Taking matters into their own hands: how consumers can take action to protect themselves online

With the recent rise in cyberattacks, consumers must employ the same tactics used by businesses to stay safe online.

How Burrowing Owls Lead To Vomiting Anarchists (Or SF’s Housing Crisis Explained)

The Santa Clara Valley was some of the most valuable agricultural land in the entire world, but it was paved over to create today’s Silicon Valley.

Confessions Of A US Navy Blue Angel

They are one of the most iconic performance groups in existence, amazing millions yearly. Their shows feature seemingly super-human levels of precision. Now, one of them is going to tell you what it's like to don the blue flight suit as part of the elite of the elite,

Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch launch and reaction

Apple is finally releasing its much-anticipated iPhone 6 handset on 9th September, and ITProPortal is going to be on hand to bring you all the updates in our minute-by-minute coverage.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Hackers that tried to steal $100m arrested, group dismantled

Law enforcement agencies from multiple European countries, together with the US, found the group using the GozNym malware.

Russian government leaked info on more than two million citizens

The data is 'legal to disclose', watchdog says.

Sony announces share buyback, new Microsoft partnership

The company's stock surged.

Three steps to a successful API initiative

How can you ensure that your API doesn’t fall victim to lazy design?

Collaboration is key to marketing creativity

All marketers know the challenge of really understanding your customers.

What you need to know about migrating Oracle enterprise applications to the cloud

To effectively leverage innovative technologies such as AI and IoT, a cloud platform must be a part of your infrastructure. If your business is not part of the 80 percent of businesses using the cloud, your strategy could be impeding company growth and cost savings.

Biometric technology industry: Trend of innovation arrives, implementation for national security gai

Innovation in biometric technology to transform the conventional ways.

Can’t fix, won’t fix, don’t fix: Is it time for businesses to rethink how they action pen test resul

Penetration testing is an important part of every organisation's cyber security strategy.

Google to open first AI centre in Africa

Accra facility will be the first on the continent, and help fund a range of research opportunities across Africa.

Does the answer to better customer service lie in smart technology and flexible workplace culture?

The integration of AI and data analytics will allow freelance and remote employees to provide better customer service and personalisation.



Volume Presets for Activator:预设音量值

威锋网讯,在正常情况下,你可以设置 Activator 手势来让音量增加或者减少,那么现在有一种更方便的办法,那就是利用 Activator 对音量值进行预设,这款插件名为 Volume Presets for Activator。  

[评论]微软拟扭转自身 聚焦企业市场的形象



今天,“商业地产的指挥中心”Hightower宣布在A轮融资筹得了650万美元,发起本轮融资的是现有投资者Bessemer Venture Partners和Thrive Capital,之前的投资者RRE Ventures、Red Swan Ventures、David Tisch、Lee Linden和Brandon Shorenstein也有参与本轮融资。

Apple iWatch Coming in September, But You'll Have to Wait to Buy It, Report Says

Put that hammer away! Don't smash your poor, inadequate watches just yetAs it turns out, an earlier report that said Apple's iWatch will arrive in September has been updated with a very important caveat: You'll have to wait to buy itSee also: Apple Invites Are Out: New iPhones Coming Sept.



Highlights From Mobile World Congress 2016

This week, we went to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2016. We covered a panel about mobile ad blocking, Mark Zuckerberg talked about Free Basics and encryption, Samsung announced the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, we went hands on with the modular LG G5, and oh, by the way, tablets are dead.

Windows 10 Mobile下一个更新版本或为10586.164

预计微软本周会发布新的Windows 10 Mobile版本,Twitter上已经有人发出了截图,提及Windows 10 Mobile的下一个版本可能是10586.164。目前还没有更多细节,这张截图是由Twitter用户@tfwboredom发布。既然是10586版本,就不是Restone分支,意味着所有参与Insider计划的Windows Phone设备都将可以升级。




北京2016年9月13日电 /美通社/ -- 美国东部时间9月5日,中国网形象广告亮相美国纽约时代广场。 中国网形象广告 本次亮相美国纽约时代广场的中国网形象广告包括两部分内容:第一部分展示中国网英文版域名及中国网英文宣传口号“Everything you need to know about China”;第二部分展示中国网全力打造的全球新闻时事中英文评论节目《中国三分钟》(节目英文名为《China Mosaic》)。

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