Snag the Striker Spy Drone for just $60 during this sale

Steering a Boeing 777 up, down, and around the troposphere and stratosphere sounds like a blast, but the truth is it requires a lot of time, commitment, and money. SEE ALSO: 3 best drones for capturing epic aerial photos and videosThat’s precisely what’s so great about the Striker Spy Drone.

Revelation that Goombas might have arms and hands rocks video game world

Not since Mario's nipples has the video game world been rocked this hard by a revelation about anatomy: Goombas have arms and hands!The discovery of these appendages comes courtesy of photos of a Goomba keshi rubber figure (an eraser) shared to Twitter by user Joe Piconi,

Cersei and Tyrion Lannister meet their 'Sesame Street' Muppet doubles

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Westeros? A photo posted by Lena Headey on Instagram hints that we could see another delightful Game Of Thrones/Sesame Street crossover in the future. The image shows Headey, Peter Dinklage,

‘Malicious software attack’ knocked the Weather Channel off-air for more than an hour

The FBI is currently investigating a "malicious software attack" that interrupted the Weather Channel’s non-stop 24-hour-a-day coverage.The Weather Channel suddenly went dark for more than an hour on Thursday during its live morning broadcast. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal,

Zuckerberg could be held personally accountable for Facebook data breaches

The federal government wants to hold Mark Zuckerberg personally accountable for Facebook’s privacy woes.According to a report in the Washington Post,

Behold, the very bizarre Facebook auto-captions from NASA launch

"And we have lift off the guitarist G 11 mission." Huh? The closed captions on Facebook might need a bit of tweaking after a NASA video displayed some peculiar subtitles.The video in question is the Wednesday launch of Northrop Grumman's Antares rocket,

YouTube gives Premium subscribers free Super Chat credits

YouTube wants its paying subscribers to share the wealth with their favorite creators.The video giant is currently giving out free Super Chat credits to YouTube Premium subscribers, according to AndroidPolice.

Watch the stunning trailer for 'When They See Us,' Ava DuVernay's Central Park Five series

Netflix has released the official trailer for When They See Us, the four-part miniseries from Ava DuVernay that tells the story of the Central Park Five, five young black men wrongly convicted of rape and murder in New York City in 1989. According to Netflix,

Ivanka Trump casually likes a porn star's tweet dissing her dad

The prodigal daughter, Ivanka Trump, is back at it again with the questionable Twitter likes.On Wednesday, the @TrumpsAlert Twitter account notified followers that Ivanka liked a tweet by Tommy Pistol, an actor and director of adult films, which said, "I don't support Trump in any way.

Tiffany Haddish has all-but-confirmed who bit Beyoncé, and the Beyhive is buzzing

Though the internet rarely unites for a common cause, the mystery of who had the gall to bite Beyoncé Knowles brought the sleuth out of everyone earlier this year.In March, actress and comedian Tiffany Haddish shared with GQ that an unnamed actress bit Queen Bey during a party in 2017. 

Some of the best whisky in the world comes from Aldi

Germany-based budget grocery store chain Aldi is known for offering incredible bargains on your basic sundries. But that's not all. The store is now also the proud purveyor of two award-winning whiskies, for sale in its UK stores. 

Microsoft working on next gen 'interactive displays' and gesture based controllers

Hate touching your mobile, tablet and television with wet hands? Good news, Microsoft is working on new technology that will allow you to control gadgets without having to touch the screen.The Redmond giant is working on new ways to interact with devices.

The Gizmodo Spring Outdoor Gear Guide

The snow melt is running into rivers, giving the grass its first glimpse of sunlight in months. It's warm enough to trade your down parka in for a light jacket, and, any day now, wildflowers will light up the meadows. It's spring, people. Who else is amped to camp?Read more...    




微信广点通今天发布声明,计划在 4 月下旬至 5 月上旬期间正式上线微信广告自助平台,届时所有经过微信认证的公众账号都可自助申请加入成为流量方;而符合条件的广告主,也可以进行自助广告投放。   

Whitepaper: EMA/CXP Research Report: The changing role of the service desk in the age of cloud and a

IT Service Management (ITSM) is in a clear state of transition, just as IT is itself undergoing a significant transformation in role and requirements.Read more:

金融机构为吸引用户用Apple Pay 各出奇招

为了让旗下的持卡人多多使用 Apple Pay,Chase 展开了一项新的活动。该银行目前已经通知客户本周末,只要将自己的银行的卡添加到 Apple Pay 那么他们就可以获得免费的 iTunes 音乐。

Lumia Camera Beta app for Windows Phone gets updated, adds Office Lens support

Microsoft recently launched the Lumia Camera Beta app on select Lumia Phones running Windows Phone 8.1. Today, the Lumia Camera Beta app got an update adding Office Lens app support. Office Lens is a Windows app that lets users save photos and videos of whiteboards and documents to OneNote.

三星别乱照放大光线!Galaxy S6 Edge Plus 曝光?

三星夏季的旗舰机种将有可能不以 Galaxy Note 5 为主力,根据 All About Samsung 刊登的一张相信是店家所用的模型机,估计他们正准备一台放大版的 Galaxy S6 Edge。如上图所示,新机的萤幕尺寸会比 Galaxy Note 4 的 5.



Fitbit未受苹果Apple Watch影响 三季度销售480万块

Fitbit CEO詹姆斯·帕克(James Park)在公开场合表示,苹果Watch没有对公司销售造成影响。苹果于今年5月推出Apple Watch,至今对销售数据仍保持沉默。

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