Why visualization might be the coolest thing in Hollywood

Scott Meadows, Head of Visualization at Digital Domain, has worked on hits such as Black Panther, The Jungle Book, and Ender's Game, helping directors to get an in-depth image at what the shot and film would look before completedMeadows has built entire worlds,

The Martian Is Hands Down The Best Thriller Of The Year

When it comes to edge-of-your-seat suspense, The Martian is in a class of its own. Ridley Scott’s new movie, in theaters today, is a top-notch survival thriller, full of twists and turns that’ll make you catch your breath. It’s the most exciting movie in ages.

This Topgun Instructor Watched The F-14 Go From Tomcat To 'Bombcat'

We’re blasting along through the bumpy mid-day air at a brisk 480 knots, 500 feet above the desert. The ride is rough, and the purposeful rumble of our engines reminds me that it takes a lot of power to push this machine through the dense air at 800 feet per second. Fortunately,

Freestyle skier nails nearly impossible DIY indoor parkour course

Andri Ragettli is a freestyle skier known for his incredible skills on the slopes and his nearly-impossible parkour obstacle courses when he's indoors. Read more...More about Youtube, Skiing, Athletics, Parkour, and Culture

Jamie Lee Curtis smashes box office record for female lead over 55 with 'Halloween', tweets wonderfu

When you're really proud of something, sometimes you've just gotta shout about it. That's exactly what Jamie Lee Curtis rightfully did when her movie smashed three, yes THREE, box office records. SEE ALSO: 13 horror movies for beginners you can stream right nowPer Variety, Halloween earned $77.

If you want to get pregnant, don't trust an app

Welcome to Small Humans, an ongoing series at Mashable that looks at how to take care of – and deal with – the kids in your life. Because Dr. Spock is nice and all, but it’s 2018 and we have the entire internet to contend with.

Reporter gets hit in the head with football on live TV, styles it out like a pro

If you're reporting live from the sideline of a sports game, there's always an outside chance something unexpected might happen.Just ask TV host Melissa Stark, who was in London covering the Tennessee Titans vs. the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday.SEE ALSO:

The best UK deals for Monday: Halloween costumes, Xbox bundles, Anker speakers, and more

Halloween is happening next week whether you like it or not. That means if you haven't got an outfit sorted by this time next week, you'll have left it too late. Now that's a scary prospect.SEE ALSO:

The 7 best VPNs for gaming

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is an essential service to secure your internet connection. A VPN gives you greater control over how your online activity can be tracked, providing a combination of security (keeping your computer and data protected) and privacy (keeping your identity protected). 

Elon Musk's high-speed hyperloop tunnel in L.A. will soon be open for public rides

Elon Musk says the first tunnel is "almost done." Posting on Twitter on Sunday night, the Boring Company founder and CEO announced the first test tunnel of the ambitious ultra-high-speed hyperloop project in Los Angeles will be open for public rides on Dec. 11.SEE ALSO:

We need to talk about Snake's butt in 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate'

The in-depth look at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate during Nintendo's E3 showcase gave the world a hell of a lot to look forward to and at least one huge letdown: Snake's butt.Snake, who made his Smash debut in 2008's Super Smash Bros. Brawl, is basically known for three things:

Netflix will start streaming games, including a 'Stranger Things' series from Telltale

We can all stop asking who will be the first to launch "the Netflix of games." We have our answer now, and that answer is...Netflix!As was initially reported by TechRadar, and later confirmed by Netflix, the service's addition of streaming games will start with Minecraft: Story Mode,

HoloLens 2 will reportedly address the biggest criticism of the first model

Back in 2016 Microsoft entered the augmented-reality game with HoloLens, a headset that delivered a true mixed reality, combining the real world with virtual images on a transparent display.Developers and early adopters quickly realized that, while HoloLens was promising,

证书漫谈 - 迷路的龙猫

今年准备考两个计算机证书:LPIC-1和系统集成项目管理工程师。由此,所思所想记录于此。 证书,本在于大学中只是一个敲门砖,或是为了找工作,或是为了给入学加分。

Android 学习笔记之实时保存数据-现场保护onSaveInstanceState() - 塞北夜莺


Samsung’s Health Event Was All Hype, No Substance

Samsung’s “Voice of the Body” event held earlier today had seemingly everything Samsung could squeeze out the door before Apple’s Healthbook’s big WWDC reveal. A cool-looking watch that can collect multiple data points on your health? Check. Software for storing that data? Check.

Atos partners with SME for knowledge management

IT services provider Atos and an SME, cloud solutions firm Transversal, have teamed up to deliver a public sector knowledge management solution.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/06/30/atos-and-sme-partner-to-deliver-public-sector-solution/

晴耕雨读:天气类iPhone App设计欣赏


Amazon Now Piloting CPM Ads With Select Amazon Associates Publishers

Amazon has launched a display ad network, in the form of Amazon CPM ads, to members of its online affiliates program, Amazon Associates. Select members of the program have recently been invited to test the new advertising option,


程序员 写道 "假设你有一个很大的数据集,非常非常大,以至于不能全部存入内存。这个数据集中有重复的数据,你想找出有多少重复的数据,但数据并没有排序,由于数据量太大所以排序是不切实际的。



新德里推线上叫车服务禁令 - 若想运营需获政府认证



3 月 10 日,微信团队今日正式宣布,摇电视作为摇一摇的常规功能,正式对外开放。  2015 年春晚结束后,微信摇电视测试功能于大年初一上线。春节期间,用户打开微信摇电视摇一摇,就可以摇出电视节目相关的页 ... ...

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