Amazon has an under-the-desk elliptical from Cubii on sale for $130 off

Psst: We found a way for you to work on your #BeachBod without even going to the gym after work.Okay, well it might not be 100% the same as pumping iron and doing squats, but isn't it comforting to know that there's a way to burn calories and stay fit while sitting at your desk?Yeah,

'The Conners' killed off Roseanne Barr's character, and she's not cool with it

Back in May, the reboot of Roseanne was cancelled after Roseanne Barr posted a racist remark on Twitter. That eventually led to The Conners, a Barr-free spinoff of Roseanne, which eventually aired on ABC Tuesday night. SEE ALSO:

Facebook reboots 'The Real World' to draw people to its video platform

MTV's The Real World is set to make a comeback — on Facebook.The social network is teaming up with MTV to launch a reboot of the famed reality show for its video platform, Facebook Watch.SEE ALSO: Facebook: We're not a media company. Also Facebook: Watch our news shows.

Jimmy Kimmel created a fake Broadway musical version of 'Sully' but then actually did it

Film after film has been made into a Broadway musical, from Mean Girls to Legally Blonde. But who would have thought you could make a musical from Sully?For a new segment dubbed "Fraudway," Jimmy Kimmel made up a musical version of the 2016 film starring Tom Hanks,

Why Bono, Pharrell, The National wrote songs in memory of an artist's late cat

For those of us who've lost a longtime pet, the grief can be overwhelming, but might seem inconsequential to others.It's something French conceptual artist Sophie Calle realised when she lost her beloved cat, Souris (or mouse, in English), back in 2014. SEE ALSO:

YouTube is down, please don't call the police

YouTube appears to be down, and the internet doesn't know what to do.The video platform was inaccessible on Tuesday night, either showing a server error, a blank page, or broken images when people tried to load the website. The YouTube app also showed the same problems.SEE ALSO:

Adorable 5-year-old gives Prince Harry a little beard pat

Decorum be damned when there are royal beards to tickle.That's the kind of rebellion Prince Harry found during a royal visit to the Australian town of Dubbo, when a tiny school boy indulged in a little pat of His Royal Highness' beard.

Just try not to stomp and clamp watching Rami Malek performing 'We Will Rock You'

You can't mistake that drum beat. You know when to clap, when to stomp. But do you know how Queen's "We Will Rock You" was actually written?In a new clip from upcoming Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody,

Mozilla's next browser might be controlled by your voice

Firefox maker Mozilla is working on an entirely new type of internet browser: One that's controlled with your voice. Because why not? We're all getting used to talking to Alexa, Siri,

Walmart has a sale on this Shark ION cordless vacuum for $100 off

Summer is good for warm nights with the windows open and ice cream for dinner.Summer is bad for spiders taking advantage of those open windows to make webs on your ceiling.You're going to need some extra cleaning days in the next few months.

How thousands are fighting back against Trump's border policies

Last month, the Trump administration announced that they'd be separating parents crossing the border for asylum from their children.It was a radical shift in policy, inciting feelings of outrage — and helplessness — all across the country.

[视频]撒哈拉沙尘来袭 英国遭遇罕见雾霾天气




US Government Introduces Pollinator Action Plan To Save Honey Bees

An anonymous reader writes The White House has announced a federal strategy to reverse a decline in the number of honeybees and other pollinators in the United States. Obama has directed federal agencies to use research, land management,

Uber Begins Testing Lunch Delivery With UberFRESH

Uber isn’t done producing variations on the theme of on-demand wheels – the startup has now begun testing uberFRESH, a service that provides lunch between 11:30 PM and 2:30 PM to customers in the Santa Monica trial area first,


威智网1月28日消息,微软广告部门今天在官方网站上发表了新的声明,宣布正式推出一项面向应用推广方面的新举措——支持开发者在“应用推广”(Promote your app)广告中添加应用的评分和价格。

在Houdini里固定半径范围内改变权重中心点的方法 - 嘉豪一点点

大家都知道如果使用点云或者使用类似attribTransform这样的节点来采样或者传值的时候,都是以点为圆心一定半径均匀的采样,近几天为了做一些比较特殊的牵引效果所以好好琢磨了一下非均匀的线性采样方法,这个词有点太绕,我先上两张对比图看一看:权重改变前 权重改变后要求是在上面.

国内厂商已同步开售Galaxy S6屏幕贴膜和手机套

尽管三星才发布了Galaxy S6和S6 Edge,但是国内厂商已经迅速推出了屏幕贴膜和手机套产品。外媒在搜索Taobao后发现,目前已经有数十款相关产品,并且价格从最低的1.6元起步(约26美分),而高端的也有皮革材质。



救你一命!解決睡眠窒息症及鼻鼾 – Airing



了解投资人当一个创业者需要为自己的项目pitch VC的时候,首先应当充分了解VC的集中典型心态。创业者得清楚,与VC打交道什么是该避免的?什么又是该利用的?

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