Sphero raises $12M as it focuses on education

This year has been a rough one for Sphero. The Colorado-based toy robotics startup kicked off the year with dozens of layoffs, a result of tepid interest in its line of Disney-branded consumer products. Here’s a little good news, however. The company has raised another $12 million,

Airbnb wants to give its hosts equity in its business

Airbnb wants to give the homeowners who power its service the opportunity to own a piece of its business. That’s why, as Axios reports, the $31-billion-valued company has written to the SEC to ask if its rules around security ownership can be revised. Specifically,

Toyota’s autonomous mobility lead to speak at Startup Battlefield MENA

Hard to believe, but Startup Battlefield MENA is just over a week away. We’ve got some of the top founders and investors in the region speaking, including Magnus Olsson of Careem, Imad Kreidieh of Ogero, Mai Medhat of Eventtus,

Swiping right on virtual relationships

Sextech entrepreneur and advocate Bryony Cole is planning for a future when entire relationships exist in virtual reality.

White House says a draft executive order reviewing social media companies is not “official”

A draft executive order circulating around the White House “is not the result of an official White House policymaking process,” according to deputy White House press secretary, Lindsay Walters. According to a report in The Washington Post, 

Cinematic train wreck, “The Room”, is now on YouTube in its entirety

The Room has been ranked with Plan 9 From Outer Space as a strong contender for the “best” worst movie ever made — and it’s now available in its entirety on YouTube. Written, directed, and starring Tommy Wiseau, The Room belongs in the same category as Plan 9,

Comcast outbids Fox in $40B battle for Sky

Comcast has outbid Twenty-First Century Fox for the UK's Sky, a final step in what's been a years-long takeover battle between the two media conglomerates.

Corporate venture investment climbs higher throughout 2018

Many corporations are pinning their futures on their venture investment portfolios. If you can’t beat startups at the innovation game, go into business with them as financial partners.

This AR guppy feeds on the spectrum of human emotion

Indiecade always offers a nice respite from the wall of undulating human flesh and heat that is the rest of the E3 show floor. The loose confederation of independent developers often produces compelling and bizarre gaming experiences outside of the big studio system.

Comcast bids $65B for Fox assets, setting the stage for a fight with Disney

Comcast made good on its plans to make an offer for 21st Century Fox’s film and TV assets today, with a cash bid of $65 billion, or $35 per share. That’s 19 percent more than the $52.4 billion that Disney agreed to pay in December. This follows yesterday’s U.S. court approval of the merger of […]

Democrats introduce an election security bill that proposes paper trails and mandatory audits

As primaries ramp up in states across the U.S.,concerns about election cybersecurity are mounting too. This week, a group of Democratic senators introduced a bill to mitigate some of the well-established risks that the nation’s uneven mix of voting machines and election systems poses. The new bill,

知名博主:下一代 Apple TV 将会让人震惊

相信一些果粉对于 John Gruber 这个名字并不陌生,他是知名苹果博客 Daring Fireball 的创建者。一直以来,很多科技媒体都可以通过这个博客,又或者 Gruber 本人获取到关于苹果未发布新产品的一些“准确”消息。

[图]iPad mini 3机模谍照曝光

今早外媒最新曝光的图片向我们展示了iPhone 6、iPad Air 2和iPad mini 3三款苹果即将发布的新品,而今天俄罗斯网站再次曝光了iPad mini 3的更多机模细节,同iPhone 5S相同装备了Touch ID功能,电源键变得更加的扁平,且音量键也有所调节。

字体大师v2.4.0发布 增加字库实时预览功能


Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer departs as one of Microsoft's Board of Directors

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has just announced his resignation from the Board of Directors at Microsoft. Ballmer recently purchased the LA Clippers.

Munich Council Say Talk of LiMux Demise Is Greatly Exaggerated

ndogg (158021) writes "The rumors of Munich's city government going back to Microsoft seem to have been greatly exaggerated. There was a review of the city's IT systems that was called for by the mayor, but it wasn't solely just to decide on whether to move back to Microsoft.



Science:控制癌症 一场输赢难定的博弈

如果临床实验取得一次成功,将可以减少一些争议。Robert Weinberg是当今世界最有名的癌症生物学家之一,他在区分标志癌症发展的基因方面曾做出先驱工作。他见证过来来往往各种癌症疗法带来的希望。


现在轮椅已经越来越逆天,什么高速行驶什么越野都已经不在话下了。现在它将要挑战下一个难关:上下楼梯。  越野什么的都是小事,上下楼梯才是最迫切的。

HBO Now Rolls Out For Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick

HBO is expanding HBO Now, its subscription streaming service, to the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. As of today, you can watch all HBO series,

sdk 提示至少需要Build-tools 19.1.0以上的解决方式 - speculator

网上搜了很多办法,例如修改host文件或者设置sdk manager tool 为force方式都解决不了,最简单的方式是手动下载build-tools下的包,例如直接百度搜索build-tools 19.1.

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