Report: Google looks to a Windows 10 Certification for its Pixelbook

The search engine giant might be now trying to play nice with Microsoft by getting the Pixelbook certified for Windows 10.

Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen dies of cancer at age 65

Paul Allen, the former Lakeside School classmate of Bill Gates, who went on to form Microsoft with his high school buddy in 1975, has died of lung cancer at age 65. Allen and Gates started Microsoft to at first to sell BASIC interpreters to Altair,

Microsoft releases first Xbox One 1811 build for Preview Alpha Insiders

The first Xbox One 1811 build is now rolling out to Xbox Insiders on the Preview Alpha ring, bringing search improvements as well as some bug fixes.

Microsoft test new Cortana UI for Android and iOS with v3.0 beta

A beta version of the digital assistant is being seeded to testers that shows the Cortana team is not asleep at the wheel

How to modify your hosts file in Windows 10 (and why you might want to)

Windows 10 still retains the old computing standard of having a hosts file for rudimentary hostname mapping. In simpler terms, the hosts file provides a mechanism to map domain names (such as “”) to server IP addresses of your choice.

Microsoft to disable outdated TLS 1.0, 1.1 for Edge and IE early next year

This early notice comes just a couple of months before the 20th anniversary of TLS 1.0 on January 19, 2019.

Adobe announces full Photoshop for iPad, coming in 2019

Today's news will at least give Mac/iPad users tempted by the streamline Adobe experience on a Surface device, a bit of pause

Microsoft launches new “blush” Surface Laptop 2 for the Chinese market

As Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2 are set to launch in select market this week, Surface head Panos Panay revealed today that a pink variant of the Surface Laptop 2 will be available exclusively in the Chinese market.

E3 2018: Microsoft’s Xbox had the most popular conference, 77% of viewers male

Brandwatch has released their report on this year’s E3 which measures the popularity of each company’s conference and video game titles by studying social media reactions to events as they unfold. With the results in,

Xbox One’s Plex app gets loads of fixes in latest update

The official Plex app for Xbox One consoles updated today with a variety of fixes and changes.

Xbox One digital pre-orders open for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey video game

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which was announced just days ago at E3, is now available to pre-order digitally on Microsoft’s family of Xbox One consoles. The game is available in a regular, Deluxe, Gold,



I really love this little animation

I really love this animation of Joseph Gordon Levitt, perfectly rotoscoped in 89 frames by Carli Ihde, a 22-year-old published comic book artist, illustrator, and graphic designer with a great style. So much that I want to see an entire short movie done in this style.Read more...    

智能电视市场研究(上): 传统转型、新贵崛起


新浪微博三季度净亏520万美元 同比收窄

11 月 14 日消息,新浪微博(NASDAQ:WB)今天公布了截止 9 月 30 日的 2014 年第三季度未经审计的财务报告。报告显示,公司该季度净营收 8410 万美元,同比增长 58%;归属上市公司部分的净亏损为 520 万美元, ... ...

Experts: Internet privacy will be hard to find in 2025

Activists and developers are trying to find ways to protect privacy in a time of heightened government surveillance. But it may all be for naught,



世界8家高科技餐厅盘点 绝对让你大开眼界

在最近几年里,有越来越多的餐馆开始利用科技来吸引顾客,虽然当中的一些可能只是将其作为一个噱头,但的确也有餐馆真正利用科技来实现了利润最大化或者客户体验的增强。科技网站Digital Trends日前就盘点了其中的8家。


在说此次的芯片门事件之前,我想先说一段苹果过往的故事。1988年,乔布斯回到苹果,重掌大权。当时,他率领团队推出了回归后的第一个作品,就是那款五彩缤纷的iMac G3(也是苹果第一款iMac)。


“我希望能和互联网创新公司合作,来打造一个 ‘临床遗传机器医生’,解决罕见遗传病的诊断难题,当然这还需要基因测序公司和临床遗传学家的参与。只要你输入收集到的各种基因型和表型,‘临床遗传机器医生’ 就可以马上帮你做出准确的诊断,并为下一步的处理给出最合理的建议和提示。”今年3月 底,上海市第一妇婴保健院院长段涛在他的个人微信订阅号“段涛大夫” 里面,发布了一篇院长日记《令人失望的互联网创新》。上面那段话是这篇文章的结尾,也是段涛提出的一个挑战,希望那些有创新基因的公司能够完成这个挑战。当天,春雨医生 CEO 张锐在自己的朋友圈里表态:“段院长的挑战,春雨来接!


编者按:文章为投稿,作者 LEOMASTER。在今年GMIC 印度移动论坛上, LEOMASTER 发布了《印度移动互联网生态报告》分析印度互联网现状。在各国经济对比上,中印对比是最热门的话题之一。2005年,印度经济学家、印度环境和林业国务部长的拉梅什 (Jairam Ramesh) 出版了一本命名为《理解 Chindia:关于中国和印度的思考》的论文集中,创造了一个新的合成词 Chindia (China+India)。由 Chindia 说起,中印之间在 21 世纪的必然,当任总理曾在做州长时三次来到中国,并学习中国经济的发展模式,助力印度。印度宏观环境促进移动互联网发展。

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