New survey says half of Windows 10 users have had problems

It's not neccesarily the Surface hardware failing consumers but the operating system of Windows 10.

Checking In On Windows 10

A few points, dear reader, to get ourselves acclimated:

How I learned to stop worrying and love the Windows Phone 8.1

Of all the mobile platforms out there, Windows Phone 8.1 was literally the absolute last option I ever thought I would land upon. I had a burning hatred for Windows on the mobile side.Read more:

More Nightmare Stories of Your Worst IT Jobs Ever

After we published reader IT job horror stories , we received more than a 1000 comments, and you kicked it up to a whole other level. From finding porn on church systems to working IT in actual warzones, you’ve been to computerized hell and back. Read more...

Microsoft rebrands Skype Rooms Systems as Microsoft Teams Rooms

In just two years time, Microsoft Teams has managed to envolope many of the companies communication efforts and as of today its branding is getting plastered on the former Skype Room Systems.

Latest Windows Insider Bug Bash starts today

Microsoft is hosting what it calls its "Bug Bash" for Windows Insiders previewing upcoming changes to the 19H1 branch of Windows 10.

Skype for web will soon be replaced by new version that only works in Edge and Chrome

Microsoft has started warning Skype for Web users that the app will soon be replaced by a new version based on Skype v8, which requires using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Microsoft builds Fake News spotter NewsGuard into Edge mobile browser

As we reported earlier this this month, Microsoft is baking NewsGuard into the mobile versions of its Edge web browser for Android and iOS devices via an optional switch, and now the feature is moving out of beta. This is likely part of an ongoing effort by many businesses, Microsoft included,

Halo:MCC news, Championship gaming coming to SXSW in March

Beyond being part of Halo history, those in attendance at the SXSW19 HCS will also be privy to some exclusive annoucements regarding the franchise.

First build for Windows 10 “19H2” Fall 2019 release spotted via leaked build numbers

If you’ve been following along at home, there’s been quite the saga surrounding leaked Windows 10 build numbers lately. Recently, the site went dark, after an enthusiastic Windows enthusiast offered up thousands of unreleased build numbers to the site,

These DJI drones are learning to recognize objects with help from Microsoft AI technology

DJI, the world’s biggest drone manufacturer has now teamed up with Microsoft to create drones that can recognize objects, including different types of fruits.

Lenovo announces VR Ready ThinkPad P52 mobile workstation

Lenovo today announced a new ThinkPad P52 mobile workstation at NXT BLD in London. The VR Ready device packs a compact 15-inch chassis and comes with the new NVIDIA Quadro P3200 GPU.

More details emerge about Microsoft’s rumored new hardware, including redesigned Surface Pro 6

A "heavily redesigned" Surface Pro 6 could launch next year, and follow a minor update for Microsoft's Surface Pro and Surface Laptop this Fall.

UK’s Microsoft Store gets its first 4K UHD movie

While Microsoft has been quietly adding 4K movies to its library for some time now, The Black Panther is the first move title that you can buy in UHD in the Microsoft Store. Of course, that’s if you live in the UK. As noted in a post by Windows Central, UK Microsoft is offering Marvel’s […]

A weird black ring appeared in the sky in England and then disappeared

This is bizarre. A 16-year-old girl saw a giant black ring in the sky above England and captured it on video. After three minutes of floating around like a cloud, the black ring disappeared completely. So far, experts have no idea what it was.Read more...

苹果2015年最多只有 4500 万片 5.5 寸蓝宝石面板

今天台湾 Digitimes 报道, 苹果的合作伙伴 GT Advanced 将会为 5.5 寸 iPhone 6 提供蓝宝石面板, 但是根据 Digitimes 的研究, GT Advanced 只有 2500 个晶体生长熔炉, 加上成熟的处理工艺, 2015 年也只能生产出 4500 万片 5.5 寸蓝宝石面板.

An Algorithm to End the Lines for Ice at Burning Man

Any gathering of 65,000 people in the dessert is going to require some major infrastructure to maintain health and sanity. At Burning Man, some of that infrastructure is devoted to a supply chain for ice. Writes Bennett Haselton,





乐视自曝手机尺寸 兼顾大屏和单手握感

自从乐视宣布造手机之后,有关超级手机的消息就一直没有停歇。日前,乐视CEO贾跃亭在微博上公开吐槽iPhone落后的工业设计导致5.5寸的iPhone 6 Plus单手操作体验不佳,同时暗示超级手机将兼顾大屏和单手握感。

HTML5简单入门系列(三) - 棉花年度

前言本篇介绍HTML5支持的Web存储(Web Storage)和HTML 5 应用程序缓存。客户端存储数据介绍HTML5 提供了两种在客户端存储数据的新方法:localStorage - 没有时间限制的数据存储sessionStorage - 针对一个 session 的数据存储sessionSt...

下次去便便的时候可以试试这个 App | 日榜

根据专业的健康建议,一个正常的成年人每天都需要排泄 1-2 次,但你真的了解自己的便便吗?在大数据的时代,下次去便便的时候,或许你也可以试试今天 日榜榜首这个好玩的 App,记录一下你的健康情况。

Jeb Bush is running for president, after months of 'actively exploring'

Jeb Bush is officially running for presidentAfter months of "actively exploring" a bid for the White House, the former governor of Florida launched his campaign on Monday with an announcement at Miami Dade University."The presidency should not be passed down from one liberal to the next,

NASA releases mind-blowing flyover of Pluto

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is sending back reams of data after its close Pluto flyby on Tuesday, including new details on what comprises its surface and atmosphereScientists on Friday released a simulated flyover of Pluto's 11,000-foot-tall mountain range called the Norgay Mountains,

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