kills its standalone live streaming app is merging the functionality from its two-year old live streaming platform into its main app, and has disabled’s standalone app as part of the transition process. The app will eventually be pulled from the App Store and Google Play,

Google Home Hub review

Shortly after announcing the Home Hub, a Google exec told me the timing was simply about “getting the product right.” Still, it’s curious launching your own entry in the space more than half a year after a trio of hardware partners debuted their own.

Don’t miss Q&A Sessions at Disrupt Berlin 2018

Every TechCrunch Disrupt Main Stage features an incredible roster of speakers representing the best and brightest leaders, luminaries and legends at the crossroads of startups, technology, entrepreneurism and investment. It’s an opportunity to hear their perspective,

Disrupt Berlin 2018 early-bird pricing ends in three days

What could be better than spending two adrenaline-packed days at Disrupt Berlin 2018 focused on the best of everything coming out of Europe’s early-stage startup scene? Saving up to €500 while doing it, that’s what.

Addison Lee and Oxbotica ink self-driving deal, will offer autonomous car services in London by 2021

After undertaking a year-long investigation with Ford and four other mobility specialists on how to build self-driving systems that integrate with London’s existing transport infrastructure, Addison Lee today is announcing the next step in its autonomous strategy.

Egypt and Thailand: When the military turns against free speech

Ziad Reslan Contributor Share on Twitter More posts by this contributor Elon Musk deserves tougher love from the SEC Solve, MIT’s take on social innovation challenges, may be different enough to work Wael Abbas,

Super Mario Party is Nintendo Switch’s best game

When I bought the Nintendo Switch a few months ago, my friends told me to buy Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. That’s precisely what I did, but none of those games were enough to get me hooked, which is probably for the best. But […]

Apple Watch Series 4 is the most accessible watch yet

I can confidently say I could live without my Apple Watch. But I also can confidently say I wouldn’t want to. The fourth-generation Apple Watch is the best, most accessible Apple Watch to date.

N26 launches a revised metal card

Fintech startup N26 is updating its N26 Metal product and launching it tomorrow. You might remember that the company first announced its premium card at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin in December 2017. Shortly after the conference, the card was available in early access for existing N26 Black customers.

This new startup wants to be the ‘Netscape for crypto,’ and some investors think it has a shot

Three-month-old Elph wants to make it easier for you to find and use blockchain-based apps. How? Through a portal that’s promising to enable users to click through to see how their crypto holdings are faring, to buy and sell CryptoKitties, or to find and use other decentralized apps.

Apple orders a 10-episode mystery series inspired by kid reporter Hilde Lysiak

Apple is continuing to flesh out its lineup of TV series for its upcoming streaming service and Netflix competitor, assumed to be offered sometime next year as part of a subscription bundle with Apple Music. The company’s latest addition is a dramatic mystery series,


美国社交图片分享网站 Pinterest 今天宣布,该公司已经通过F轮融资从现有股东那里获得了 2 亿美元资金,累计融资额达到 7.64 亿美元。    Pinterest 本周刚刚透露出该公司在搜索领域的发展野心,推出了一款 ... ...

Facebook's new advertising effort focuses on emerging markets

The social networking giant is introducing new advertising products in what it deems as key emerging markets, including India. Read more:

图赏显微镜下的Google Glass智能眼镜

上次有人使用显微镜观看 LG G3 手机,现在轮到 Google Glass 有这样的待遇了。Google Glass 对许多人来说其实售价比较昂贵,达到1500美元,既然买不起,无法近距离触摸,那我们就通过显微镜来看看吧。

Russia Cracks Down On Public Wi-Fi; Oracle Blocks Java Downloads In Russia

Linking to a story at Reuters, reader WilliamGeorge writes "Russia is further constraining access to the internet and freedom of speech, with new laws regarding public use of WiFi. Nikolai Nikiforov, the Russian Communications Minister, tweeted that "Identification of users (via bank cards,

A Facebook Hack To A Greater Democracy

A month after the mid-term elections, the Republican Party is rejoicing and the Democrats are reeling. But it’s democracy that took a big hit. According to the NY Times, this election was the worst voter turnout in 72 years. Only 36.3 percent of the nation’s eligible population voted.


在谷歌正式推出 Android 5.0 Lollipop 后,HTC 一马当先地对其 One 使用者承诺在 90 天内带来更新。

互联网巨头付费 Adblock Plus,求放过!

根据外媒报道,Google、亚马逊、微软和Taboola等互联网公司已经向Eyeo付费,使其广告元素可以免于Adblock Plus的筛选。

视频:Lumia 520现在也可以运行WP 10了

威智网2月16日消息,我们今天早上曾经报道,国外 XDA-Developers 论坛黑客 RustyGrom 已经在一部 Lumia 1520 设备上成功安装了 Windows 10 手机技术预览版,他宣称已经找到方法破解 Windows 10 手机预览版的安装限制,将会在更多 Windows Phone 8.


随着移动游戏的迅速发展和游戏机市场的解禁,再加上原有比较成熟的网络游戏市场,我国游戏市场呈现了一种百花齐放的状 […]



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