The Fyre Fest guy is still out here conning people

Just when you thought it was safe, the epic millennial influencer debacle known as Fyre Festival is back in the news for, surprise, fraud.SEE ALSO: Upcoming documentary to add fuel to the Fyre Festival disasterBilly McFarland,

Rap made from Will Smith's grunts in YouTube Rewind is better than YouTube Rewind

There's no easy way to say this: YouTube Rewind 2018 was ...pretty cringey. But YouTuber Jacksfilms made the best of it and created a surprisingly good song out of Will Smith's bizarre grunting. The resulting musical homage to Smith — The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air star, award-winning actor,

An unwelcome reminder that eating raw cookie dough is dangerous even when it's egg-free

The CDC is reminding people not to consume raw cookie dough, even if it is egg-free. Egg-free dough isn't safe if it includes raw flourProducts with cookie dough, such as ice cream, have killed the germs by heating up the dough.  Read more...More about Food, Health, Mashable Video, Food Drink,

The Geminid meteor shower peaks this week, and it'll be a special one

Get ready for what might be the best meteor shower of 2018. The Geminid meteor shower, which peaks late at night on Thursday into the wee hours of the morning Friday, could bring more than 100 meteors per hour to light pollution-free skies in dark areas around the world, according to NASA.

Commuter starts petition to move Holland Tunnel's infuriating holiday decorations

You ever see something mildly infuriating but manage to breeze past it? Imagine breezing past it every day, five days a week. And instead of breezing past it, you're stuck in bumper to bumper traffic during rush hour. This mildly infuriating decor oversight looms overhead,

Amazon Fire HD 8 2018 review: Basic to the extreme, but hands-free Alexa is a nice bonus

Amazon Fire HD 8$79.99 (Starting)View ProductThe GoodVery affordable at $79.

15 songs turning 20 in 2019

Take a look at all of the hit songs turning 20 in 2019, and you'll be reminded that music was bangin' in 1999.Pop goddesses like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Jennifer Lopez gave us some of their greatest hits,

Save $250 on the iRobot Roomba 960 at Best Buy. (That's nearly as good as Black Friday.)

While the Roomba 980 is iRobot's best vacuum yet, the 960 isn't too far behind. And when this thing goes on sale, people can not get enough of it. (Case in point: When we wrote about this deal on the 960 ahead of Black Friday, it was one of the most popular posts we did all week.

Amazon wants to sell you two Echo Spots and take $40 off your total

Smart home hubs and security cameras have basically taken over the internet, and if you still haven't gotten into that game, you're probably having a hard time justifying the purchase.SEE ALSO: The lighting is always flattering with these smart home light bulbsBecause yeah,

8bitdo's tiny, new Bluetooth video game controller is made for your keychain

Look at this adorable thing.The Zero 2 is a newly announced Bluetooth controller that 8bitdo showed off for the first time at E3 2018. It's basically a Super Nintendo controller that's been shrunken down to a keychain-friendly size.SEE ALSO: 'Super Smash Bros.

PSA: You can get a free taco at Taco Bell on Wednesday

Ah, SPORTS! Gotta love 'em, am I right? Especially when they get you FREE TACOS!On Wednesday, participating Taco Bell locations will be giving out free Doritos Locos Tacos as part of a “Steal a Game, Steal a Taco” campaign.SEE ALSO: Drunk dude breaks into Taco Bell for Doritos shells,

Facebook Passes 1B Mobile Monthly Active Users In Q1, As Mobile Ads Reach 59% Of All Ad Sales

Another mobile milestone for Facebook: the company reported in its Q1 earnings that it has now passed the 1 billion mark for monthly active users on phones and tablets. 1.01 billion to be exact. Daily active users on mobile are at 609 million for the quarter. At the same time,


舌尖上的诱惑,饕餮盛宴邀您共享杭州2014年5月21日电 /美通社/ -- 一年一度产业最顶级峰会 -- CBME中国孕婴童产业发展研讨会再次来袭,本次研讨会将力邀顶级专家团,进一步贴近产业发展,与您分享实战商业智慧成果,是年度最不容错过的产业盛宴,期待您的参与。


智能手机市场的落后表现,似乎正激励着微软作出赶超竞争对手的更大努力。虽然没有获知微软的具体行动细节,但业内权威 […]

微软将在10月下调Azure云服务售价 匹配亚马逊AWS价格


The Beautiful, Colourful Way Australia Supports World Mental Health Day

SYDNEY — On Friday morning, more than 200 surfers dressed in fluorescent clothing rose early and headed for their nearest beach.In a show of support for World Mental Health day, not-for-profit organisation OneWave was behind the world's longest fluro wave at Bondi Beach in Sydney.

郭明池:iPad Pro将推迟到明年第二季度上市

威锋网 11 月 13 日消息,凯基证券分析师郭明池日前发布了一份新的报告,在报告中他表示苹果将会推迟 12.9 英寸(或 12.2 英寸)iPad Pro 的发布时间,到明年初 iPad 的出货量将会减半。  

消息称阿里巴巴5.6亿元投资韩国SM娱乐 后者否认

北京11月25日早晨消息 据韩国《经济日报》报道,有消息人士称,阿里巴巴可能向韩国SM娱乐投资1000亿韩元(约合人民币5.6亿),目前正通过韩国会计公司开展尽职调查。

Uber suspends operations in Nevada after ruling

Uber suspended operations in Nevada late Wednesday, after a Washoe County District Court judge granted the state's request for a court order blocking the ride-sharing service.

Apple Watch上的热门应用是什么样的

感谢APPX5的投递虽然Apple Watch还没有发布,但是随着其开发套件的公布,不少设计师开始设想热门的APP在Apple Watch上会是怎样一个情形。 国外的设计师在其网站上发布了不少自己设计的Apple Watch交互概念设计:

尼泊爾地震 Facebook、Google 協助尋人報平安

尼泊爾日前發生的 8.1 級大地震造成多人傷亡,當中不少到當地旅遊和攀山的遊客和親人 失去聯絡。Facebook 和 Google 在事發後不久即時推出服務,讓家人尋找親屬或報平安。

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