Experimenting With Drugs In The Cloud

A science lab in Mountain View, CA is creating faster and cheaper drug experiments by putting them in the cloud. Starting today, they’re letting other scientists access their cloud lab to help spur a radical change in the way we test new drugs. The key,

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China’s Tencent Music raises $1.1 billion in downsized US IPO

Tencent Music, China’s largest streaming company, has raised $1.1 billion in a U.S. IPO after it priced its shares at $13 a piece ahead of a listing on the Nasdaq. That makes it one of the largest tech listings of the year, but the pricing is at the bottom end of its $13-$15 range indicating […]

Indonesia e-commerce leader Tokopedia raises $1.1B from Alibaba and SoftBank’s Vision Fund

Indonesia-based e-commerce firm Tokopedia is the latest startup to enter the Vision Fund after it raised $1.1 billion led by the SoftBank megafund and Alibaba. SoftBank and Alibaba are existing investors in the business — the Chinese e-commerce giant led a $1.1 billion round last year,

Building in Facebook’s Menlo Park campus evacuated after bomb threat

A building in Facebook’s Menlo Park campus was evacuated after a bomb threat early Tuesday evening. Around 5PM, the Menlo Park police department warned people to avoid the area around the 200 block of Jefferson Drive as they investigated a bomb threat. Then they said 200 Jefferson Drive,

L.A. gets more moolah, thanks to Calibrate Ventures and its new, $80 million fund

Two years ago, a couple of VCs from Shea Ventures, a 50-year-old, L.A. -based investment firm, banded together to create a Pasadena, Ca.-based early stage venture firm called Calibrate Ventures. Investors clearly like what they’re building.

Huawei CFO accused of fraud is granted $7.5M bail

The decision concludes a three-days-long court hearing in which the judge and the public prosecutor debated whether Wanzhou would breach her bail conditions.

Wix launches a new suite of products for support, sales and marketing

Wix is taking a big step beyond website building today with the launch of a suite of products called Ascend. PR Manager Matt Rosenberg explained that just as Wix was founded with the aim of “demystifying and democratizing how you get online,” Ascend has a similar mission:

Proof of use: A new crowdfunding threshold for passionate users

Instead of a standard based on wealth, or even knowledge -- one based on users’ contributions of time and attention.

Twitter Tanks More Than 7%

Following more executive changes, Twitter’s shares are down sharply today, sliding nearly 8% in morning trading.The slide comes on the heels of news that the social company has made Katie Jacobs Stanton its new global media boss, and made Gabriel Stricker its new chief communications officer.

Xiaomi Users Spend More Time In Apps Than iPhone Owners In China

Xiaomi, the so-called “Apple of China,” is beating its namesake on one important metric in its homeland: time spent in apps. According to a study performed in January by app analytics firm Flurry, Xiaomi smartphone users spend 7% more time in apps than Apple users in China. Read More

In Five Years, iBeacon/Bluetooth Low Energy Device Market To Reach 60 Million Devices

We’ve been hearing a lot about iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy-powered devices in the retail sector, where stores are beginning to roll out support for beacons in order to better communicate with customers via apps, allowing them to share offers, send alerts, and advertise to consumers.

LG L90将于本周内开售 骁龙400四核+4.7英寸屏幕

LG的L Series III系列入门级手机中屏幕最大的一款、LG L90将在本周内开始销售,这是一款采用高通四核处理器的入门机型。    





Google Acquires Music Streaming Service Songza

Google announced Tuesday that it is acquiring the much-loved music service Songza in a bid to ramp up its Play Music offeringSongza is a unique player in the streaming music space. Rather than providing users with a la carte access to songs and albums,

【Maker Voice】原理简单到没朋友,手机壳CaseCam用镜面反射帮你完美自拍

Maker Voice是为关注新硬件的朋友们准备的一个栏目,初期的形态是每天一篇文章,梳理总结一天下来新硬件行业的精华内容,可能是有意思的产品,也可能是引人思考的观点,目标是让朋友们能用最短时间在这里遍览真正值得关注的内容。

炒家喜訊?傳 iPhone 6 螢幕生產遇困難,出貨量減少

iPhone 快將正式公佈,當然 Apple 已經在密鑼緊鼓地大量生產以應付需求。不過最近就傳出螢幕供應商出現生產困難的消息,看來出貨量會受到不小的影響,而首批出貨尤甚。繼續閱讀了解更多。The post 炒家喜訊?

Startups, A Rich Man’s Game

Despite the Silicon Valley echo chamber, starting a company remains easily among the most risky career moves for workers. The stress of the job can easily lead to burnout or long-lasting mental health issues. Failures, despite being lauded in some corners,

22/3 unwire 週末科技情報

22/3 unwire 週末科技情報 ----------------- 身份不變!盜版 Windows 升級 …The post 22/3 unwire 週末科技情報 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.


3 月 30 日电昨日,央视曝光了市场上空气净化器虚标适用面积的现象,经权威机构检测发现,在 PM2.5 净化能力方面,奥斯汀 430 型空气净化器标称适用面积 130 平方米,实测仅为 24 平方米。标称值高于实际测试值 ... ...



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