Microsoft is rethinking its PC Xbox app, promises some announcements before the end of the year

Because Microsoft's Xbox UWP app still pales in comparison to Steam and Discord, the Xbox team said this week that will change its approach towards Xbox integration on Windows 10.

Windows 10 news recap: Twitter PWA adds Windows 10 Share support, “nasty bug” stops new Windows Insi

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Twitter PWA now supports the Windows 10 Share dialogue Twitter continues to update its Progressive Web App (PWA) that supports Windows 10,

Microsoft news recap: Microsoft Authenticator on iOS gains security alerts, MSN News becomes Microso

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Microsoft Edge on Android hits over 5 million downloads Over a year since Microsoft announced it would bring its new web browser to Android,

Microsoft Store to receive Wish List, remote app installs, and more new features

The Microsoft Store is set to receive a new Wish List feature, as well as a number of other more minor improvements.

Microsoft Edge on Android hits over 5 million downloads

Microsoft Edge has hit over 5 million downloads on Android, potentially showing increased consumer confidence in Microsoft.

Leaked presentation reveals a partnership between Microsoft and Razer on bringing keyboard and mouse

Microsoft is reportedly in a partnership with Razer to bring keyboard and mouse support to the Xbox One.

Here’s how Microsoft has infused Artificial Intelligence in Office 365 to help increase productivity

Microsoft has been infusing the power of AI across several of its products and services, like Office 365, to extend its capabilities and to improve productivity.

Most gamers still prefer physical video game releases instead of digital

Survery companies are finding that Microsoft may still be putting the cart before the horse.

New free tier for Microsoft Teams briefly appears in official documentation

A new free tier for Microsoft Teams briefly appeared in official documentation, suggesting that the team collaboration app could soon become a freemium product.

Report: Google looks to a Windows 10 Certification for its Pixelbook

The search engine giant might be now trying to play nice with Microsoft by getting the Pixelbook certified for Windows 10.

E3 2018: Microsoft’s Xbox had the most popular conference, 77% of viewers male

Brandwatch has released their report on this year’s E3 which measures the popularity of each company’s conference and video game titles by studying social media reactions to events as they unfold. With the results in,

Astronomers Solve Puzzle of the Mountains That Fell From Space

KentuckyFC (1144503) writes "Iapetus, Saturn's third largest moon, was first photographed by the Cassini spacecraft on 31 December 2004. The images created something of a stir. Clearly visible was a narrow, steep ridge of mountains that stretch almost halfway around the moon's equator.





日内交易员 (Day Trader) 的工作体验是怎样的?

1. 夕阳产业,快要被淘汰了。2. 在国内做得很多不正规,拿60%利润一点也不高。但其实在美国基本上是90%和100%利润分成。公司斋赚手续费。不要小看手续费,一个月下来上千万美元并不稀奇。


顺流逆流?芒果TV半年回访:视频网站是场Big game李拓:视频网站已由娱乐平台转为大文化产业生态中的一环。


全球领先的BI公司MicroStrategy前大中华区高级顾问 中国,上海 -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- (美国商业资讯)-- Ivy移动信息科技,全球领先的企业级移动解决方案提供商,今天宣布由朱伦出任其中国分公司的总经理。

Snapchat Lets You Add People Via QR Snaptags Thanks To Secret Acquisition

Leaked emails from the Sony hack revealed Snapchat quietly acquired a QR code startup called late last year, and now we know why. Yesterday alongside Discover, Snapchat launched a new feature called Snaptags that creates a unique QR code for every Snapchat user.

華為推出汽車專用 4G 無線熱點 CarWi

華為日前推出了專為汽車而設的 4G LTE 流動數據分享器 CarFi,和 Mi-Fi 一樣插入 SIM 卡,CarFi 就可以同時讓 10 部裝置連線。華為 CarFi 支援 4G LTE Car 4,上網速度最高可達 150Mbps。

What's The Most Over-The-Top Tech Job Perk? 

When we looked at startup horror stories last week, several commenters pointed out that crazy perks can be used to distract employees from the awful nature of their jobs. Beer pong tables, free massages, bottomless alcohol—even company-paid trips to sex workers.

Tinder starts a small, very exclusive app for career networking

Forbes and Tinder are hooking up.The business magazine announced Monday that it's launching a networking app with the support of Tinder that will include a directory, a social media platform to share links and ask questions, and a messaging optionAnd yes,

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