Amazon wants to sell you two Echo Spots and take $40 off your total

Smart home hubs and security cameras have basically taken over the internet, and if you still haven't gotten into that game, you're probably having a hard time justifying the purchase.SEE ALSO: The lighting is always flattering with these smart home light bulbsBecause yeah,

Volkswagen's all-electric race car shatters records on the uphill Pikes Peak

For the last 100 years, cars have been setting records on top of Colorado's Pikes Peak.Another record has been broken this year, but this time it comes courtesy of a specially-designed electric race car developed by Volkswagen, the I.D. R Pikes Peak.SEE ALSO:

Here are all 47 artists featured in Netflix's ad highlighting black representation

Netflix recreated a legendary photo for its new ad showcasing black artists who create original content with the streaming giant.Aired during Sunday's BET Awards broadcast, the ad dubbed “A Great Day in Hollywood" features 47 black actors, writers, showrunners,

Jimmy Fallon hits back at Trump's 'be a man' tweet by donating to refugee charity

Donald Trump and Jimmy Fallon are getting into it on Twitter, following revelations of the late night host's regret over a pre-election interview from 2016.Fallon revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that he would've done the interview differently,

Kangaroo invades field, decides it wants to play goalkeeper

Although there's a lot of them around, Australians will have you believe that kangaroos aren't actually hopping up and down our city streets.Then something like this happens: A kangaroo delayed the second half of a match between soccer teams Blue Devils FC and Canberra FC on Sunday,

Police violence and activism lead the first official trailer for 'The Hate U Give'

The trailer for the film adaptation of Angie Thomas' novel The Hate U Give is here, and the film looks incredible.Based on Thomas' New York Times bestseller, inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement,

5 things white people can do before they call the cops on a black person

Thanks to Alison Ettel, aka #PermitPatty, we can add selling bottled water without a permit to the list of things black people can't do in America without having the cops called on them. 

The Washington Post instructs us to 'Let the Trump team eat in peace,' but people are not having it

The Washington Post has jumped to the defense of Sarah Sanders a day after the press secretary was refused service at a restaurant.The piece, titled "Let the Trump team eat in peace," was written by the paper's editorial board. In it they argue that Sanders, Kirstjen Nielsen,

8bitdo's tiny, new Bluetooth video game controller is made for your keychain

Look at this adorable thing.The Zero 2 is a newly announced Bluetooth controller that 8bitdo showed off for the first time at E3 2018. It's basically a Super Nintendo controller that's been shrunken down to a keychain-friendly size.SEE ALSO: 'Super Smash Bros.

PSA: You can get a free taco at Taco Bell on Wednesday

Ah, SPORTS! Gotta love 'em, am I right? Especially when they get you FREE TACOS!On Wednesday, participating Taco Bell locations will be giving out free Doritos Locos Tacos as part of a “Steal a Game, Steal a Taco” campaign.SEE ALSO: Drunk dude breaks into Taco Bell for Doritos shells,

NFL kicker ruins his family kickball game

Ugh. Dads. Always showing off their professional football skills because heaven forbid you let your kids occasionally win a kickball game. SEE ALSO: Dad jokes,


科技博客Re/code联合创始人、资深科技媒体人莫博士(Walt Mossberg)近日撰文称,亚马逊新发布的Fire智能手机并不只是为了方便移动购物,与旗下的Kindle Fire平板电脑系列不同,该公司的野心并不止于此。

Website won't work on your mobile? Google now lets you know

When using iPhones, iPads and Android products, users will be informed if webpages are unlikely to work on the device, encouraging the use of widely supported browser technologies.Read more:



Vusay Keeps Eyeballs Glued By Adding SoundCloudy Timed Comments To Any Video

Sad fact: 20% of people click away from videos in the first 10 seconds. But Vusay hopes to hold our attention by augmenting any video player with comments anchored to specific points in the clip. It’s like SoundCloud’s timed commenting system but for video. News sites, digital media channels,

Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact 和竞争对手超級比一比

十月真是个忙碌的月份,在平板电脑市场尤其热闹。在香港这边,货架上的先是 iPad Air 2 和 iPad mini 3、然后是 Nexus 9,今天更将会有早在 IFA 上亮相的 Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact(下略为 Z3 Tablet...

What The Kapors Have Learned From Years Of Working On Diversity in Tech

Almost one year ago, Google released its diversity data, kicking off a wide-ranging industry conversation about why tech companies and venture capital firms are so unrepresentative of the racial and gender make-up of the rest of the U.S.

Tinder's Twitter Account Is Freaking The Hell Out

In a recent article, Tinder and the Dawn of the “Dating Apocalypse”, Vanity Fair writer Nancy Jo Sales threw seven kinds of shade on Tinder and everything it stands for. Rather than issue a tersely-worded statement upholding its belief in the sanctity of marriage,

Aleiye 从IT数据分析切入数据分析


New Sleep Number technology watches you while you're awake, too

Not only does the newest Sleep Number "It" bed analyze how you sleep, it also keeps track of what you do during the day and tells you how to maximize your sleep experience.The new addition coming to Sleep Number smart beds, on display at CES this week, is the SleepIQ API,

特斯拉Model X又跳票 这次错在供应商

特斯拉 Model X 在开发过程中就遭遇过几次跳票。特斯拉第一次发布这款概念车是在 2012 年,计划 2013 年底开始生产,并在 2014 年开始交货。但是后来不断延期,期间遇到过一些问题(比如第二排后座以及鹰翼门的设计),最终于 2015 年 9 月底才发布并开始进行小批量试产。  但现在, Model X 在量产时又遇到了麻烦,这次问题在于供应商。  本周二,特斯拉向美国北加利福尼亚地方法院提起诉讼,将德国汽车配件供应商 Hoerbiger Automotive Comfort Systems (以下简称 Hoerbiger)告上法庭。  

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