Tackling the African water crisis with mobile technology

Connected technology is already being used to solve issues and change lives worldwide.

Google warned by US courts over Huawei link

Partnership with the Chinese smartphone maker dubbed a security threat.

TSMC to invest $25bn in 5nm chip development

Next generation of chips will be slimmer than ever, and TSMC is leading the way.

What are the key considerations for NetOps with the evolution of next-gen IT?

NetOps needs to support network connectivity in hybrid environments, which can feel somewhat like being stuck between a business group, cloud strategist, and cloud provider.

Using innovative technology to meet regulation

Technology is the smartest, most efficient way to ensure your firm is compliant with all regulations.

Innovation at the expense of security

All companies are now software companies. It’s also why organisations around the world are increasingly embracing a concept called DevOps.

Symantec reveals China cyberattack that targeted satellites

Chinese hacker group 'Thrip' targeted servers responsible for satellite operations.

Microsoft Azure suffers major outage

Azure users in North Europe saw downtime of roughly eleven hours earlier today.

Dixons Carphone reveals major data breach

Customer payment info was leaked in the breach though chip-and-pin protection prevented the cards from being used fraudulently.

Major Apple macOS security flaw detected

Okta researchers uncover vulnerability that could affect all macOS users.

Qualcomm says it won't quit data centre market

Qualcomm shifts data centre chip focus to large cloud computing companies.

Kittyo Keeps Your Cats Entertained While You Spy On Them

Do you feel blue when separated from your cat for any length of time? (I hope so, because then I'd feel a lot less alone). Despite their rugged individuality, indoor cats need to satisfy their stalking instinct, keep stimulated, and get enough exercise, according to the Humane Society.

市场八成充电宝系假货 是互联网手机商惹的祸?




爆大鑊 ! Seagate 2014 年硬碟 「壞死」率可高達 43.1%

BackBlaze 剛推出的 2014 年硬碟損壞報告,比較了 HGST(前身為 Hitachi)、Seagate 及 WD 三隻品牌的硬碟,當中指出 Seagate 的 Barracuda 7200.14 這個 3TB 硬碟在 2014 年,年度損壞率高達 43.1%,是眾 HDD 之冠,是名乎其實的「死機」!

Passenger video shows engine fire on plane landing in Colombia

A passenger recorded an engine fire on a plane, which made an emergency landing in Bogota, Colombia, on Wednesday night.VivaColombia Flight 8023, which was headed for Rionegro, took off from El Dorado International Airport in Bogota; but soon after takeoff, passengers heard a loud noise,

富士康新建郑州面板厂 即将拍板


Darktrace, The Cyber Security Startup Backed By Mike Lynch, Raises Further $18M

Cyber security startup Darktrace, which is already backed by Autonomy founder Mike Lynch’s Invoke Capital, has picked up $18 million in new funding, at a valuation of $80 million. Read More


纵使苦练厨艺多年,遇到关键时刻却总是小心翼翼地把菜做毁。看着品尝食物的人尴尬地咽下或夹生或烧焦的饭菜,自己也觉得挺不好意思的。 其实没把握好火候这种事并不能怪你,也有可能是因为他们家的厨具不够先进。

Linux 4.1引入大量汇编代码变更

Linux 4.0正式发布之后,4.1的合并窗口正式开启。通过pull request,我们将能知道4.1会引入什么变化。4.1的一个pull request将带来大量汇编代码变更。

Windows 10: Microsoft makes upgrading to newer builds with limited storage easier

If you've been upgrading to newer Windows 10 builds via Windows Update over the last few weeks, you'll be glad to know that Microsoft has implemented a new feature which makes it super easy to upgrade a device that is low on storage. Windows Update will now prompt you that you are out of space,

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