Antarctica is losing billions of tons of ice each year, sharply boosting sea levels - 云聚网

Antarctica is losing billions of tons of ice each year, sharply boosting sea levels

Earth-orbiting satellites are watching Antarctica thaw. Eighty scientists from over 40 earth sciences agencies, including NASA and the European Space Agency,

Save $100 on the Apple iPad Mini 4 at Walmart. No, you're not reading that wrong.

The Apple iPad Mini 4 Wi-Fi is on sale at Walmart right now for $299.99. Normally, the tablet goes for $399.99, so $100 off is a welcome discount on the Apple device.SEE ALSO:

China isn't approving video game licenses right now

China, the largest gaming market, has not approved any video game licenses for at least four months due to President Xi Jinping's recent government shake up (read: power consolidation), reports Bloomberg.Although China is notoriously stringent with media censorship,

8 of the best subscription boxes for beauty addicts

What's the only thing better than going on shopping spree to Sephora and buying things you definitely don't need? Having a shopping spree delivered right to your house and spending way less than you would in the store for the same amount of stuff.That's right, ya'll,

This design studio is growing gourds inside 3D printed molds to create organic, biodegradable cups

Designed by CRÈME, HyO-Cup is a completely organic, biodegradable cup that is made out of gourds which grow inside 3D printed molds to take their functional shape. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Organic, 3d Printing, Ecological, and Biodegradable

Tension-taming videos of pancake art are all we want to watch right now

This post is part of Hard Refresh, a soothing weekly column where we try to cleanse your brain of whatever terrible thing you just witnessed on Twitter.We've all tried our hand at making shapes out of pancake batter — a first initial perhaps,

How long does it take for today's violent wildfires to go out?

When a massive wildfire erupts in the United States today, it can leap over formidable rivers, produce whirling tornados of flame, and cause tens of thousands of people to flee. 

A ramen thief stole a trailer with almost $100,000 worth of noodles inside

From the half a billion dollars worth of art stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum to the time an Irish assassin scammed his way into stealing the crown jewels at the Tower of London,

Why visualization might be the coolest thing in Hollywood

Scott Meadows, Head of Visualization at Digital Domain, has worked on hits such as Black Panther, The Jungle Book, and Ender's Game, helping directors to get an in-depth image at what the shot and film would look before completedMeadows has built entire worlds,

We need to talk about Snake's butt in 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate'

The in-depth look at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate during Nintendo's E3 showcase gave the world a hell of a lot to look forward to and at least one huge letdown: Snake's butt.Snake, who made his Smash debut in 2008's Super Smash Bros. Brawl, is basically known for three things:

Netflix will start streaming games, including a 'Stranger Things' series from Telltale

We can all stop asking who will be the first to launch "the Netflix of games." We have our answer now, and that answer is...Netflix!As was initially reported by TechRadar, and later confirmed by Netflix, the service's addition of streaming games will start with Minecraft: Story Mode,



The New Science of Evolutionary Forecasting

An anonymous reader writes "Scientists may not be able to predict what life will be like 100 million years from now, but they may be able to make short-term forecasts for the next few months or years. And if they're making predictions about viruses or other health threats,

AMD发不锁频8核FX处理器 7000元可攒高性能PC

AMD公布了面向高性能游戏台式机、不锁频的8核FX处理器。AMD称,游戏玩家可以利用FX 8370,组装一台功耗为650瓦、价格约为1099美元(约合人民币6746元)的高性能游戏台式机。



500 小時 4K 內容任睇!樂視 TV 用家獨享

之前曾經跟大家說過,雖然 4K 電視售價愈來愈便宜,不過 4K 內容就不算多。不過如果你是樂視 TV X50 Air 的用戶,就不用擔心了。

FIFA members set to vote for new president

LONDON — FIFA's 209 members are set to vote for their new president Friday, and beleaguered incumbent Sepp Blatter looks likely to triumph.After a week of turmoil for football's governing body,

gulp-clean----gulp系列(五) - 一文不提


康师傅起诉“馊水油”微博首发者 索赔150万




[图表]三星S7处理器跑分曝光 不敌华为麒麟950

虽然三星自家的Exynos 8890处理器已经正式发布,但一直都没有相关跑分数据被曝光,即便相关机型已经出现在安兔兔数据库中,但并未公布具体的跑分成绩。而现在,在知名跑分网站Geekbench上,终于出现了搭载Exynos 8890处理器的三星GALAXY S7的跑分成绩,但无论是单核还是多核跑分都要比国产麒麟950处理器逊色不少。

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