This community obsessed with hating Stuart Little is the best thing on Facebook

Apparently there's a whole community of people who really, really hate Stuart Little. Stuart Little, the adorable mouse from the 1945 book and 1999 animated kids' movie Stuart Little, is like any other anthropomorphic teenage rodent. He struggles to bond with his (human) brother,

A Times Square billboard caught fire, and the tweets were lit

New York City's Times Square is a famous for its towering digital billboards. However, they're typically not on fire. That all changed Saturday when a billboard advertising Skyy Vodka went up in flames around 3 p.m. The video ad, featuring drag queen Trixie Mattel,

'World of Warcraft Classic' players are hilariously mistaking features for bugs

World of Warcraft Classic is meant to take fans of Blizzard's hit MMORPG back to simpler times. But memory, as it turns out, is a funny thing.The new-old WoW — Classic restores to the MMO many of the rules and systems that defined its 2005 release — isn't set to launch until the summer,

Get hype for the 'Game of Thrones' finale with Jack Black 'singing' the theme song

HBO's Games of Thrones finally and truly ends on Sunday, May 19. The hotly anticipated series finale airs on May 19, and fans around the world are busy losing their collective sh*t in response to the "controversial" season. Comedian and rocker Jack Black, however, is taking a different approach.

Lady Gaga performed private Apple concert as a tribute to Steve Jobs

Did you catch the Lady Gaga concert that took place on May 17?Unless you work out of Apple Park, the tech giant's massive spaceship-shaped headquarters in Cupertino, you probably didn't attend.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is so buff he didn't realize somebody dropkicked him

For a 71-year-old, Arnold Schwarzenegger is still pretty damn built.While attending a jump rope competition in Johannesburg, South Africa, the former body pro bodybuilder, actor,

People politely mobbed Targets across the country for designer beachwear

Never get between bargain hunters and their discounted designer beachwear. Target shoppers across the country found that out the hard way Saturday, when many rolled up to their favorite big box store only to find a giant line. That's right, a line to enter a Target. And what, exactly,

How VR porn can change the way we masturbate for the better

May is National Masturbation Month, and we're celebrating with Feeling Yourself, a series exploring the finer points of self-pleasure.When VR was tech's pie in the sky years ago, people's minds ran wild imagining all the new ways it could get us off. But then VR actually came, and largely,

What to Do About the Space Junk Crisis We Created

Read more...More about Space, Mashable Reels, Science, and Space

Snag the Striker Spy Drone for just $60 during this sale

Steering a Boeing 777 up, down, and around the troposphere and stratosphere sounds like a blast, but the truth is it requires a lot of time, commitment, and money. SEE ALSO: 3 best drones for capturing epic aerial photos and videosThat’s precisely what’s so great about the Striker Spy Drone.

Ivanka Trump casually likes a porn star's tweet dissing her dad

The prodigal daughter, Ivanka Trump, is back at it again with the questionable Twitter likes.On Wednesday, the @TrumpsAlert Twitter account notified followers that Ivanka liked a tweet by Tommy Pistol, an actor and director of adult films, which said, "I don't support Trump in any way.

[图]约合¥810 红米(Redmi)新加坡2月21日开卖


Google’s Cloud Platform Gets Improved Hadoop Support With BigQuery And Cloud Datastore Connectors

Google has long made it possible for its users to run Hadoop -- a framework for storing and processing large amounts of data -- on its Cloud Platform. Until now, however, the only way to get in and out of Hadoop on Cloud Platform was through Google's Cloud Storage service. Starting today, however,

Science explains why babies are so darn cute

What makes adult sized humans go gaga and coo coo and ooh ooh when they see a little baby? Their adorable cuteness! But are babies really that cute to make people forget how to speak? They are! And it's scientifically proven. ASAP Science says we love round faces, big eyes, protruding cheeks,


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首款超酷Android智能头盔Skully 可边骑哈雷边回短信

谷歌通过 Android 开启了一统江湖的模式,除了平板电脑和智能手机之外,谷歌还希望可以征服眼镜、手表、电视机和汽车等等。

迈图高新材料公司将在UTECH Asia上发布新添加剂

公司推出改良产品,帮助制造商达到最严苛的汽车标准 纽约州沃特福德--(美国商业资讯)--迈图高新材料公司(MPM)将在亚洲聚氨酯展览会(UTECH Asia)上推出Niax*火焰复合剂FLE-500。


先提交,后面有时间再完善-----------------------------------------从业不深,谈一下自己的理解:一、互联网思维的一大特色是用户至上,为做到这一点,汽车厂家可以做到如下事情: 1.

谷歌宣布关闭Google TV,由Android TV接任

早在2013年就有相关的报道称随着Android生态系统的不断完善谷歌将逐渐淘汰“Google TV”品牌,转而使用更受消费者认可的“Android TV”品牌。



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