Minecraft: Story Mode is coming to Netflix, Stranger Things video game announced

In a surprise report today, it’s been confirmed that the Minecraft Story Mode video game, which saw release on Windows 10 and Xbox consoles, will be coming to the Netflix video streaming service.

Halo: Infinite to have a strong focus on esports and multiplayer gaming, will have microtransactions

After discussing its new Slipspace engine that will power its new Halo game, 343 Industries has finally shared some details about its vision for Halo: Infinite.

Someone spent 5 years making this real Halo Warthog truck

We know that there is going to be a special Forza Horizon 4 side mission featuring the Halo Warthog, but Bryant Havercamp has created a real-life version of the classic Halo military vehicle for himself.

October 2018 Update will remove several features from Windows 10

Microsoft has published a list showing all the Windows 10 features that will soon be removed or depreciated in the upcoming Windows 10 October 2018 update.

Microsoft wants to manage your company’s Windows 10 PCs for you with new Managed Desktop service

Microsoft Managed Desktop is a new offering which is aiming to help companies maximize their business by having Microsoft manage their Windows 10 devices.

Xbox One gamers can now pre-load Forza Horizon 4 ahead of launch

The highly anticipated racing game, Forza Horizon 4, is now available to download on Xbox One consoles ahead of its launch on October 2nd. Anyone who has pre-ordered Forza Horizon 4 should be able to now download the title from the My Games & Apps section of the Xbox One dashboard though,

These 4 Xbox One video games are leaving Xbox Game Pass in October

Four video games; Maldita Castilla EX Cursed Castile, Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, The Bug Butcher, and Tower of Guns, will be leaving Xbox Game Pass at the end of this month.

Twitter PWA gains add/remove list feature on profiles on Windows 10 Mobile & PC

The official Windows 10 Twitter app has updated today with the new (for the PWA version) ability to add and remove other users to lists directly from their profile. This update also adds some better ways to help manage lists that users have already created and fixes several bugs.

Windows Template Studio 2.2 is now out, with new 3D Launcher feature and other enhancements

Microsoft today released Windows Template Studio 2.2, which adds in a brand-new 3D Launcher feature, wizard enhancements, and much more to the experience.

New survey says half of Windows 10 users have had problems

It's not neccesarily the Surface hardware failing consumers but the operating system of Windows 10.

Lenovo announces VR Ready ThinkPad P52 mobile workstation

Lenovo today announced a new ThinkPad P52 mobile workstation at NXT BLD in London. The VR Ready device packs a compact 15-inch chassis and comes with the new NVIDIA Quadro P3200 GPU.

林志颖、Kimi代言途牛 开启放心旅游新篇章

北京和上海2014年3月21日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,不老男神林志颖和Kimi父子正式成为途牛旅游网形象代言人,开启放心旅游新篇章,途牛三大阳光保证:阳光行程、阳光价格、阳光服务,让旅游更简单。

程序是什么? - bravery_cry




UNIX环境编程学习笔记(3)——文件I/O之内核 I/O 数据结构 - lienhua34

lienhua342014-08-27内核使用三种数据结构表示打开的文件,分别是文件描述符表、文件表和 V 节点表。(1) 每个进程在进程表中都有一个记录项,记录项中包含有一张打开文件描述符表,每个描述符占用一项。


UOP 模块化装置帮助科威特能源伊拉克项目日处理1.


11月4日 一些事 晚报 | 汇总今日最热资讯   1.


朝鲜自主研发的桌面操作系统,目前已经发展到了3.0版本。根据流露到互联网上的内容,我们得以一窥《红星3.0》的最新样貌。在Red Star 2.0版本中,其主要模仿了Windows桌面环境。而在Red Star 3.0上,它又转而向苹果去学习了。

超爱马仕 iPhone 成为中国最受欢迎的礼品

路透社报道表示苹果公司已经取代爱马仕,在中国市场的奢侈礼品榜单中排名第一。而这其中最大的功臣自然是 iPhone 6  和 iPhone 6 Plus,这两款产品在中国市场非常火爆,苹果上季度在中国的营收增长了 157%。

初涉人工智能,Twitter 或在憋大招?


Xbox One adds Groove Music and keeps Xbox Video

With the official rollout of the new Windows 10 operating system on PCs and the public rebranding of Microsoft’s Xbox Music service as Groove Music this week, the Xbox One console has updated to reflect this change.

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