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Audit of NHS Trust’s app project with DeepMind raises more questions than it answers

A third party audit of a controversial patient data-sharing arrangement between a London NHS Trust and Google DeepMind appears to have skirted over the core issues that generated the controversy in the first place.

Making way for new levels of American innovation

Matt Weinberg Contributor Matt Weinberg is a former White House appointee with the U.S. Small Business Administration, where he served as a Senior Advisor in the Office of Investment and Innovation.

Asian investors have plenty of cash, a hearty appetite for investments and a different approach to d

If you’re being courted by Asian investors, you’ll need to adjust the VCs’ expectations. That can be a challenging task when the parties have different perspectives on appropriate management styles and levels of control.

Google releases a searchable database of US political ads

In an effort to provide more transparency and deliver on a promise to Congress, Google just published an archive of political ads that have run on its platform. Google new database, which it calls the Ad Library, is searchable through a dedicated launch page. Anyone can search for and filter ads,

Uber reports Q2 losses of $404 million, up 32 percent from Q1

While Uber isn’t required to disclose its financial results, Uber has done so for past few quarters as it gears up to go public next year. In Q2 2018, Uber’s net revenue was up 8 percent quarter over quarter at $2.7 billion. Year over year, that’s a 51 percent increase.

Coinbase acquires Distributed Systems to build “Login with Coinbase”

Coinbase wants to be Facebook Connect for crypto. The blockchain giant plans to develop a “login with Coinbase” identity platform for decentralized app developers to make it much easier for users to sign up and connect their crypto wallets. To fuel that platform,

Spotify is falling behind on lyrics and voice

Spotify’s lack of full lyrics support and its minimal attention to voice are beginning to become problems for the streaming service. The company has been so focused on the development of its personalization technology and programming its playlists,

Grabb-It wants to turn your car’s window into a trippy video billboard

It reminds me of something out of Blade Runner. Maybe it’s because it looks a bit futuristic – a bit unreal. Maybe it’s because I’m looking at an ad somewhere I never expected to see one, like the skyscraper-height ads of Ridley Scott’s future.

Twitter’s next big move is a revamped hub for everything you want to see

The chronological news feed has been a bit of a looming specter for Twitter . Sure, it’s their bread-and-butter but it only works for users who are willing to put in the time to prune their own feeds and strip away follows while constantly keeping an eye out for new accounts. For Twitter,

Ring’s $199 security system will finally ship next month

Way back in October of last year, Ring announced “Ring Protect” — a modular, no contract, DIY home security system. After a few delays, a bit of legal drama, and Ring being acquired for a billion dollars by Amazon,

Safety app Watch Out acquires paywall startup BitWall

BitWall, a Bitcoin-focused startup promising to help online publishers make money, has been acquired. Its new owner is Watch Out, the company behind an app that sends alerts about things like product and food recalls and weather-realted emergencies. It’s not the most obvious acquirer,

索尼再降财年预期 亏损1300亿 平井一夫恐卸任


关于PHP伪静态Rewrite设置 - Balla_兔子

Rewirte主要的功能就是实现URL的跳转和隐藏真实地址,基于Perl语言的正则表达式规范。平时帮助我们实现拟静态,拟目录,域名跳转,防止盗链等一、Apache配置: 1、支持httpd.conf 配置2、支持目录 .

還未開賣!英國交通部門就對司機使用 Apple Watch 說不

雖然 Apple Watch 要到明年才正式上市,不過英國交通部門已經開始表態,指出司機在駕駛時使用 Apple Watch 將屬違行為,和駕車時使用手機一樣。  閱讀全文



Uber CEO indicted in South Korea for violating transportation law

Uber's expansion into Asia hit a snag Wednesday when prosecutors in South Korea indicted the company's CEO, Travis Kalanick,

Microsoft and its employees raised $117 million for nonprofit organizations in 2014

Over the last four years, the Microsoft has raised over $400 million for nonprofits and schools including $117 million in 2014. Microsoft has also increased the amount of money they donate for every hour an employee volunteers to $25. Additionally,

金立发布ELIFE S7手机 2015年目标全球出货4000万台

金立3月2日在2015 MWC上宣布推出新超薄旗舰手机ELIFE S7手机,3月18日计划在中国市场上市,4月份在欧洲等海外市场上市,欧洲市场售价399欧元。ELIFE S7机身厚度为5.5mm、配置了MTK 6752 64位八核处理器,5.

7英寸的Windows Phone会是你的菜吗?

日前有用户曝光一款了由内地 MP4 播放器厂商蓝魔生产的大屏 Windows Phone 设备,该款名为 Q7 […]


Bernie Sanders and comedian Larry Wilmore talk 'schlonged'

Bernie Sanders wanted to make it known: He isn't here to translate Trump-speakIn an interview with Comedy Central's Larry Wilmore here in New York, the Democratic presidential candidate wanted no part of defining "schlonged," the perhaps vulgar, perhaps Yiddish,

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