Lenovo announces VR Ready ThinkPad P52 mobile workstation

Lenovo today announced a new ThinkPad P52 mobile workstation at NXT BLD in London. The VR Ready device packs a compact 15-inch chassis and comes with the new NVIDIA Quadro P3200 GPU.

Microsoft launches Surface Go launches in India; available exclusively on Flipkart for now

Microsoft has finally launched its smallest, most portable and affordable Surface device yet – Surface Go – India. While the company skipped the first two generations of Surface in India, Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4 were launched together in India in January 2016.

Microsoft addresses faulty Surface Pro 4 firmware issue with device replacements

That's right, Microsoft is allowing users to get an actual hardware replacement to address a firmware issue that presumably, cannot be addressed any other way.

Windows 10’s People Bar set for the chopping block

The company appears set to scale back its People Bar feature in the next public Windows 10 update.

Xbox 360’s HBO NOW app to be discontinued next month

The HBO Now app for Xbox 360 will no longer be available after January 8, 2019, though the Xbox One app will continue to be supported.

Microsoft’s sleeper hit, Kaizala, powers over 1000 organizations in India already

Microsoft has announced that Kaizala is now powering over 1000 organizations in India across government and business institutions. Business organizations using this product represent a cross-section of industry sectors, from BFSI to manufacturing to retail, and include YES Bank, UPL, Alembic,

Microsoft SharePoint gets @ mentions and more in latest iOS app update

The Microsoft SharePoint app updated to Version 4.5.0 on Apple’s iOS devices this morning. This latest update added the ability to use @ mentions in comments, now allows users to be notified when someone mentions them by name with an @ mention, and also enabled file renaming.

Jurassic World Evolution’s new DLC adds 3 new dinosaurs to the video game

The Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack downloadable content (DLC) for the Jurassic World Evolution Xbox One video game is now available to download. This latest Jurassic World Evolution DLC adds three new dinosaurs for players to use; the Iguanodon, the Carcharodontosaurus, and the Dreadnoughtus.

More details emerge about Microsoft’s rumored new hardware, including redesigned Surface Pro 6

A "heavily redesigned" Surface Pro 6 could launch next year, and follow a minor update for Microsoft's Surface Pro and Surface Laptop this Fall.

UK’s Microsoft Store gets its first 4K UHD movie

While Microsoft has been quietly adding 4K movies to its library for some time now, The Black Panther is the first move title that you can buy in UHD in the Microsoft Store. Of course, that’s if you live in the UK. As noted in a post by Windows Central, UK Microsoft is offering Marvel’s […]

Office 365 is getting fluent design, simplified ribbon, other design changes

Microsoft today highlighted some upcoming changes for the Office 365 user experience. The changes are inspired by a "new culture of work" and will bring fluent design, a simplified ribbon, and many other big changes to the Office 365 experience.

Facebook Profiles Can Predict Work Performance

When a company is in the process of hiring a new employee, there's a standard set of things it typically does — follow up with references, check the cover letter for obvious typos, and do some basic due diligence to ensure all of the companies listed on the candidate's resume actually exist.

NVIDIAs 64-bit Tegra K1: The Ghost of Transmeta Rides Again, Out of Order

MojoKid (1002251) writes Ever since Nvidia unveiled its 64-bit Project Denver CPU at CES last year, there's been discussion over what the core might be and what kind of performance it would offer. Visibly, the chip is huge,


手上有书,做个勤劳的搬运工。ps 貌似有点答不对题,但是觉得理解这个开放形式封闭形式也有利于理解楼主的问题。 开放形式和封闭形式涉及现实的两种不同态度,每个形式有其独自的风格和技术特征。



Greenplum测试环境部署 - AlfredZhao

# 1.准备3台主机 #本实例是部署实验环境,采用的是Citrix的虚拟化环境,分配了3台RHEL6.4的主机。 Master 创建模板后,额外添加20G一块磁盘/dev/xvdb,额外添加2块网卡eth1,eth2 Standby 创建模板后,额外添加20G一块磁盘/dev/...

中國分析師貼出 Snapdragon 820 技術簡報,暗示中國品牌將由小米在年底搶到首發


Microsoft readies Dynamics Fall Preview on the heels of CRM awards

Microsoft Dynamics is the company’s customer relationship management tool that battles head to head with one of the industry’s largest CRM providers, Salesforce. Microsoft and Salesforce recently became collaborators on various enterprise-related endeavors but...



为Windows 10 Mobile发布做准备 微软推出Lumia系统升级页面

近日型号分别为“RM-1118”(Lumia 950)和“RM-1116”(Lumia 950 XL)两款新机获得入网许可,预计将于“双十一”期间开始预售,并于12月全面上市发售。


物联网(Internet of Things,IoT)的概念距离首次提出,已经过了 17 年,近年来也陆续成为热点话题,上周的 CES 展会上,物联网一类产品就获得不小的曝光度,其中,更以智能家居为主,受到不少关注。 尽管近年来热潮不断,但要说物联网的时代现在真的来了,倒也是有些为时过早,毕竟至今为止,在物联网这个领域还没出现一款足够具备颠覆性的产品。 物联网逐浪者分享第一手体验 我第一次听到「物联网」这个概念是在 2000 年,彼时 Ember 团队创始人正在招兵买马,希望开发一款能够友好支持物联网这一概念的网络技术。(ZigBee 就是 Ember 团队最终研发出的核心技术。

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