Snag the Striker Spy Drone for just $60 during this sale

Steering a Boeing 777 up, down, and around the troposphere and stratosphere sounds like a blast, but the truth is it requires a lot of time, commitment, and money. SEE ALSO: 3 best drones for capturing epic aerial photos and videosThat’s precisely what’s so great about the Striker Spy Drone.

Chrissy Teigen and *the* Jan Levinson bonded over 'The Office' on Twitter

Everyone who follows Chrissy Teigen on Twitter knows she loves The Office...including Melora Hardin, the actress who plays Jan Levinson on the show.On Saturday night, while Luna was asleep and John Legend was performing, Teigen decided to spend her evening in bed,

'Saturday Night Live' goes completely off the rails during 'Space Thanksgiving'

A good Saturday Night Live sketch is funny. A great one is so funny that some hapless performer — usually, but not always, the guest host — breaks down and laughs. But a perfect SNL sketch? That's when everyone loses it.That's exactly what happened here in this Space Thanksgiving sketch.

Joe Biden adopted a German shepherd and he's precious :')

Joe Biden just welcomed a majorly cute addition to his family — a German shepherd named Major.On Saturday, the former Vice President and his wife Jill officially adopted Major the rescue dog, who they've been fostering, from the Delaware Humane Association in Wilmington, Delaware.SEE ALSO:

Steve Carell's 'Friends-giving' took a bizarre, sexy, and dark turn on 'SNL'

Friends-giving is a sacred, made up, pre-holiday tradition for friends. Not strangers.So when one couple made the mistake of inviting "a new neighbor" (Cecily Strong) and "a straggler" (Steve Carell) to dinner things got a little weird.

Steve Carell is a master at playing the befuddled idiot, as he reminded us on 'SNL'

This Saturday Night Live sketch works a lot better if you imagine Steve Carell is playing a dad version of his legendary Anchorman character, Brick Tamland.Of course, Brick's ignorance was sweet and strangely wholesome. In contrast, Carell's SNL dad is more of a clueless doormat.

Steve Carell's 'SNL' NASA broadcast goes terribly wrong after a breach

Saturday Night Live's Captain Ed McGovern (Steve Carell) thought live streaming to children's classrooms across America from the International Space Station would be great. It was not.

'The Office' cast reunited on 'SNL' to beg Steve Carell for a damn reboot

Fact: A whole bunch of people on this planet are begging for a reboot of the beloved NBC comedy, The Office. One of the only holdouts, however, is Steve Carell — Michael Scott himself.For this reason, four former cast members of The Office — Jenna Fischer, Ellie Kemper, and Ed Helms,

Ivanka Trump casually likes a porn star's tweet dissing her dad

The prodigal daughter, Ivanka Trump, is back at it again with the questionable Twitter likes.On Wednesday, the @TrumpsAlert Twitter account notified followers that Ivanka liked a tweet by Tommy Pistol, an actor and director of adult films, which said, "I don't support Trump in any way.

Tiffany Haddish has all-but-confirmed who bit Beyoncé, and the Beyhive is buzzing

Though the internet rarely unites for a common cause, the mystery of who had the gall to bite Beyoncé Knowles brought the sleuth out of everyone earlier this year.In March, actress and comedian Tiffany Haddish shared with GQ that an unnamed actress bit Queen Bey during a party in 2017. 

Some of the best whisky in the world comes from Aldi

Germany-based budget grocery store chain Aldi is known for offering incredible bargains on your basic sundries. But that's not all. The store is now also the proud purveyor of two award-winning whiskies, for sale in its UK stores. 


最近千元以内的红米Note可谓“一石激起千层浪”,众多厂商纷纷推出各种“Note”以回应。昨天微博 @C科技 放出一张疑似魅族的低端手机图片,代号为“魅蓝Note”,采用Flyme 3.0系统。

Researchers Design Bot To Conduct National Security Clearance Interviews

meghan elizabeth (3689911) writes Advancing a career in the U.S. government might soon require an interview with a computer-generated head who wants to know about that time you took ketamine. A recent study by psychologists at the National Center for Credibility Assessment,

Does more technology equal a safer home?

We've got more technology than ever before — there are apps to help us accomplish everything from cleaning our homes and compiling a grocery list to monitoring our belongings from afar. And when it comes to smart home tech, it seems as if nearly everything is now automated.

How Interstellar's Robots Were Made With Hardly Any CGI

If you've seen Interstellar, then you know that the best characters are the wise-cracking robots. Unassumingly boxy and faceless, they somehow end up stealing the show. Wired has a fascinating behind-the-scenes look on bringing the robots to life—largely without the help of CGI.

What a night in New York City looks like from 7,500 feet

For 15 years, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Vincent Laforet has been participating in aerial photo missions around the world, putting his life in the hands of pilots and aircraft to make photographs nobody else can.And yet, he's never felt as vulnerable as he did on Nov. 8, 2014,

7 Silicon Valley CEOs weigh in on Microsoft and the HoloLens

Microsoft gave the public a compelling glimpse of the future when it trotted out the HoloLens, an augmented-reality headset along with the Windows Holographic platform, at its Windows 10 launch event on Wednesday.But the event made headlines for other reasons, too.

The long, complicated journey to our obsession with 'Fallout 4'

By now the trailer for Fallout 4, just a few days old, has been thoroughly devoured by the series’ ravenous fans. It’s been viewed millions of times. It’s been picked apart frame-by-frame, so even the tiniest background details are now exposed.

TC Cribs: A Trip To TV Land With Hulu

Sit back, relax and don’t turn that dial, this week’s episode of Cribs takes us to the online television platform, Hulu. The company’s giant 90,000 square foot headquarters sit betwixt Hollywood and the tech world in Santa Monica, California, in the same building as HBO.

Debian 8.3正式发布 为小型维护更新

Debian 8(Jessie)于近日获得小型维护更新,版本号升级至8.3,开发者修复了诸多BUG并对某些严重的问题进行了调整。Debian 8.0于2015年4月份发布,本次维护更新并未添加任何新功能,但是可以当做常规更新。非常有趣的是Debian 8.x同时也是LTS版本,开发者表示将会提供服务至2020年。


被广泛报道的伊斯兰国加密通讯应用被发现不存在。反恐机构Ghost Security Group最早声称伊斯兰国开发了名叫Alrawi.apk的加密通讯应用,但没有向媒体提供任何版本的Alrawi,Alrawi相关的屏幕截图被发现展示的是一个完全不同的应用,是一个名字不同的RSS阅读器。The Daily Dot的调查显示,所谓的Alrawi.apk不具有任何发送加密通讯的能力,它是用MIT的 App Inventor创建,一种主要提供给儿童的即插即用工具。

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