10 essential steps for preventing cyber attacks on your company

What safeguards does your organisation have in place to prevent cyber attacks?

Spear-Phishing Could Enable Cyberterrorism Attacks Against The U.S.

If terrorists ever orchestrate a violent cyberattack against the U.S.,the odds are 9 in 10 that spear-phishing will be the first step of their assault. The same technique that has breached Sony, Anthem, Target, the Pentagon and thousands of organizations every year,

The AI-transformed customer experience – how does it actually work?

AI is making it possible for businesses to distinguish themselves through better, more personalised customer engagements.

DAG – The next generation of blockchain

DAG solves the limitations of blockchain and allows the technology to scale infinitely and at negligible cost.

Don't square off against a cyber threat without a game plan

Whether your organisation is dealing with ransomware, phishing or any other cyber threat, knowing what you're up against is essential to prevent falling victim to an attack.

Addressing the threat from within

How can businesses encourage employees to take cyber security as seriously as they do?

Cyber’s coming home: defending the World Cup against cyberattacks

It's time for businesses and individuals to treat their digital information and property as they would physical property.

Government launches UK Institute of Coding

The IoC’s goal is to nurture UK’s next generation of digital talent ‘at degree level and above’.

Panasonic launches new rugged Android handset

It's rugged, durable, and comes with a set of unique features, ones that the average consumer might find useless, but which will probably mean a lot for workers.

Cortana could have been used to hack into Windows 10

Microsoft patches Cortana lock screen vulnerability discovered by McAfee.

Using tech to assess risk when embarking on international expansion

CSOs must use every tool at their disposal to understand the threats that await their organisation in new markets.

In data we trust - balancing data innovation with data protection

Data is now a part of our daily lives and businesses must show consumers that they can safeguard their data effectively.

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Free Comic Book Day!

Free Comic Book Day is a tradition that even Sheldon Cooper could get behind.As the name suggests, comic-book lovers flock to participating specialty stores around the world every first Saturday of May to stock up on select complimentary items,


一切不以销售利润为目标的营销模式都是另类的“庞氏骗局”,本质上是“金融”不是商业,因此大家要擦亮眼睛,辨别出那 […]

The Baby Elephant Robot Can Carry A 220 Pound Human

Created by a team from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the Baby Elephant is a quadrapedal robot that does something special: you can ride it like a large, slow horse, thereby ushering in the era of the robotic cowboy. Baby Elephant moves about one mile per hour, which is definitely not very fast,


对移动 IM 而言,表情贴纸可谓生财好手段,Line 更是其中典范。在 Line 2013 年3.38亿美元的总营收里,20% 来自付费贴纸。



委托是什么 - 摇啊摇啊摇

目前大部分文章关注是如何使用委托?为什么要使用委托?却很少关注委托是什么?委托是如何工作的?明白这两个问题能帮助我们更好的理解使用委托。本文的内容 就是针对这两个问题。


(原文来自 Vanity Fair,腾讯科技编译自 BI 报道)在美国旧金山举行的New Establishment Summit峰会上,苹果设计主管乔纳森-艾维(Jony Ive)罕见地接受了《名利场》杂志的编辑格雷顿-卡特(Graydon Carter)在一场名为“设计天才”讨论活动的采访。

It's Time To Revive Hypercard

HughPickens.com writes HyperCard, an application program and programming tool released for the Apple Macintosh in 1987, represented the 'computing for the people' philosophy that enabled users to go past the pre-built software that came on their machines,

21 DIY holiday gifts that anyone would love

Macaroni art cards and itchy sweaters are not on the list this year.You don't have to be a big spender this holiday season to give your friends and family amazing gifts. The best part of giving someone a present is knowing that they're smiling out of sheer joy (instead of pity)See also:

Comcast's Lobbyists Hand Out VIP Cards To Skip the Customer Service Wait

An anonymous reader writes: A lengthy story about how David Gregory lost his job hosting Meet the Press holds an interesting tidbit:

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