YouTuber asks the internet *not* to Photoshop his pleasant honeymoon photo

Back in April, YouTuber Jack Douglass (of jacksfilms) kindly asked the internet not to Photoshop his wedding photos. Of course, he knew what would happen, and it did: the internet Photoshopped his wedding photos.Now, Douglass is back for round two. On Tuesday, he tweeted a lovely photo of his wife,

Declassified spy photos show rapid melting of colossal glaciers

Metal canisters filled with top-secret satellite photos plummeted from space and then parachuted over the Pacific Ocean during the '70s and '80s. A U.S. Air Force plane would swoop down on cue and snag the classified material, ferrying the images safely back to land.The spy satellite missions,

Arlo Pro home security systems are on sale — take up to $255 off

TL;DR: These Arlo Pro wireless home security systems feature smart cameras with two-way audio, and Amazon has them on sale starting at just $200.22 for a two-camera kit."Paint cans on strings." A "chainsaw next to your bed." "A shotgun and a rottweiler.

Fujifilm Instax Mini film packs are just $30 — their lowest price ever

TL;DR: A value pack of 60 replacement film sheets for the Fujifilm Instax Mini camera is just $30, which is its lowest price yet on Amazon.When school is out, you need to keep the kids engaged somehow.

NYC subway riders can't help but sing along to 'I Want It That Way'

New York City public transportation might be a hellhole, but at least it's a hellhole with good music. On Sunday, for example, Twitter user @Wertwhile was traveling on the subway after a tough week when he encountered a shirtless man carrying a speaker.

'Avengers: Endgame' will return to theaters with new footage next week

Not over the Endgame? Then do we have great news for you. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has confirmed in an interview with that Avengers:

E-scooters get thumbs-up to scoot on most NYC streets

Love 'em or hate 'em, electric scooters are now allowed in New York — which means the two-wheeled vehicles could soon be scooting through New York City.The New York State Senate passed a bill Wednesday to pull back restrictions for electric-assisted bicycles and e-scooters.

British channel ITV now requires women writers for all comedy programs

One British TV channel has taken a step towards eliminating the standing trend of all-male comedy writers' rooms by outright requiring women writers on all submitted projects. ITV Comedy Controller Saskia Schuster announced the policy change at the Channel 4 Diverse Festival,

‘Fortnite’ is the one game with the power to rewrite the rules (for now)

Fortnite, the video game that's become a global sensation with more than 125 million players, launched in Sept. 2017.Epic Games celebrated that truly...ahem..epic player count in its announcement of the game's 2018-2019 season. It's one of gaming's more astonishing success stories.

12 years later, Twitter is still trying to explain itself

Twitter, more than any other social media company, faces a unique challenge even after more than decade of existence: It still doesn't know how to explain what it is to new users.

Here's when you can expect next-gen Xbox consoles and Surface devices

If you're thinking about selling your Xbox One because a new release is imminent, you may not want to unplug it from your TV just yet.A new report from Thurrott, a tech blog that's previously leaked accurate information about unannounced Microsoft products,


感谢品的投递今天在推特上,9to5Mac 发布了一条关于该应用的信息,发布了一张带有 Healthbook(和 Watch Utility)应用图标的图片。不过目前我们还无法确定该图片的真伪。

Dive Deep Into Emoji Expression for Our Snapchat Challenge

It’s hard to remember a time when emojis weren’t an integral part of communication. Be it a strategically placed smiley or a carefully calculated creature, an emoji will often do the trick when it comes to conveying our most complicated feelingsFor this week’s Mashable Snapchat Challenge,

LG G3 spotted, first glimpse of the rear of the phone

The G3 will keep those rear-mounted buttons, and will also boast some form of sensor on the back according to an image posted online.Read more:


知名的奢侈手机制造商Vertu又要进军音频领域了。最近,他们正式发布了与Bang & Olufsen联合开发的首款耳机和无线扬声器。Vertu V Headphones(HP-1V)是一款由B&O进行调校和测试的耳机。

A vision of the future: Better security through Microsoft’s Cortana?

With hacks and breaches becoming more rife, will we see digital assistants like Cortana become vital aspects of our personal security in the future?Read more:

Microsoft to unveil "Windows 9" later today, here's the details

It's September 30th everyone. Later today, Microsoft is expected to unveil "Windows 9" to technology enthusiasts and journalists. The event was rumored to be happening about a month ago, and now the day is finally here. If you're wondering what to expect from todays event,




威锋网讯 1 月 15 日消息,专为中国农历新年定制的 Apple Watch Sport 今天正式在苹果零售店上架。为了配合这一款有意义的产品发售,中国苹果零售店还举办了特别活动,比如请到了一些中国设计师以及歌手前来助阵。与普通版有所不同的是,猴年定制版 Apple Watch Sport 采用的是金色铝金属表壳并搭配红色运动型表带。  不过,虽然称为“定制”,但是猴年版 Apple Watch Sport 的售价并没有任何变化,同样是 2588 元起售,也同样分为 38 毫米和 42 毫米两种型号。  

2 audience members injured in motorbike stunt gone wrong in Glasgow

LONDON — Two audience members were injured after a backflip motorbike stunt went wrong in Glasgow.The men were on a bike with another audience member and a driver at the SSE Hydro arena for the Nitro Circus action sport event when the accident happened Thursday evening.See also:

FBI ‘pretty confident’ iPhone hack only works on iPhone 5C with iOS 9

Don’t worry iPhone owners, the iPhone hack the FBI bought from a third-party technology company will not work on any other iPhone models.Probably. Maybe.SEE ALSO: Apple-FBI battle is over but Silicon Valley is still preparing for the privacy war“The reason I keep saying 5C,

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