The 'Queer Eye' guys make over James Corden's guitarist and it's art

America needs the Queer Eye men, even on late night television.SEE ALSO: The amazing 'Queer Eye' Season 2 trailer is here and we couldn't be more readyThe Fab Five showed up to the Late Late Show with James Corden last night and made over Corden's guitarist,

Twitter suspends account linked to boosting MAGA teens controversy

Twitter has suspended an account which was linked to the magnification of a confrontation between high school students wearing MAGA hats and Native American protesters.According to CNN,

Watch a pastry chef try to recreate Pringles

Watch Bon Appetit's Claire Saffitz nearly break. Again. This time over Pringles.The pasty chef tackled the recreation by first breaking down the texture of the snack: She noticed that Pringles are more of a "potato crisp" made of a powder composite than traditional thinly sliced potatoes. 

Apple says the iPhone will be very useful after the climate apocalypse

In the end times, when the Earth is populated solely by roving bands of marauders, at least we'll know Apple was able to find new ways to profit from the iPhone.The environmental nonprofit CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) dropped its latest report on Tuesday, and it's very depressing.

This iPhone Case Is Genius

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Your Guide to Niche Teen Instagram Memes

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The Roomba 690 is on sale for cheaper than its Black Friday price right now

Did you know you can pick up a brand new iRobot Roomba for less than $250?It's true. The iRobot Roomba 690 robot vacuum with Wi-Fi connectivity is now on sale for just $247.99, or $127 off its retail price, on Amazon.

Extreme weather — not politicians — convinces Americans that climate change is real

Americans find modern climate science increasingly convincing, and a damaging mix of exceptional drought, storms, and record-breaking heat is the reason why. 

Drake's 'I'm upset' video is basically one massive 'Degrassi' reunion

Drake went back to school in his just-dropped video for "I'm Upset"—Degrassi High School, to be precise. Drizzy brought together his fellow cast mates from the show Degrassi: The Next Generation — in which he starred as a teenager from 2001 until 2005 — for one giant and truly wonderful reunion. 

SharkMate app aims to predict the risk of sharks for beach swimmers

Around many Australian beaches, visiting sharks can be a danger to swimmers and surfers alike.Debate has been heated about how to manage the issue in the country, with the practice of shark culling a particularly contentious point. SEE ALSO:

Verizon adds a third 'unlimited' plan in the name of choice

For Verizon, "unlimited" is getting more complicated.A new unlimited tier, Above Unlimited, is joining the current two tiers — Go Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited. Verizon says the whole point is to give consumers more choice, but the new tier also could make things more confusing.SEE ALSO:




阿里巴巴又玩了一回心跳。 在今年 2 月推出保险理财产品“元宵理财”之后,阿里在今天再次涉足保险理财领域。不过这次的玩法和一个月前大为不同。

Get Lost in This Map of 170,000 Photos From Depression-Era America

Some of the most haunting images of the U.S. were captured from 1935 to 1945, as the country emerged from the depths of the Great Depression and rallied for World War II. A team from Yale has collaborated on one of the most visually stunning interpretations of the era, called Photogrammar: 170,


我参与创立的公司HB Agency正在庆祝企业成立15周年。作为企业的所有者和组织领导者,多年来,我必须做出关 […]

Where the Hell Is Kim Jong-un?

It's now been 37 days since Kim Jong-un, the leader of the secretive and sometimes hostile North Korea, has been last seen in public. What's going on? Where the hell is he? His absence has launched an uncontrollable cycle of rumors and speculation. Some say he has gout,



Kitten mistakenly becomes ducklings' mother, immediately regrets decision

Quack attack!This curious kitten hopped into a box full of ducklings and immediately realized her fate as she was quickly swarmed by a dozen feathered fuzzballs too young to have anything but love in their hearts.If there was a best way to go out,

7 吋特大螢幕!Ramos 發表全球最大部 Windows Phone 平板手機 Q7

提起現時尺寸最大的 Windows Phone,相信大家應該會即時想起 Nokia 的 Lumia 1520 及 Lumia 1320,兩者的螢幕尺寸皆為 6 吋。

Ellen Pao Says the Trolls Are Winning

Reddit’s former CEO Ellen Pao wrote a melancholy op-ed about the harassment she faced and the overall state of Internet communities. Her outlook is pretty bleak.Read more...

Hands On With The 3Doodler Start, A $39 Kid-Friendly 3D-Printing Pen

It’s hard to believe, but 3Doodler launched the popular Kickstarter for its first plastic-extruding pen almost three years ago. Now, the company is back with the 3Doodler Start, 

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