Minecraft: Story Mode is coming to Netflix, Stranger Things video game announced

In a surprise report today, it’s been confirmed that the Minecraft Story Mode video game, which saw release on Windows 10 and Xbox consoles, will be coming to the Netflix video streaming service.

Leaked presentation reveals a partnership between Microsoft and Razer on bringing keyboard and mouse

Microsoft is reportedly in a partnership with Razer to bring keyboard and mouse support to the Xbox One.

Here’s how Microsoft has infused Artificial Intelligence in Office 365 to help increase productivity

Microsoft has been infusing the power of AI across several of its products and services, like Office 365, to extend its capabilities and to improve productivity.

Most gamers still prefer physical video game releases instead of digital

Survery companies are finding that Microsoft may still be putting the cart before the horse.

Microsoft Teams app updates on Android with new call functionality

Microsoft is constantly adding missing features and performance upgrades, and today Teams on Android gained new call functionality.

Patent shows Microsoft is looking to innovate USB C by making the port thinner

Microsoft is always looking to innovate on its own products, but a new patent shows that the company is also looking to change up the key USBC connection.

Windows Insiders can now preview Microsoft Teams on Surface Hub

Microsoft Teams has become the go-to collaboration tool for many organizations, and Microsoft is now getting ready to launch a dedicated Teams app on the Surface Hub interactive whiteboard.

Latest Microsoft Launcher Beta on Android introduces multi-turn SMS + calling with Cortana

This latest version 4.11 update introduces multi-turn SMS + calling with Cortana, and many other key enhancements to the popular Android launcher.

Windows Template Studio 2.2 is now out, with new 3D Launcher feature and other enhancements

Microsoft today released Windows Template Studio 2.2, which adds in a brand-new 3D Launcher feature, wizard enhancements, and much more to the experience.

New survey says half of Windows 10 users have had problems

It's not neccesarily the Surface hardware failing consumers but the operating system of Windows 10.

Lenovo announces VR Ready ThinkPad P52 mobile workstation

Lenovo today announced a new ThinkPad P52 mobile workstation at NXT BLD in London. The VR Ready device packs a compact 15-inch chassis and comes with the new NVIDIA Quadro P3200 GPU.




1999年,丹麦物理学家 Per Bak告诉一群神经科学家,他仅仅花了10分钟就知道神经科学这个领域哪里出问题了。也许大脑没有他们想象的那么复杂。

Garmin Debuts Low-Cost Navigation App to Compete With Google Maps

Before everyone had Google Maps in their pocket, Garmin was one of the leaders in GPS devices.Now the company is trying to get back in the game with a new premium GPS app called Viago. But, unlike some of Garmin's pricier hardware and existing GPS apps, Viago is just $1.99.See also:



Net Applications调研显示:XP市场份额依然坚挺

不久前,Net Applications发布了一项调研数据,数据显示:2015年一月,Windows 7的市场 […]

十个最常见的Java字符串问题 - liushaobo

翻译自:Top 10 questions of Java Strings 1.怎样比较字符串?用”==”还是用equals()?简单地说,”==”测试两个字符串的引用是否相同,equals()测试两个字符串的值是否相同。

华硕推轻薄可折叠Chromebook Flip 仅售249美元

华硕推出一款质感高端可折叠的平价Chromebook设备:Chromebook Flip,这款Chromebook采用了全金属机身,和可折叠的设计并配备了1080p分辨率的IPS可触摸屏,外形和质感在Chromebooks中脱颖而出,而价格仅售249美元,将于今年夏季开始发售。

要黄金版Apple Watch很简单 一瓶喷漆即可

威锋网讯,入门级别的运动版 Apple Watch 的价格对于大部分人来说还是可以接受的,但 Edition 也就是我们所说的黄金版就是土豪的玩具了,如果你也希望拥有一支黄金版的 Apple Watch 的话,其实完全可以 DIY。  

Dads have honest conversations with their LGBT kids in heartwarming Father's Day video

Coming out to your parents can be difficult for an LGBT person, even years later. So it's always nice to know that there's someone at home who loves and accepts you exactly as you are.For Father's Day,

Xbox主管回答更多XB1向后兼容细节 大部分一方游戏获支持

微软Xbox部门主管Phil Spencer近日就Xbox One最受期待的新功能--向后兼容运行Xbox 360游戏,在推特上对玩家的一系列问题做了详细回答,分享了更多关于此功能的细节。

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