Does the answer to better customer service lie in smart technology and flexible workplace culture? - 云聚网

Does the answer to better customer service lie in smart technology and flexible workplace culture?

The integration of AI and data analytics will allow freelance and remote employees to provide better customer service and personalisation.

Intel reveals three major new chip security flaws

New Foreshadow security flaws exclusive to Intel's processors.

Can your network keep up?

The BYOD movement, cloud and new technologies are placing even greater demands on today's networks.

With great privilege comes great responsibility

Many firms continue to leave themselves vulnerable to a major breach by completely overlooking their privileged accounts.

Uber names new security chief

Matt Olsen will head up Uber's security team after helping the firm deal with fallout from its massive data breach.

Disrupt or be disrupted

How to keep up with the innovators and fast-track innovation programmes, at the speed of the fastest growing tech companies.

The coming electronic invoicing revolution: 5 trends to watch

Is your business ready to embrace e-invoicing?

UK firms are lacking on cybersecurity insurance

More companies are getting insured, but the insurance doesn't cover all risk, and premiums are based on wrong assumptions.

Microsoft to launch till-free shops

Report claims Microsoft is looking to take on Amazon Go with staff-free stores.

The right kind of AI: why intelligence must be augmented, not artificial

By adopting AI-based apps, organisations are making data insight more accessible to everyone at their company.

Dixons Carphone breach could have been even more expensive under GDPR

Data breach could have been even more costly had it fallen under new GDPR rules.

金属HTC M8京东商城首日销量破万!

日前,HTC M8 正式在国内上市开售,HTC 对这款手机的市场表现十分满意。HTC 今天大方公布 M8 智能手机在京东商城首日销量破万!按照 5299 元的售价计算,HTC M8 在京东商城首日销售额超过 5 千万元人民币。  




威锋网讯 5 月 21 日消息,根据《华尔街日报》的报导,苹果 CFO 奥本海默御用分析师 Ari Wald 日前在一份报告中表示,苹果股价正在往史上最高峰前进,今年将可以重现 2012 年的辉煌。




同意 @Jichun Si 不太同意 @王芊的说法。Andrew Ng的推导应该只是说明了,在Gaussian噪声的假设下,最大似然可以推导出最小二乘,仅此而已,个人认为并没有说明最小二乘的必要性。





超英赶美 中国科技创业公司是否估值过高?


TC AppleCast 13: Life With Apple Watch

On this week’s AppleCast, we get into the Apple Watch experience, since we’ve both now been actively using them for at least a few days. We expand on our thoughts regarding the device at length in our extensive review, but here on the podcast, we talk about very different aspects of the device,



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