New free tier for Microsoft Teams briefly appears in official documentation

A new free tier for Microsoft Teams briefly appeared in official documentation, suggesting that the team collaboration app could soon become a freemium product.

Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen dies of cancer at age 65

Paul Allen, the former Lakeside School classmate of Bill Gates, who went on to form Microsoft with his high school buddy in 1975, has died of lung cancer at age 65. Allen and Gates started Microsoft to at first to sell BASIC interpreters to Altair,

Microsoft releases first Xbox One 1811 build for Preview Alpha Insiders

The first Xbox One 1811 build is now rolling out to Xbox Insiders on the Preview Alpha ring, bringing search improvements as well as some bug fixes.

Microsoft test new Cortana UI for Android and iOS with v3.0 beta

A beta version of the digital assistant is being seeded to testers that shows the Cortana team is not asleep at the wheel

How to modify your hosts file in Windows 10 (and why you might want to)

Windows 10 still retains the old computing standard of having a hosts file for rudimentary hostname mapping. In simpler terms, the hosts file provides a mechanism to map domain names (such as “”) to server IP addresses of your choice.

Microsoft to disable outdated TLS 1.0, 1.1 for Edge and IE early next year

This early notice comes just a couple of months before the 20th anniversary of TLS 1.0 on January 19, 2019.

Adobe announces full Photoshop for iPad, coming in 2019

Today's news will at least give Mac/iPad users tempted by the streamline Adobe experience on a Surface device, a bit of pause

Microsoft launches new “blush” Surface Laptop 2 for the Chinese market

As Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2 are set to launch in select market this week, Surface head Panos Panay revealed today that a pink variant of the Surface Laptop 2 will be available exclusively in the Chinese market.

Report: Google looks to a Windows 10 Certification for its Pixelbook

The search engine giant might be now trying to play nice with Microsoft by getting the Pixelbook certified for Windows 10.

E3 2018: Microsoft’s Xbox had the most popular conference, 77% of viewers male

Brandwatch has released their report on this year’s E3 which measures the popularity of each company’s conference and video game titles by studying social media reactions to events as they unfold. With the results in,

Xbox One’s Plex app gets loads of fixes in latest update

The official Plex app for Xbox One consoles updated today with a variety of fixes and changes.

Haha, these super short 3D animations about a tiny world are so cute

I wish these 3D animation shorts were a full movie. Called Tiny Worlds, it shows miniature sized characters and machines solving normal sized problems. Cigarette flicked on the ground? A tiny submarine will blast it away. Matches left on the street? A mini semi truck will haul it away.


非常低调的,腾讯地图已经将服务商由原来的高德地图更换为了“四维图新”,在腾讯地图中可以看到已经将相关的服务说明更改为“© 2014 Tencent - GS(2014)6026号 Data© NavInfo”,而NavInfo就是业内有名的数字地图内容提供商“四维图新”。

一波未平 一波又起~ 继微信小店后,"微软小冰"打什么牌?

微信小店这一波未平,微软小冰这波又起;今早品途作者群里出现小冰后,大家都玩得不亦乐乎;那么小冰是一款什么样的产品、微软推出小冰的策略是什么,请看品途网的报道:   微软为什么推“小冰”这个产品   微软小冰是基于必应搜索的技术和搜索数据,其实现原理是凭借微软在大数据、自然语义分析、机器学习和深度神经网络方面的技术积累,精炼为1500万条真实而有趣的语料库(此后每天净增0.




编者按:今天来点不一样的教程,不用滤镜,不用图层样式,就考同学们的基础操作和钢笔运用功夫,最终效果艺术感十足,作为入门以及进阶的练手教程非常合适 &g...


多谢刘柯 的邀请!题主提到的我说的这句话,是有我要表达的对男人的理解与怜惜之情的。

Google 告訴你「人能活到500歲」?不信請看這個實驗

近日,Google 風險投資合夥管理人 Bill Maris 接受彭博社採訪時表示,受益於醫學持續進步,人類可以活到500歲。對生命科學的未來,Maris 充滿憧憬:“20年後,化療將會像使用電報一樣原始。”閱讀全文


Hello, 提问者你好,这个问题非常小众,但是我想还是会有人有类似的疑问,这样可以方便大家搜到。新古典主义经济学和制度学派名字看起来都很酷炫,前者就好像什么音乐流派,后者又有点像阶级斗争的口号。

Why Do We Have Allergies?

Allergies such as peanut allergy and hay fever make millions of us miserable, but scientists aren’t even sure why they exist. Carl Zimmer talks to a master immunologist with a controversial answer.Read more...

小米副總 Hugo Barra 現場拆解小米手機 4i ,表示其設計理念出自 Nexus 5

在發表會後,小米科技副總裁 Hugo Barra 親自拆解小米手機 4i ,除了展示其機構的複雜度,也一併講解小米手機 4i 的設計理念; Hugo 表示,小米手機 4i 是他進入小米科技後參與十八個月設計過程的產品,而這款手機的規劃就是他在 Google 服務前間參與開發的 Nexus 5 為設計出發點。

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