A conversation with Sarah Cannon and Mark Goldberg, Index Ventures’ new partners

Index Ventures — a firm with investments in companies like recent IPO Dropbox, a series of successful gaming companies like King, and others including Slack and coming IPO Zuora — has seen a lot of moves in the past few months. There was the departure of partner Ilya Fushman earlier this year,

Europe should ban AI for mass surveillance and social credit scoring, says advisory group

An independent expert group tasked with advising the European Commission to inform its regulatory response to artificial intelligence — to underpin EU lawmakers’ stated aim of ensuring AI developments are “human centric” — has published its policy and investment recommendations.

Facebook squeezes money from Instagram with new ads in Explore

Half of Instagram’s billion-plus users open its Explore tab each month to find fresh content and creators. Now the Facebook-owned app will due more to carry its weight by injecting ads into Instagram Explore for the first time. But rather than bombard users with marketing right on the Explore grid,

HER, the dating app for queer women, revamps profiles

HER, the app that provides safe space for queer women to meet, has today revamped the app’s profiles. The updated profiles allow users to express themselves more fully in the categories of gender, sexuality, pronouns, diet preferences, star signs, drinking, smoking and cannabis habits,

MIT AI tool can predict breast cancer up to 5 years early, works equally well for white and black pa

MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab has developed a new deep learning-based AI prediction model that can anticipate the development of breast cancer up to five years in advance.

Songtrust adds another 55,000 artists to its rights management service

Over the past year, Songtrust has added another 55,000 artists to its rights management service. The company, a subsidiary of Downtown Music Publishing, a publishing and rights management firm that manages rights for artists such as John Lennon, One Direction and Santigold, now has 205,

300M-user meme site Imgur raises $20M from Coil to pay creators

Meme creators have never gotten their fair share. Remixed and reshared across the web, their jokes props up social networks like Instagram and Twitter that pay back none of their ad revenue to artists and comedians.

Apple News launches a guide to the 2020 Democratic candidates and debates

Apple today is introducing a new section in its Apple News application for iOS, iPad and Mac that’s designed to familiarize voters with the 20 U.S. Democratic presidential candidates ahead of the first Democratic debates hosted on June 26 and June 27 by NBC News, MSNBC, and Telemundo in Miami,

Back Market raises $48 million for its refurbished device marketplace

If you’ve tried selling your old smartphone on a refurbishment website, chances are you ended up with a dozen browser tabs comparing prices. French startup Back Market is taking advantage of this fragmented industry to create a marketplace and aggregate all refurbishers on a single online platform.

Audit of NHS Trust’s app project with DeepMind raises more questions than it answers

A third party audit of a controversial patient data-sharing arrangement between a London NHS Trust and Google DeepMind appears to have skirted over the core issues that generated the controversy in the first place.

Twitter’s next big move is a revamped hub for everything you want to see

The chronological news feed has been a bit of a looming specter for Twitter . Sure, it’s their bread-and-butter but it only works for users who are willing to put in the time to prune their own feeds and strip away follows while constantly keeping an eye out for new accounts. For Twitter,

Cortana与Siri、Google Now的较量:支持功能更多

之前平台级的语音助手应用有Siri、Google Now,现在微软在Windows Phone 8.1中也集成语音助手服务Cortana,加入竞争。单从理论上来讲,Cortana已经完胜Siri和Google Now。在引入Cortana后,能否带动WP销量增长呢?

工作中的问题解决 -- (win2003 asp.net) Session和带页面回传的方法无法正常使用解决方案 - VCA

公司BP&IT项目组.从上上个月成立开始开发BP&IT软件.这个月开始测试我悲剧的发现他尽然不支持我电脑上的IE11.半个多月还没解决我们先来分析下原因首页 登陆页面正常浏览http://hr.bingjun.cc/登陆后网址呈现http://hr.bingjun.

Fire Phone详解:用物理搜索颠覆智能手机


Direct 2D实现界面库 (2) - 落单的毛毛虫

Direct 2D实现界面库 (1)http://www.cnblogs.com/mmc1206x/p/3924580.html上篇说完了每个 LNode 的绘制过程. 也就是 onDraw 的实现.这篇谈谈消息响应函数 onInput.onInput 实现Windows 窗口程序都有一个 WndP...

Newsly Hack Is Tinder For News Articles

Tinder’s interface for quickly filtering people you might like to date from those you definitely don’t is being applied to all sorts of other sorting tasks. We’ve had multiple Tinders for shopping, for instance.

微软Xbox One出货量将达1000万 仍不敌索尼

或许微软对 Xbox One 的销量真的很在意,已迫不及待地通过预告记录的方式营销新品。威锋网 11 月 13 日消息,日前,微软 Xbox Wire 官方新闻频道突然宣布,旗下新款 Xbox One 家用游戏机出货量即将出货超过 1000 万台。

[原创]借助AWR报告分析解决oracleCPU过高的问题 - 淘果果

简介:在oracle数据库中,有两个非常实用的自带监控工具EM(Enterprise Manager)和AWR(Automatic Workload Repository)。其中,通过AWR报告可以生成易于阅读的监控报告,可协助进行性能问题的诊断和分析。

Maverick Ventures进军印度;同意投资IDG支持的Vserv

Vserv拥有最规模最大、最丰富的印度移动用户数据 印度孟买和新加坡--(美国商业资讯)--印度和东南亚移动营销领域领先的智能数据平台Vserv今天宣布,该公司签署了一份来自Maverick Capital旗下风险投资基金Maverick Capital Ventures的投资协议。

科技展会上 汪星人的出现只是为了给你充电

不知大家有没有听过 SXSW 大会(西南偏南艺术节)?这是一个为科技、电影和音乐爱好者准备的盛会,也是很多科技企业展示科技成果的平台。  在这样的展会上游走,用手机拍照记录是少不了的。



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