Twitter’s next big move is a revamped hub for everything you want to see

The chronological news feed has been a bit of a looming specter for Twitter . Sure, it’s their bread-and-butter but it only works for users who are willing to put in the time to prune their own feeds and strip away follows while constantly keeping an eye out for new accounts. For Twitter,

Revolut gets European banking license in Lithuania

Fintech startup Revolut is now officially a bank. While the startup initially expected to get its European banking license during the first half of 2018, the company has finally come out of the regulatory tunnel with a license in hand. As expected,

Watch Rocket Lab launch 10 NASA cubesats into orbit tonight

It's been just over a month since Rocket Lab's inaugural (and long-delayed) commercial launch, "It's Business Time," and it's about to take another customer to space: NASA.

Stratim, formerly known as valet startup Zirx, sues co-founder for theft

Stratim, the mobility services company formerly known as Zirx, is suing its co-founder and now-former COO Shmulik Fishman for breach of fiduciary duties, civil conversion, criminal conversion, theft, criminal mischief, deception, unjust enrichment and fraud. The lawsuit’s co-plaintiff is Adesa,

‘The Mandalorian’ cast includes Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano … and Werner Herzog

Lucasfilm has released an initial cast list for “The Mandalorian,” the live action Star Wars series that Jon Favreau is creating for the upcoming streaming service Disney+. Pedro Pascal, who had a brief-but-glorious run on “Game of Thrones” as Oberyn Martell,

Scoot unveils new lock to prevent scooter theft

During the first two weeks of Scoot’s operations of shared, electric scooters in San Francisco, more than 200 scooters were either stolen or damaged beyond repair, Scoot CEO Michael Keating wrote in a blog post today. As a temporary fix,

Wellness giant Life Time targets co-working, shopping malls for next act

Founded in 1990 by CEO Bahram Akradi, Minnesota-based Life Time used to be known as a premier health club that operated large gyms mainly in affluent suburbs in Midwestern and Southern states. Its success was memorialized in 2015 when two leading private equity firms,

Bowery, an indoor farming startup, raises $90 million more, including to counter a SoftBank-funded r

When in July of last year, Softbank’s Vision Fund led a whopping $200 million round in the Silicon Valley startup Plenty, investors behind a competing indoor farming startup across the country, New York-based Bowery, were left reeling.  Just one month earlier,

Ring’s $199 security system will finally ship next month

Way back in October of last year, Ring announced “Ring Protect” — a modular, no contract, DIY home security system. After a few delays, a bit of legal drama, and Ring being acquired for a billion dollars by Amazon,

Safety app Watch Out acquires paywall startup BitWall

BitWall, a Bitcoin-focused startup promising to help online publishers make money, has been acquired. Its new owner is Watch Out, the company behind an app that sends alerts about things like product and food recalls and weather-realted emergencies. It’s not the most obvious acquirer,

Facebook demands advertisers have consent for email/phone targeting

Facebook is hoping to avoid another privacy scandal by adding new accountability and transparency requirements for businesses that use its Custom Audiences too to target you with ads based on your email address or phone number. Starting July 2nd,

It's Time to Embrace Congestion Pricing

An ambitious new transportation plan for DC announced last week includes a massive public transit expansion, additional subway line, and beefed up network of bike lanes. But the proposal that's getting the most attention is the introduction of congestion pricing. Yes,

Lessig's Mayday PAC Scrambling To Cross Crowd Funding Finish Line

First time accepted submitter SingleEntendre (1273012) writes "Time is running out for the Mayday PAC to reach its latest crowd funding goal of $5M. The total currently stands at $4.5M. Led by Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig,

Xbox One将乘坐兰博基尼驾临ChinaJoy:会带来多少游戏?

一年一度的中国国际数码互动娱乐展览会(ChinaJoy)并非只有妹子可看。微软公司已经发文声称,借着自贸区东风 […]

Unlocking Your Cell Phone Is Still Illegal, But Probably Not For Long

Unlocking a smart phone to run on a different carrier. It seems completely innocuous, right? Something you’d do with a bit of time on your weekend just to see if you could.Surprise! It’s illegal. And we’re not talking jay-walking-when-no-one-is-looking illegal,



Google 或强制 OEM 预装 20 款应用,给你一个不Root的理由

消息称,Google 正在强制 OEM 厂商在 Android 设备上预装更多 Google 自家的应用,简单来说就是要想接着用 Android,那就要在出厂时安装 Google 的各种移动服务,也意味着我们将在 OEM 合作伙伴的手机上看到更少的定制功能,当然也给了用户一个不Root的理由。

This adorable tiny kitten is the world's worst roommate

Don't be fooled by his sweet, innocent face — behind that cute façade is pure, 100% evil.While this tiny kitten might make your heart melt at the very sight of him, he'll probably just ruin your stuff, slack off on chores and steal your girlfriend.If you really need a roommate,


上海2015年3月13日电 /美通社/ -- 2015年1月,盛美半导体再次获得海力士(SK Hynix)三台8腔体单片清洗机订单,使得该公司目前销售到海力士大生产线上的设备数量累计已达7台。


6月3日,在成立即将满一周年的前两天,“跟谁学”公布了在3.30日A轮5000万美元融资之后的最新动态:1/ 相较于两个月前,平台的累计订单数量增加了163.3%,入驻老师数量则增加了88.5%,交易金额则增长了193.9%。2/ 2.

10 trippy optical illusions that will make you question reality

Optical illusions have the ability to bring us together in awe, or split the population in half.A new clip from YouTube channel AllTime10s compiled some interesting illusions, and thankfully, explained their deception so that we don't have another incident like that damn dress.

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