Tackling the African water crisis with mobile technology

Connected technology is already being used to solve issues and change lives worldwide.

Hackers that tried to steal $100m arrested, group dismantled

Law enforcement agencies from multiple European countries, together with the US, found the group using the GozNym malware.

Russian government leaked info on more than two million citizens

The data is 'legal to disclose', watchdog says.

Sony announces share buyback, new Microsoft partnership

The company's stock surged.

Three steps to a successful API initiative

How can you ensure that your API doesn’t fall victim to lazy design?

Collaboration is key to marketing creativity

All marketers know the challenge of really understanding your customers.

What you need to know about migrating Oracle enterprise applications to the cloud

To effectively leverage innovative technologies such as AI and IoT, a cloud platform must be a part of your infrastructure. If your business is not part of the 80 percent of businesses using the cloud, your strategy could be impeding company growth and cost savings.

Biometric technology industry: Trend of innovation arrives, implementation for national security gai

Innovation in biometric technology to transform the conventional ways.

Dixons Carphone reveals major data breach

Customer payment info was leaked in the breach though chip-and-pin protection prevented the cards from being used fraudulently.

Major Apple macOS security flaw detected

Okta researchers uncover vulnerability that could affect all macOS users.

Qualcomm says it won't quit data centre market

Qualcomm shifts data centre chip focus to large cloud computing companies.

Hack Siri To Control Spotify, A Nest, A Tesla, And Give Directions Through Google Maps

A team of University of Pennsylvania freshmen have turned Siri into the useful companion she was always meant to be. Their creation, GoogolPlex, routes Siri commands through a proxy, allowing their system to add custom commands. Ever want Siri to play a certain Spotify song on demand?

Passbook成为智能手机平台Top 4商务软件

威锋网讯 4 月 18 日凌晨消息,根据移动信息机构 Outspoken 的一则最新数据,苹果旗下 Passbook 已经成为智能手机平台当中最受欢迎的电子商务软件之一,其排名可以在整个智能手机领域排到第 4。

Whitepaper: Heighten cloud performance

Your cloud-based business is growing. That’s great. But you need to buy more servers. That’s expensive. HP Moonshot can meet your growing needs—while using less energy and space, at a lower cost.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Buying Tumblr Was a Big Mistake, Says Everyone But Yahoo

Activist investors are awesome at concern-trolling. Just look at Starboard Value's open letter to Marissa Mayer, a new contender for the underminer's hall of fame. The hedge fund "wants Mayer to stop buying companies" because it's worried recent bets haven't paid off.Read more...


当我在教授项目管理课程的时候,我和学生会探讨有关风险管理的一些内容,我告诉他们项目管理就是风险管理。当我说到沟 […]

Apple A8X 核心 GFXbenchmark 測試數據出爐,與 Tegra K1 互有高低




Luckiest guy in the world today survives road crash against all odds

I never get tired of these videos in which someone is standing on wrong spot at the wrong time, yet survives a major crash against all odds. Like this Russian dude,

至简至美 蓝魔i9s Win8版体验评测


Netflix Sets Its Prices According to Local Piracy Rates

If you live in a country with a lot of piracy, you probably enjoy lower monthly Netflix subscription fees. That’s according to Netflix CFO David Wells, who says that a country’s piracy rate is the primary factor determining the service’s local price.Read more...

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