Does the answer to better customer service lie in smart technology and flexible workplace culture?

The integration of AI and data analytics will allow freelance and remote employees to provide better customer service and personalisation.

Twilio snaps up SendGrid in $2bn deal

Multi-billion dollar deal sees email API platform snapped up by Twilio.

Is your business ready for the end of Windows 7?

Many organisations not even sure when end of life will happen.

One in six businesses unprepared for a data breach

Majority of organisations worried about security, but not everyone's doing something about it.

Google to charge device makers to use Chrome and Search in the EU

EU's Commission forces Google to unbundle Chrome and Search.

Is a travelling exec your biggest cyber risk?

Here are a few best practice tips to help keep your employees safe whilst out of the office.

IBM launches mobile security training centres

X-Force brings the power of security to your door.

Amazon launches new solar power and recycling programs

Online giant making moves to reduce its carbon footprint.

Microsoft to launch till-free shops

Report claims Microsoft is looking to take on Amazon Go with staff-free stores.

The right kind of AI: why intelligence must be augmented, not artificial

By adopting AI-based apps, organisations are making data insight more accessible to everyone at their company.

Dixons Carphone breach could have been even more expensive under GDPR

Data breach could have been even more costly had it fallen under new GDPR rules.

android手电筒开发 - athook

最近学习android开发,记录学习过程,分享一写小案例一. 如下先设置好布局文件 二 关键java代码 设置用getWindow().setBackgroundDrawable设置全局颜色public void clickRed(View view) {getWindow().setBackgro...


OpenSSL Heartbleed漏洞的危险程度被安全专家称为是“灾难级”,攻击者能利用该漏洞窃走受影响网站的用户密码和私钥,此前的研究发现用户明文密码确实会暴露,但窃取私钥尚未有报道。





動靜皆宜.Jabra ROX Wireless 入耳式藍牙耳機

來自丹麥的 Jabra,推出了 Jabra ROX Wireless 入耳式藍牙耳機。型格設計,加上 IP52 的防水功能與耳線採用不鏽鋼及 Kevlar 強韌質料打造,動靜皆宜,不論返工時還是下班後做運動用來聽歌都很適合喔。

Tablet Comparison: iPad Mini 3 vs. Competitors

Apple revealed on Thursday the third generation of its iPad mini tablet, the second with Retina display in the company's line.Available in silver, space gray and gold, the iPad mini comes equipped with Apple's Touch ID and an improved front-facing camera with Burst Mode,

苹果在App Store 支付选项中加入中国最大的银行卡网络——中国银联

苹果公司今天宣布,中国的App Store 顾客如今可以将他们的银联借记卡或信用卡关联到Apple ID上从而完成购物了。… Read More


电信运营 | 上半年户均流量达321.5M 增八成 但变现压力极大


You Have One Week(Ish) To Apply To The TC Pitch-Off In Denver

Dear Denver, If you happened to miss the original announcement, I’ve got some good news for you. TechCrunch is headed to Denver and we’re bringing with us the world-renowned TC Meetup + Pitch-Off. In conjunction with Denver Startup Week, we’ll be holding our event on Thursday, October 1.

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