Microsoft to launch till-free shops

Report claims Microsoft is looking to take on Amazon Go with staff-free stores.

Twilio snaps up SendGrid in $2bn deal

Multi-billion dollar deal sees email API platform snapped up by Twilio.

Is your business ready for the end of Windows 7?

Many organisations not even sure when end of life will happen.

One in six businesses unprepared for a data breach

Majority of organisations worried about security, but not everyone's doing something about it.

Google to charge device makers to use Chrome and Search in the EU

EU's Commission forces Google to unbundle Chrome and Search.

Is a travelling exec your biggest cyber risk?

Here are a few best practice tips to help keep your employees safe whilst out of the office.

IBM launches mobile security training centres

X-Force brings the power of security to your door.

Amazon launches new solar power and recycling programs

Online giant making moves to reduce its carbon footprint.

The right kind of AI: why intelligence must be augmented, not artificial

By adopting AI-based apps, organisations are making data insight more accessible to everyone at their company.

Dixons Carphone breach could have been even more expensive under GDPR

Data breach could have been even more costly had it fallen under new GDPR rules.

Tackling the African water crisis with mobile technology

Connected technology is already being used to solve issues and change lives worldwide.

如何添加自定义脚本到开机自启动 - 轩脉刃

我的机器有个coreseek服务,但是没加到开启启动中去,导致机房一旦重启了机器,我的服务便不能使用了。所以我需要把coreseek的searchd加到自启动服务中去。写一个脚本!/bin/sh#chkconfig:2345 80 90#description:a...

For Half, Degrees In Computing, Math, Or Stats Lead To Other Jobs

dcblogs (1096431) writes The Census Bureau reports that only 26% of people with any type of four-year STEM degree are working in a STEM field. For those with a degree specifically in computer, math or statistics, the figure is 49%, nearly the same for engineering degrees.

Staffordshire council in massive overhaul towards “digitally adaptive methodology”

Staffordshire County Council is to implement a new "digitally adaptive methodology” as part of a move towards an internal culture change.Read more:

Surface Pro 3称供不应求状态 销量超零售商预期

八月下旬微软宣布Surface Pro 3(下文简称SP3)新增包括中国在内的25个新市场,市场反响强烈呈现了供不应求的状态。


虽然工信部从去年年底已经连续发放了三批虚拟运营商牌照: 2013年12月:话机世界、分享在线、万网(阿里巴巴)、乐语通讯、华翔联信、天音、京东、北纬、浙江连连、迪信通、巴士在线。

Gadgets and gizmos aplenty: CES 2015 was biggest in history

It was a big year for new tech gadgets at the 2015 International CES, and the attendance numbers matched the hypeAccording to the Consumer Electronics Association, last week's show was the largest in CES history with more than 170,000 attendees in Las Vegas — 45,


百度内部报告:解析00后移动互联网行为 您可能也喜欢的文章: 百度:2015年新春移动互联网发展趋势报告(附下载) 百度移动游戏:2014年3月份百度移动游戏数据报告 百度:2012年第一季度移动互联网发展趋势报告


意大利 西西里个人路线分享及游记截取:12天15个城镇1000公里 Day1 (那不勒斯/萨莱尔诺-)陶尔米纳如果在西西里只能停留一天,人们会告诉你——去陶尔米纳。一座毗邻艾奥尼亚海的山城,即便早春时节,阳光也毫不吝啬。


Java,20岁了。从我写下第一行Java代码,迄今已有十余年了,眼见Java——这个当年刚刚找到自己成长方向的懵懂少 年,成长为如今当之无愧的业界王者。

This handmade Futurama title sequence is so much fun

We’ve seen the Futurama intro done up in stunning photorealistic 3D before. And we’ve seen the normal animation sequence before the TV show so many times. Now here’s an old video of the intro being recreated with hand made cutouts.

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