Experimenting With Drugs In The Cloud

A science lab in Mountain View, CA is creating faster and cheaper drug experiments by putting them in the cloud. Starting today, they’re letting other scientists access their cloud lab to help spur a radical change in the way we test new drugs. The key,

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Elon Musk’s Boring Company lands $48.7M contract for underground “people mover” in Las Vegas

The Boring Company, Elon Musk’s tunneling and transportation startup, has landed a $48.7 million project to shuttle people in an underground Loop system around the Las Vegas Convention Center. This is the company’s first commercial contract. The initial design for the project,

Boom wants to build a supersonic jet for mainstream passengers; here’s its game plan

While much of the world remains fixated on the race to build autonomous cars, there’s another race that’s gaining momentum fast. It centers on supersonic jets that can fly faster faster than the speed of sound, or 767 miles per hour. Indeed,

Mona Lisa frown: Machine learning brings old paintings and photos to life

Machine learning researchers have produced a system that can recreate lifelike motion from just a single frame of a person's face, opening up the possibility of animating not just photos but also of paintings. It's not perfect, but when it works,

Spotify resets some account passwords citing ‘suspicious activity’

Music streaming giant Spotify has notified an unspecified number of users that the company has reset their account password, but has left dozens of users asking why. In an email, some Spotify users were told their password was reset “due to detected suspicious activity,

Google’s Duplex calls still frequently require human intervention

When Google launched Duplex with a demo at I/O last year, the audience was left wondering how much of the call was staged. The AI-based reservation booking service seemed almost too impressive to be a machine. Now that it’s been used for real-world reservations,

Panic’s Playmate is a pint-sized gaming machine with a ‘season’ of 12 intriguing titles

Tired of your smartphone games, and don't want to take the Switch with you on the train today? Panic, renowned creator of useful Mac apps and more recently publisher of interesting games, has created a tiny handheld console that goes anywhere and receives a regular trickle of new games.

Documentary series Foundation is back with a season 2

Paris startup campus Station F and Le Studio Next have teamed up once again for a second season of Foundation, a documentary series about building a startup. If you liked the first season, you’ll feel right at home.

Twitter Tanks More Than 7%

Following more executive changes, Twitter’s shares are down sharply today, sliding nearly 8% in morning trading.The slide comes on the heels of news that the social company has made Katie Jacobs Stanton its new global media boss, and made Gabriel Stricker its new chief communications officer.

Xiaomi Users Spend More Time In Apps Than iPhone Owners In China

Xiaomi, the so-called “Apple of China,” is beating its namesake on one important metric in its homeland: time spent in apps. According to a study performed in January by app analytics firm Flurry, Xiaomi smartphone users spend 7% more time in apps than Apple users in China. Read More

In Five Years, iBeacon/Bluetooth Low Energy Device Market To Reach 60 Million Devices

We’ve been hearing a lot about iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy-powered devices in the retail sector, where stores are beginning to roll out support for beacons in order to better communicate with customers via apps, allowing them to share offers, send alerts, and advertise to consumers.

德州仪器推出Code Composer Studio(TM) IDE v6

提供了全新的应用中心、简化的用户界面与智能学习工具德州仪器为开发人员提供了一个统一的集成开发环境 (IDE),从而能跨越其广泛的嵌入式产品组合来提高代码质量,缩短开发时间并提升客户体验北京2014年5月5日电 /美通社/ -- 日前,德州仪器 (TI) 推出其最新版(第 6 版)的 Code Composer Studio™ 集成开发环境 (IDE),旨在能始终如一地提供资源,使软件开发变得轻松并降低附随成本。

阿里云进军“智能停车” 解决停车难问题


Revolutionary bionic hand restores sense of touch to amputees

US scientists have developed a bionic hand that is capable of restoring the sense of touch to patients who have lost limbs by sending signals directly to their remaining nerves.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/10/09/revolutionary-bionic-hand-restores-sense-touch-amputees/


 苹果不久将在美国联邦法院面临一场官司,而提起诉讼的是一位名叫阿德里安娜·摩尔(Adrienne… Read More

你相信吗? 这些照片都是用iPhone拍出来的

从 2010 年开始,iPhone 就已经成为了世界上使用量最大的相机——尽管它本身是一款智能手机。我们已经不止一次在社交平台 Flickr 看到,上传照片最多的设备就是来自苹果的 iPhone 4、iPhone 4s、iPhone 5 等等。

Pew: Facebook User Growth Slowed As Others Gained, But Still Has Most Engaged Users

Facebook is still the most popular social network, but its growth has slowed in the U.S.,according to a new report out this morning from the Pew Research Center. Meanwhile, more Americans are now using multiple social media sites, allowing platforms like Twitter, Instagram,

Here's Why Small Black Holes Are More Dangerous Than Big Ones

If you were going to travel close to a black hole in order to study it, which type should you choose? Most people would probably pick a smaller black hole, because it seems easier to avoid. But that's a fatal mistake. Small black holes can be far more dangerous than big ones,


北京2015年8月3日电 /美通社/ -- 7月20日,国家税务总局局长王军对浪潮与吉林国税联合推出的“互联网+税务”做出了重要批示;7月28日,国家税务总局发布《2015年税务工作半年报》,报告中以浪潮与苏州国税联合打造的“互联网+税务”为例,为浪潮在智慧税务领域取得的成绩点了一个大大的赞。



Well-balanced cat takes a stand

Curiosity didn't kill the cat this time, but it did get him up on his feet.After hearing a sound, this cat stands on his hind legs for a good 25 seconds while his dog friend rolls around excitedly, as dogs are wont to do.

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