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The only way forward: why businesses should adopt multi-cloud

Multi-cloud provides businesses with the control of private cloud and the business agility of public platforms.

Thousands of smart homes and businesses at risk of data breach

Cybercriminals can abuse MQTT servers to gain access to smart homes.

How can startups harness the power of IoT

As more and more companies begin to effectively adopt IoT technology, young startups and SMEs cannot risk overlooking the benefits on offer. Doing so will put them a step behind their competitors.

Amazon considers move into UK financial services

US e-commerce giant reportedly in talks with insurance companies to launch its own price comparison site in the UK.

Forging a competitive advantage in the analytics economy

Machine data analytics is predicted to play an increasingly pivotal role in business strategy.

How hackers targeted bank customers in Brazil

Recently, Radware’s Threat Research Centre identified a hijacking campaign aimed at Brazilian Bank customers through their IoT devices, attempting to gain their bank credentials.

PC sales help Lenovo results beat expectations

Lenovo's new Intelligent Devices Group helped drive strong first quarter results.

The future of data has higher stakes than Brexit

In today's digital world, data has become the new oil and protecting it is a top priority for businesses and governments.

Taking matters into their own hands: how consumers can take action to protect themselves online

With the recent rise in cyberattacks, consumers must employ the same tactics used by businesses to stay safe online.

Can’t fix, won’t fix, don’t fix: Is it time for businesses to rethink how they action pen test resul

Penetration testing is an important part of every organisation's cyber security strategy.

Google to open first AI centre in Africa

Accra facility will be the first on the continent, and help fund a range of research opportunities across Africa.

浅谈web语义化 - p2227

#浅谈web语义化##web语义化是什么HTML5标准出来的时候,我曾经诧异为什么要定义这么多header footer nav article标准,DIV不挻好的嘛,方便开发人员记忆啊。





WIX 安装部署教程(六) 为你收集的七个知识点 - stoneniqiu

前段时间整理5篇WIX(Windows Installer XML)的安装教程,但还不够完善,这里继续整理了七个知识点分享给大家。

Nokia shows you why you should choose the Lumia 630, powered by Windows Phone 8.1

Nokia Lumia 630 was the first Windows Phone 8.1 powered device to hit retail in most regions, alongside the Lumia 635. The device comes in single-SIM and dual-SIM flavors, and has a very affordable price tag. Recently, the folks at Nokia Conversations posted an infographic,

The Art of Dating: Past and Present

Once upon a time, dating meant finding the right person to share a lifetime of romantic meals and intimate conversationToday, dating means finding someone to sit next to while you play Candy Crush on your iPad.See also: Heat Index: Find the Right Dating Site or App for YouIn these comics,


9 月 21 日,在美国加州库比蒂诺的雅乐轩酒店里,一个机器人在大厅里走动,为有需要的房间送去夜宵和牙刷。  这个机器人的外形类似于《星球大战》中的 R2D2,但它的名字叫 Botlr,是加州圣罗莎的初创公司 Savi ... ...


光线要与360联手做视频网站,将采取付费点播,完全无广告的盈利模式。对于光线传媒来说,其资源足以支撑大型的视频 […]

Chef’d Uses Crowdfunding To Roll Out Recipe-And-Ingredient Delivery Service For Gourmet Meals

Chef’d is the latest startup promising the deliver the tools (and by tools, I mean recipes and ingredients) you need to cook delicious meals at home.



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