Apple's officially making it harder for cops to bust into your iPhone

Score one for privacy. Apple intends to update its iOS with a new feature that will make it significantly more difficult for law enforcement agencies to access data on locked iPhones. While we learned last month that something similar was in the works,

Get the Tile Pro with replaceable battery for under £21

Are you the sort of person who loses their keys? Or are you always misplacing your phone? Maybe you are one of those special people who manages to do both on a regular basis. If that's the case, a Tile Pro is the device for you.You can literally ring your things with a Tile Pro,

25 tweets about glasses to read while your glasses slide down your nose

Glasses wearers face a highly specific set of glasses-related issues. We've got lens fog, we've got rain spots, we've got the general oppressiveness of summer. Plus, we remember when people used to call us four eyes.So as your own glasses slip down the bridge of your nose,

Everything coming to Hulu this June

No matter your plans this June, Hulu is ready to start the summer off right. Heading to sleep away camp? Flip on the first eight installments of the Friday the 13th franchise while you pack. A terrifying throwback camp-y enough for a Met Gala invite (sorry),

Burner email accounts will save your disaster of an inbox

Email is a pain. Yet, despite that most obvious of truths, it's almost impossible to use the internet without an email account. Or, realistically, several accounts. You need one for work, one for your personal life,

Lovehoney has cut the price of sex toys by 20% in the UK

Sexual happiness is a vital part of your general well-being, and it starts with you. Whether you are single, dating, or in a long-term relationship, you can take control of your sexual satisfaction with a little help from Lovehoney and its arsenal of sex toys.

The best 4K TV deals in the UK this week: Samsung, Philips, LG, Toshiba, and more

A TV is a massive purchase, and something you should shop around for, unless you're content to pay more than necessary (and that would just be weird).You could hit the high street and try your luck in the sales, or trawl the web and hunt down the best prices from a bunch of different retailers.

Microsoft laptops, Bose speakers, Sony headphones, Philips beard trimmers, and more on sale for May

There is absolutely no reason to let Monday get you down. Not when we have lined up the best deals on speakers, headphones, and much more. You can start your week with a smile, with the help of these deals.Save on the biggest brands in audio technology, like Sony, Bose, JBL, and Ultimate Ears.

Microsoft Office is getter a simpler, cleaner look

Microsoft Office is getting a cleaner look.The company announced Wednesday it will begin rolling out subtle changes to the and Office 365 app designs in order to make them look simpler and less cluttered. The biggest change by far is coming to Microsoft Word,

'Ghost of Tsushima' is a beautiful anthology of historical fiction stories

Ghost of Tsushima's combat was the obvious star of its gameplay reveal at E3. But there's so much more to this samurai game than sword fights.We had a chance to speak with Ghost of Tsushima creative director Nate Fox and learn more about the story behind the game, its inspiration,

This community obsessed with hating Stuart Little is the best thing on Facebook

Apparently there's a whole community of people who really, really hate Stuart Little. Stuart Little, the adorable mouse from the 1945 book and 1999 animated kids' movie Stuart Little, is like any other anthropomorphic teenage rodent. He struggles to bond with his (human) brother,

Silicon Valley's Youth Problem

An anonymous reader writes "The NY Times has an article about the strange cultural rift around tech innovation in Silicon Valley. The companies getting all the press are the ones developing shiny new apps and attempting to reinvent their industry.

Mobile app of the day: Flickpic

Transferring photos between handsets is as easy as just flicking your phone in the right direction with Flickpic.Read more:

Professor: Women's Studies Programs Are Failing Women

For three years, I taught feminist theory to undergraduates while working on my Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley. There was a time when Berkeley was the epicenter of radical feminism: In the 1970s, women’s rights activists regularly stormed campus buildings,

Emma Watson cast as Belle in Disney's new 'Beauty and the Beast'

LOS ANGELES — Disney has cast Emma Watson as Belle in Disney's live-action Beauty and the BeastWatson, known for her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter film franchise and Sam in The Perks of Being a Wallflower (and, more recently, as an advocate for gender equality),

How to Leave All Your Accounts to Someone Else When You Die

Here's a sobering thought: You're not going to be around forever. So who gets all those emails, photos and rocking tunes you've been amassing over the course of your life?

Microsoft’s Wallet App for Windows 10 Mobile updated with rewards card scanning

Even though Microsoft has yet to re-implement a workable mobile payment solution, it does seem to be working on its Wallet App and putting in place some essential pieces. Microsoft has recently pushed out...

快播涉嫌传播淫秽案结束两日庭审 将改日宣判



多屏数字驾驶舱概念展现汽车创新 拉斯维加斯2016年1月14日电 /美通社/ -- 领先的汽车行业用户界面制作软件提供商 Rightware 今天展现了他们对未来互联汽车用户界面的展望。该公司名为“Triton - Connected HMI”的新概念展示了汽车制造商如何能够快速创建多屏用户体验,并保持统一的车内感官。Rightware 的这一新概念表明多屏(如仪表盘、信息娱乐系统、抬头显示器 (HUD) 和个人移动设备)用户界面能够无缝对接,使驾驶员可以随时获取对其最为重要的信息。 (图片:http:


北京时间1月20日消息,微软将于3月30日至4月1日在旧金山举行今年的Build开发者大会。微软表示,在不到5分钟时间里,此次大会的门票就一售而光。  微软发言人表示:“大会门票在5分钟时间里就一售而空,而我们鼓励开发者注册进入排队名单,等待额外门票的开售。从3月30日周三8:30开始,主题演讲和其他部分活动将通过流媒体视频进行直播。作为对比,去年的大会门票在45分钟时间里售完。”  微软首席开发者布道师史蒂芬·古根海姆(Steve Guggenheimer)随后还表示,“不到5分钟”实际上只是1分钟。他在Twitter上表示:“去年我们在20分钟时间里卖完了门票,而今年只有1分钟。

'Overwatch' hero spotlight: How to suck less with Hanzo

Each Overwatch hero is a special snowflake.Different guns, different abilities, different movement speeds, different quirks. Learning to excel with one hero doesn't mean you've mastered Overwatch.SEE ALSO:

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