E3 2018: Microsoft’s Xbox had the most popular conference, 77% of viewers male

Brandwatch has released their report on this year’s E3 which measures the popularity of each company’s conference and video game titles by studying social media reactions to events as they unfold. With the results in,

Halo: Infinite to have a strong focus on esports and multiplayer gaming, will have microtransactions

After discussing its new Slipspace engine that will power its new Halo game, 343 Industries has finally shared some details about its vision for Halo: Infinite.

Someone spent 5 years making this real Halo Warthog truck

We know that there is going to be a special Forza Horizon 4 side mission featuring the Halo Warthog, but Bryant Havercamp has created a real-life version of the classic Halo military vehicle for himself.

October 2018 Update will remove several features from Windows 10

Microsoft has published a list showing all the Windows 10 features that will soon be removed or depreciated in the upcoming Windows 10 October 2018 update.

Microsoft wants to manage your company’s Windows 10 PCs for you with new Managed Desktop service

Microsoft Managed Desktop is a new offering which is aiming to help companies maximize their business by having Microsoft manage their Windows 10 devices.

Xbox One gamers can now pre-load Forza Horizon 4 ahead of launch

The highly anticipated racing game, Forza Horizon 4, is now available to download on Xbox One consoles ahead of its launch on October 2nd. Anyone who has pre-ordered Forza Horizon 4 should be able to now download the title from the My Games & Apps section of the Xbox One dashboard though,

These 4 Xbox One video games are leaving Xbox Game Pass in October

Four video games; Maldita Castilla EX Cursed Castile, Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, The Bug Butcher, and Tower of Guns, will be leaving Xbox Game Pass at the end of this month.

Twitter PWA gains add/remove list feature on profiles on Windows 10 Mobile & PC

The official Windows 10 Twitter app has updated today with the new (for the PWA version) ability to add and remove other users to lists directly from their profile. This update also adds some better ways to help manage lists that users have already created and fixes several bugs.

Xbox One’s Plex app gets loads of fixes in latest update

The official Plex app for Xbox One consoles updated today with a variety of fixes and changes.

Xbox One digital pre-orders open for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey video game

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which was announced just days ago at E3, is now available to pre-order digitally on Microsoft’s family of Xbox One consoles. The game is available in a regular, Deluxe, Gold,

Minecraft: Story Mode is coming to Netflix, Stranger Things video game announced

In a surprise report today, it’s been confirmed that the Minecraft Story Mode video game, which saw release on Windows 10 and Xbox consoles, will be coming to the Netflix video streaming service.

Secret Now Warning Users Not To “Defame” Others

It seems that school children are not the only ones who aren’t able to handle the power of anonymous social applications appropriately. Secret, the San Francisco-based (and now, newly funded) confessional app, has begun warning users to not “defame” others when posting on its service.

Google Glass 也支援 iPhone 囉,但目前僅限簡訊顯示功能

分类: 佩戴产品紧接在上周美国单日开卖前的 KitKat 更新之后,Google Glass 开发团队又再度给这些刚刚下订的朋友一些小增进。首先是针对 iOS 的更新部份,这个智慧型眼镜现在已经支援"显示"文字讯息的功能。

华为Ascend P7上手:并非旗舰的实力机型

Ascend P7是华为推出的最新旗舰手机,在造型和功能上与Ascend P6一脉相承,但是设计有所改进,一些内在功能也得以增强。

Luke Prosthetic Arm Approved By FDA

necro81 writes: "The FDA today approved the Luke prosthetic arm for sale. The Luke Arm, created by Dean Kamen's DEKA R&D Corp.,was a project initiated by DARPA to develop a prosthetic arm for wounded warriors more advanced than those previously available.


在上海举办的SAP论坛的“科技足球”展区,工作人员介绍了用Match Insights足球解决方案分析2013年底德国队和意大利队比赛的详细数据分析的方式。

Virgin Media provides the UK’s fastest broadband according to Netflix

BT comes in second, with Sky in third place, according to the stats crunched by the streaming TV and movie service.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/16/virgin-media-provides-the-uks-fastest-broadband-according-to-netflix/


导语:说实话在国内的创业圈子里,失败者是没有发言权的。我走出这一步也是深思熟虑,我希望那些90后创业者看过这篇文章以后能够对你们有鞭策。   我是一名90后,现在是一家移动互联网创业公司里的一名员工。

Google Fit Hits the Play Store

Google Fit just hit the Play Store, and, well, it looks pretty much exactly like Google said it would. It also looks a heck of a lot like Apple's HealthKit and corresponding Health app —not in terms of design but in terms of features. That said, it does look pretty useful!Read more...

Tesla app for Apple Watch could let you control a car from your wrist

What if you could enable Tesla's "Insane Mode" from your shiny new Apple Watch?We're not there quite yet (the Apple Watch won't even be available until April), but one developer has already created a working concept app that shows how you might soon remote-control a Tesla from your wristSee also:

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