Sphero raises $12M as it focuses on education

This year has been a rough one for Sphero. The Colorado-based toy robotics startup kicked off the year with dozens of layoffs, a result of tepid interest in its line of Disney-branded consumer products. Here’s a little good news, however. The company has raised another $12 million,

Revolut gets European banking license in Lithuania

Fintech startup Revolut is now officially a bank. While the startup initially expected to get its European banking license during the first half of 2018, the company has finally come out of the regulatory tunnel with a license in hand. As expected,

Watch Rocket Lab launch 10 NASA cubesats into orbit tonight

It's been just over a month since Rocket Lab's inaugural (and long-delayed) commercial launch, "It's Business Time," and it's about to take another customer to space: NASA.

Stratim, formerly known as valet startup Zirx, sues co-founder for theft

Stratim, the mobility services company formerly known as Zirx, is suing its co-founder and now-former COO Shmulik Fishman for breach of fiduciary duties, civil conversion, criminal conversion, theft, criminal mischief, deception, unjust enrichment and fraud. The lawsuit’s co-plaintiff is Adesa,

‘The Mandalorian’ cast includes Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano … and Werner Herzog

Lucasfilm has released an initial cast list for “The Mandalorian,” the live action Star Wars series that Jon Favreau is creating for the upcoming streaming service Disney+. Pedro Pascal, who had a brief-but-glorious run on “Game of Thrones” as Oberyn Martell,

Scoot unveils new lock to prevent scooter theft

During the first two weeks of Scoot’s operations of shared, electric scooters in San Francisco, more than 200 scooters were either stolen or damaged beyond repair, Scoot CEO Michael Keating wrote in a blog post today. As a temporary fix,

Wellness giant Life Time targets co-working, shopping malls for next act

Founded in 1990 by CEO Bahram Akradi, Minnesota-based Life Time used to be known as a premier health club that operated large gyms mainly in affluent suburbs in Midwestern and Southern states. Its success was memorialized in 2015 when two leading private equity firms,

Bowery, an indoor farming startup, raises $90 million more, including to counter a SoftBank-funded r

When in July of last year, Softbank’s Vision Fund led a whopping $200 million round in the Silicon Valley startup Plenty, investors behind a competing indoor farming startup across the country, New York-based Bowery, were left reeling.  Just one month earlier,

This AR guppy feeds on the spectrum of human emotion

Indiecade always offers a nice respite from the wall of undulating human flesh and heat that is the rest of the E3 show floor. The loose confederation of independent developers often produces compelling and bizarre gaming experiences outside of the big studio system.

Comcast bids $65B for Fox assets, setting the stage for a fight with Disney

Comcast made good on its plans to make an offer for 21st Century Fox’s film and TV assets today, with a cash bid of $65 billion, or $35 per share. That’s 19 percent more than the $52.4 billion that Disney agreed to pay in December. This follows yesterday’s U.S. court approval of the merger of […]

Democrats introduce an election security bill that proposes paper trails and mandatory audits

As primaries ramp up in states across the U.S.,concerns about election cybersecurity are mounting too. This week, a group of Democratic senators introduced a bill to mitigate some of the well-established risks that the nation’s uneven mix of voting machines and election systems poses. The new bill,


上海2014年6月13日电 /美通社/ -- 为了更好的走进西南地区,使大家共同分享中国西部开发的丰收成果,由上海博华国际展览有限公司主办的中国清洁(成都)博览会将于2014年8月8日至8月10日在成都新世纪展览中心举行。  

[组图]单碟1.2TB 西数6TB红盘正式开卖

上周,西数红盘大规模升级,不仅迎来了5TB/6TB版本,还增加了一个新的分支WD Red Pro。西数6TB红盘最大的特色在于仅用5张碟片就实现了6TB的容量,也就是说单碟容量达到了1.2TB,这对机械硬盘来说简直就是一个里程碑。

男子网晒彩票被冒领 网友:真懒得同情


[图]Galaxy Note Edge德国发售设门槛:先让12万人点赞

采用曲面屏设计的三星Galaxy Note Edge在今年IFA大会上正式亮相后就备受关注,在登陆日本和韩国市场之后三星确定将会在11月陆续登陆全球其他国家,不过三星在德国销售的时候设置了相应的门槛:除非有超过120210人投票支持发售三星才决定在德国发售Galaxy Note Edge。

MBC4 周六上演《Stars of Science》巅峰之战

- 阿拉伯青年角逐“顶尖创新者”之冠 卡塔尔多哈2014年11月14日电 /美通社/ -- 四名迷倒了整个阿拉伯观众的年轻人将在 MBC4 频道直播的最后一季《Stars of Science》节目中勇夺该地区顶尖创新者的桂冠。

DPDK中断机制简析 - MerlinJ


Seeing a giant rubber band ball being cut in half is freaking gross/cool

This has to be one of the grossest and coolest things I've seen in a while: A guy cutting a giant rubber band ball in half. At one point it feels like the thing is alive and getting ready to jump on the dude's face and suck his bodily fluids out of his eyes, mouth, and nostrils.

为什么W老师的团队总是会陷入加班与救火之中 - femaleprogramer


Microsoft announces Windows Holographic and Microsoft HoloLens, yes we're not kidding

Microsoft is bringing holograms to the real world. We're not kidding. Microsoft has announced Windows Holographic, which enabled holographs in the real world. It works with games, objects, meetings, photos and more.This is very futuristic. Right now,



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