The 'Queer Eye' guys make over James Corden's guitarist and it's art

America needs the Queer Eye men, even on late night television.SEE ALSO: The amazing 'Queer Eye' Season 2 trailer is here and we couldn't be more readyThe Fab Five showed up to the Late Late Show with James Corden last night and made over Corden's guitarist,

Every artwork to look out for in Beyoncé and Jay-Z's 'Apesh*t' video

The Carters have conducted their own art history lesson, but this is not your conventional class.Beyoncé and Jay-Z unleashed their new track "Apeshit" on Sunday, the lead single from their joint nine-track album Love Is Everything, which dropped Saturday on Tidal.SEE ALSO: Holy sh*t,

Samsung's cancelled foldable phone looks exactly like you thought it would

Samsung has been working on a foldable phone for seemingly forever, but the release of this fabled device keeps getting delayed (presumably because the entire concept doesn't make a lot of sense). Now, a new leak claims to show a cancelled, two-screened phone from Samsung,

13 epic tweets only 'Fortnite' players will understand

Saying that Fortnite has done a lot of things right would probably be the understatement of the year. But if there's one thing everybody's new favourite game has done particularly well, it's tapping into meme culture.A quick glance at Twitter is all that's needed to confirm this.SEE ALSO:

This country's prime minister intervened because people couldn't watch the World Cup

Never get between fans and the World Cup.Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has stepped in after people complained of streaming issues with Optus, which holds the right to locally broadcast all the games at the tournament.SEE ALSO:

This country just made a huge move to ditch its controversial tampon tax

Australia has just made a landmark decision to scrap its controversial tampon tax.On Monday, the country's Senate passed a bill drafted by the Greens party to remove the tax on tampons and feminine hygiene products, previously considered by law to be "luxury" items.SEE ALSO:

Doctor suspended after video of tense stand-off with patient goes viral

An emergency room physician has been suspended after a video showing an tense dispute with a patient went viral.20-year-old Samuel Bardwell was unable to get up from a hospital bed at El Camino Hospital in California, after he suffered an anxiety attack following basketball practice last Monday,

Facebook tightens its policies on gun-related advertising

Facebook is tightening up its rules on advertising gun accessories to minors.The social media giant announced it would restrict the advertising of weapon accessories, such as optics, belt accessories and holsters, to those over the age of 18.

Drake's 'I'm upset' video is basically one massive 'Degrassi' reunion

Drake went back to school in his just-dropped video for "I'm Upset"—Degrassi High School, to be precise. Drizzy brought together his fellow cast mates from the show Degrassi: The Next Generation — in which he starred as a teenager from 2001 until 2005 — for one giant and truly wonderful reunion. 

SharkMate app aims to predict the risk of sharks for beach swimmers

Around many Australian beaches, visiting sharks can be a danger to swimmers and surfers alike.Debate has been heated about how to manage the issue in the country, with the practice of shark culling a particularly contentious point. SEE ALSO:

Verizon adds a third 'unlimited' plan in the name of choice

For Verizon, "unlimited" is getting more complicated.A new unlimited tier, Above Unlimited, is joining the current two tiers — Go Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited. Verizon says the whole point is to give consumers more choice, but the new tier also could make things more confusing.SEE ALSO:




随着低功耗蓝牙的芯片技术的成熟,围绕它来研发的有趣硬件产品也愈来愈多了。从智能手表、智能手环、狗环以至Beac […]

Linux man 用法小结(Linux指令学习笔记) - karllen




10 Joan Rivers Quotes That Transcend Her Snark

Joan Rivers' straight-shooting words will always stick, but she wasn't all sass.Rivers, who died on Thursday at age 81, was well known for speaking her mind. The actress, comedian, writer, producer, television host and fashion critic confidently held herself with pride and sass,

Elon Musk发推文预热,Tesla“驾驶辅助系统”就要来了

10月2日,Elon Musk的一条Tweet成了媒体和大众的聚焦点。“About time to unveil the D and something else.” 其中,“D”很大可能代表的是“Driver Assistance”,看起来Tesla“驾驶辅助系统”就要来了。




倒數 12 天就要投票了,大家都很關注這次的選舉(其實每次都很關注),但以往出來參選較受注目的候選人,都是經歷過大風大浪的黨內重要角色,反倒是這次兩位受到鎂光燈焦點注意的候選人,都是素人出身,沒有什麼打選戰的經驗,但由於勝文的後台實在很硬以及其他特殊的點,讓選情陷入膠著,“台北市躺著都選得上” 的觀念已經要被顛覆了,也難怪連爸媽都開始著急說錯話,真是一步錯步步錯阿。

括号匹配问题(Valid Parentheses) - moqiguzhu

@(leetcode)[Valid Parentheses]**题记:从今天开始每天一道leetcode上的题,每天一篇博客**####leetcodeleetcode是国外的一个OJ网站,到目前为止总共有158到题,这些题目包含了数据结构的很多知识,做一做不仅能提高自己的编码能力,数据结构方面的知.

Windows 10 OEM版本的预售价格“抢跑”

关于Windows 10的正式发布时间,微软并没有给出非常具体的日期。目前我们已知的是,Windows 10将 […]

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