Intel is launching its own GPUs for the data centre

Can the chipmaker compete against Nvidia and AMD in the GPU market?

Five system rollback solutions to restore Windows 10

Here is detailed information on the functionality of top five system rollback software solutions for Windows 10 and specific scenarios in which they can be used.

Choosing your antivirus protection for start-ups or bigger businesses

Easy-to-use enterprise-level security for great value SMB-friendly price.

PewDiePie printer hackers launch second attack

YouTuber's fans carry out second mass printer hijacking in a matter of weeks.

Intel considering McAfee sale

Thoma Bravo private equity firm is the potential buyer, reports claim.

AI set to transform retail industry in 2019

Reality replaces hype as retailers start implementing artificial intelligence.

Intelligent isn’t immune, smart isn’t safe: IoT and associated threats

While organisations invest time and energy in improved software ecosystem, advanced hardware, and secure firmware, there are some practical solutions that must be implemented to secure data in the long term and always be ready to mitigate attacks.

Data breach whistle-blowers rise after GDPR

165 per cent rise in new flags following GDPR legislation.

10 essential steps for preventing cyber attacks on your company

What safeguards does your organisation have in place to prevent cyber attacks?

Cortana could have been used to hack into Windows 10

Microsoft patches Cortana lock screen vulnerability discovered by McAfee.

Using tech to assess risk when embarking on international expansion

CSOs must use every tool at their disposal to understand the threats that await their organisation in new markets.

索尼Xperia Z3真机正面曝光 无边框设计?

安锋网 7 月 7 日消息,临近夏末关于索尼最新旗舰 Xperia Z3 的传闻越来越多,有关于 Xperia Z3 的谍照也不断爆出。近日又有微博爆料了据称是 Xperia Z3 的真机的正面照片,从图上看融入了金属元素的无边框的设计。  

本周回顾: 苹果和IBM联手让微软谷歌颤抖



第一次在知乎回答,若有不足之处望谅解。在下是東京デザイナー学院专门学校的2年级留学生,因为课程是共通的,所以来讲讲自己的看法。 先来回答第一点,对学生有什么要求。

NY Magistrate: Legal Papers Can Be Served Via Facebook

New submitter Wylde Stile writes with an interesting case that shows just how pervasive social networking connections have become, including in the eyes of the law. A Staten Island, NY family court support magistrate allowed a Noel Biscoch to serve his ex-wife legal papers via Facebook.

UPS Now Offers 3-D Printing Nationwide

Fresh off its 3-D printing experiment with a measly 6 stores last year, UPS is now offering 3-D printing at 100 stores nationwide. If you've ever wanted your very own tiny thing made out of plastic, your hour is here.Read more...


按照美国太平洋时间来算,目前仍然是 12 月 1 日,也就是世界艾滋病日,因此苹果官网上的(RED)购物项目仍未结束。同样仍未结束的,是苹果对本次(RED)购物的推广(如上图)。

【知乎热点】如何评价「伟大的安妮」推出的 App「快看漫画」?

导读: 最近伟大的安妮和他的APP非常火爆,也引起网络的一番热议。知乎上也有很多网友就这事发表了不同的看法,故此“互联网的一些事”整理了以下热点文章给各位~ 原文地址:http://www.zhihu.

去年42家民企进入电信业 电信改革获突破进展


DxO Mark:Nikon D7200 是最佳 APS-C DSLR

DxO Mark 是其中一個比較受認可的評測網站,對於相機質素經常會 有詳細的評分。最近他們對 Nikon D7200 也進行了評測,結果仍然十分正面。繼續閱讀了解更多。The post DxO Mark:Nikon D7200 是最佳 APS-C DSLR appeared first on UNWIRE.

Pope calls on Ecuador's youth to be champions for the environment

Pope Francis challenged Latin America's youth to take up his environmental protection campaign Tuesday, saying the defense of God's creation isn't just a recommendation but a requirement.The appeal, delivered at Quito's Catholic University, is particularly relevant for Ecuador,

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