Apple cracks down on shady developers, and it might hurt Facebook

Apple is trying to make good on its promises to put its users' privacy first.The company updated its App Store guidelines with new rules that prevent shady developers from selling personal data about your friends.SEE ALSO:

Spotify is reportedly rolling out a feature to let you block artists

Soon, you may be able to block R. Kelly from ever appearing on your playlists.Spotify is testing an iOS feature called "don't play this artist," allowing users to block particular artists from being included in playlists, libraries, charts, and radio stations on the music streaming platform,

Hilarious 'Bird Box' memes offer comic relief for burned Saints fans

After a fierce Sunday of back-to-back playoff games between the final four, the NFL has its Super Bowl LIII competitors — and Saints fans are furious.They're channelling their frustration through Bird Box memes. In the final moments of a sudden death overtime period,

White House tweet tributes to Martin Luther King Jr. aren't going over well

Sarah Huckabee Sanders' tweet honoring Martin Luther King Jr. is not going over well. In a tweet, the White House press secretary wrote that King "gave his life" for the civil rights movement, and that "our country is better thanks to his inspiration and sacrifice.

Stunning photos show the super blood moon in all its glory

In the wise words of Yello, "Oooh yeah. The moon is beautiful." Western hemisphere skywatchers enjoyed front row seats to a stunning celestial treat Sunday night as the only total lunar eclipse of 2019 arrived in its full glory. An eclipse of similar caliber is not due again until 2022. 

'The LEGO Movie 2' teaser features a supremely great Ruth Bader Ginsburg

A brand new teaser for The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part dropped on Sunday, featuring the debut of a character based on Ruth Bader Ginsburg.Although the pioneering Supreme Court Justice didn't voice the character,

Self-driving scooters and bikes? Uber's working on it.

Your electric scooter could one day be autonomous. Uber is working on self-driving scooters and bikes, according to 3DRobotics CEO Chris Anderson. The company announced plans to explore electric scooters and bikes that can drive themselves to charging stations and riders. In a tweet on Saturday,

Razzie Awards 'honor' First Lady Melania Trump with Worst Supporting Actress nomination

Entertainment's most dishonorable honors are back and this time their public shaming is focused on the White House.Mocking the worst of the worst in last year's cinema, the 39th Annual Razzie Awards announced their nominees today with President Donald J. Trump notably front and center.

Thanks to E3 there are some huge gaming deals on Nintendo, Sony, Xbox, PS4, and so much more

E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is hot and heavy in Los Angeles through June 15. But if you're reading this post, we're guessing you already knew that — and are probably experiencing hella FOMO if you're not there.SEE ALSO:

Antarctica is losing billions of tons of ice each year, sharply boosting sea levels

Earth-orbiting satellites are watching Antarctica thaw. Eighty scientists from over 40 earth sciences agencies, including NASA and the European Space Agency,

Why visualization might be the coolest thing in Hollywood

Scott Meadows, Head of Visualization at Digital Domain, has worked on hits such as Black Panther, The Jungle Book, and Ender's Game, helping directors to get an in-depth image at what the shot and film would look before completedMeadows has built entire worlds,


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SQL Server 2000向SQL Server 2008 R2推送数据 - 大魔王mAysWINd


Survey shows demand for privacy laws to be harmonised into a global standard

The Data Protection Heat Index report from the Cloud Security Alliance also showed that the vast majority of cloud security experts want a global consumer bill of rights for data privacy.Read more: http://www.itproportal.


10月23日 一些事 晚报 | 汇总今日最热资讯   1.【双十一困局,阿里的焦虑与挑战。】不过如果换个角度思考,会发现除了“购物狂欢”,今年的双十一也透着阿里巴巴浓浓的焦虑。



11 comedians who jumpstarted their careers on 'The Daily Show'

For nearly two decades, The Daily Show has helped us laugh in the face of terrible news — but for those who became part of the show, it's been so much moreJon Stewart's reign, since taking over the show in 1999, led to more than just a renaissance in political satire.

php后台开发(二)Laravel框架 - cococo点点

php后台开发(二)Laravel框架 为了提高后台的开发效率,往往需要选择一套适合自己的开发框架,因此,选择了功能比较完善的Laravel框架,仔细学来,感觉和Python语言的框架Django非常类似。

Chrome for iOS现在会扫描蓝牙Beacon广播的网址

Google上周宣布了开源蓝牙Beacon格式Eddystone,本周发布的Chrome for iOS就加入了Eddystone和Physical Web的支持。移动开发者现在可以使用Beacon直接向Chrome for iOS广播网址,它们将会展示在iOS的通知中心。

Apple TV Games Will Have to Work With the Siri Remote

Apple’s upcoming set-top boxes will support third-party controllers for gaming, which is good news for anyone (everyone) who doesn’t like gaming with a touchpad. But that still doesn’t mean you should expect hardcore games from your Apple TV. Read more...

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