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Ashton Kutcher and Effie Epstein to talk Sound Ventures at TC Disrupt SF

While many celebrities try to invest in the world of tech, very few do so successfully. And no one has proved their worth as celebrity-turned-VC more than Ashton Kutcher .

Making way for new levels of American innovation

Matt Weinberg Contributor Matt Weinberg is a former White House appointee with the U.S. Small Business Administration, where he served as a Senior Advisor in the Office of Investment and Innovation.

Asian investors have plenty of cash, a hearty appetite for investments and a different approach to d

If you’re being courted by Asian investors, you’ll need to adjust the VCs’ expectations. That can be a challenging task when the parties have different perspectives on appropriate management styles and levels of control.

Google releases a searchable database of US political ads

In an effort to provide more transparency and deliver on a promise to Congress, Google just published an archive of political ads that have run on its platform. Google new database, which it calls the Ad Library, is searchable through a dedicated launch page. Anyone can search for and filter ads,

Uber reports Q2 losses of $404 million, up 32 percent from Q1

While Uber isn’t required to disclose its financial results, Uber has done so for past few quarters as it gears up to go public next year. In Q2 2018, Uber’s net revenue was up 8 percent quarter over quarter at $2.7 billion. Year over year, that’s a 51 percent increase.

Coinbase acquires Distributed Systems to build “Login with Coinbase”

Coinbase wants to be Facebook Connect for crypto. The blockchain giant plans to develop a “login with Coinbase” identity platform for decentralized app developers to make it much easier for users to sign up and connect their crypto wallets. To fuel that platform,

Spotify is falling behind on lyrics and voice

Spotify’s lack of full lyrics support and its minimal attention to voice are beginning to become problems for the streaming service. The company has been so focused on the development of its personalization technology and programming its playlists,

Grabb-It wants to turn your car’s window into a trippy video billboard

It reminds me of something out of Blade Runner. Maybe it’s because it looks a bit futuristic – a bit unreal. Maybe it’s because I’m looking at an ad somewhere I never expected to see one, like the skyscraper-height ads of Ridley Scott’s future.

Here’s what having the biggest game of the year looks like at E3

For all of the beautiful photo-realistic titles shown off at E3 this year, for all the mind-bending storylines and beautiful art styles, it seems that nobody can stop thinking about Fortnite. The battle royale title has picked up users at break-neck speeds, kills its standalone live streaming app is merging the functionality from its two-year old live streaming platform into its main app, and has disabled’s standalone app as part of the transition process. The app will eventually be pulled from the App Store and Google Play,

N26 launches a revised metal card

Fintech startup N26 is updating its N26 Metal product and launching it tomorrow. You might remember that the company first announced its premium card at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin in December 2017. Shortly after the conference, the card was available in early access for existing N26 Black customers.

How To Cope with Your Insane Jealousy Of The WhatsApp Deal

Wednesday was my birthday. It should have been a great day. Then I heard the news. WhatsApp had been purchased by Facebook for $19 billion. When I read about the deal I blurted out the words, "Holy Crap!" so loudly that a stranger nearby gave me a disapproving look.

印度最高法院驳回诺基亚上诉 需交5亿保证金


Microsoft Office for iPad is already a big hit in the Apple iTunes Store

Earlier in the week, Microsoft released its iconic Office productivity suite for Apple's iPad. Within a few hours, all the three apps in the suite (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) have moved to the top in the iTunes Store, Apple’s app store.



​AOC 24寸G-Sync显示器下月上市 售3555元




听UnitedStack、IBM、HP专家如何谈“OpenStack 存储”技术

12月28日(本周日),第八次OpenStack Meet Up将在中关村软件园4号楼C座云基地三层大会议室举行,本次聚会的主题是“存储”。而OpenStack有很多种存储解决方案,可以适用各种开源和商业产品并能满足各种场景。

稳定版 Chrome OS 大更新,加入新 Launcher 等

有 Chromebook 的大家,快点开机看看有没有更新噜。Google 宣布稳定版将会升上 42.0.2311.


年度电玩盛会E3大展即将于6月16日起在洛杉矶国际会议中心(LACC)举办,在正式开展的前夕,各大主机平台厂商 […]


大致流程大致流程 @Troy爱跑步 已经说得非常详细和全面了,没有太多可补充的。观点比较散,如下: 私有化价格不会比公布私有化Proposal前的收盘价低,否则谁会选择一个Liquidity和price双差的方案?

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