西身份的彻底转换,意味着构图被重新定义,从零开始。在这之前,摄影师们考虑的问题是如何用巧妙的构图来构建耐人寻味的画面。

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