The only way forward: why businesses should adopt multi-cloud

Multi-cloud provides businesses with the control of private cloud and the business agility of public platforms.

Data analytics could be your local council's secret weapon

UK councils find analytics helps improve service provisions as well as reducing costs and allowing better decision-making.

Linus Torvalds returns at the head of Linux

After a month's break, is Linus a changed man?

Mozilla to trial VPN subscriptions within Firefox

Browser will notify users when they're using an unsecured public WiFi.

Best practices for information security and data protection from an outsourcing vendor

In this article, we'll guide you through the most efficient practices and security controls which trusted service providers use to ensure they are adequately prepared to respond to any security-related incidents.

Hardware giants call for chip security story retraction

Amazon and Super Micro claim Bloomberg's story was fake news.

Demystifying recurring revenue: The new norm in subscription

Subscription-based business models have already outpaced traditional businesses in sales and services over the last few years.

How technology is disrupting the property market

Technology is transforming the property market, and change is good.

Taking matters into their own hands: how consumers can take action to protect themselves online

With the recent rise in cyberattacks, consumers must employ the same tactics used by businesses to stay safe online.

Can’t fix, won’t fix, don’t fix: Is it time for businesses to rethink how they action pen test resul

Penetration testing is an important part of every organisation's cyber security strategy.

Google to open first AI centre in Africa

Accra facility will be the first on the continent, and help fund a range of research opportunities across Africa.

Mobile app of the day: Elevate – Brain Training

Elevate offers brain training that can allegedly boost your earning power – now there’s something that will grab a lot of people’s attention.Read more:

The Revolutionary American Weapons of War That Never Happened

An anonymous reader writes There have been many US military machines of war that seemed to be revolutionary, but never make it out of the prototype stage. As Robert Farley explains: "Sometimes they die because they were a bad idea in the first place. For the same reasons,


这是对印度电商创业公司来说重要的一天,也是日本软银的又一次重大举措。Snapdeal创 立于4年前,是印度一家帮助第三方零售商在线销售商品的市场平台。该公司已获得了软银互联网及媒体公司的6.

Java集合之HashMap源码实现分析 - 叼烟斗的纤夫

1.简介 通过上面的一篇随笔我们知道了HashSet的底层是采用Map实现的,那么Map是什么?它的底层又是如何实现的呢?这下我们来分析下源码,看看具体的结构与实现。


AdDuplex公布了他们最新的Windows Phone市场份额数据,这一份基于Windows Phone广 […]




小米手机创始人雷军曾说过:“站在风口上,连猪都能飞。”  作为我国互联网行业的领军人物,雷军此言,无异于刺激到了许多创业人的G点。  

3000 亿日元,这是索尼的救命稻草?

虽然索尼目前还在持续亏损,但索尼宣布拟融资 3000 亿日元(约 150 亿元人民币),用来发展旗下的芯片制造业务。 根据 BloomBerg 的报道,这些融资将会以每股 3450.

Debris found are from same type of plane as MH370, U.S. official says

WASHINGTON — Debris washed up over the weekend in Mozambique has been tentatively identified by experts close to the investigation as a part from the same type of aircraft as the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, a U.S. official said Wednesday.See also:

Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall celebrate marriage at 'journalists' church'

LONDON — Media mogul Rupert Murdoch and former model Jerry Hall held a celebration service for their marriage in London at St Bride's Church, known as the "journalists' church" due to its location near Fleet Street.

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