These creepy sharks glow bright green in the dark. Here's why.

The largest disco on Earth is happening deep beneath the surface of the ocean, and no, you’re not invited. New footage from National Geographic researcher David Gruber and his team reveals a shark glowing bright green 120 feet deep in Scripps Canyon off the coast of Southern California.

Postmates reveals its cute, automated delivery robot

Meet Serve.Serve is Postmates' new automated delivery robot, developed to help make the company's on-demand deliveries more efficient.SEE ALSO: Is the face-swapping robot with multiple 'personalities' cool or just plain creepy?It'll ride along sidewalks and can carry up to 50 lbs,

'123456,' 'donald,' and other terrible passwords people used this year

For what seems like the umpteenth time, "123456" and "password" are the most commonly used passwords this year. Those combinations sit in the number one and two spots respectively, according to SplashData, who evaluates millions of leaked passwords each year for its worst 100 passwords list.

Guy who posts billboards gets pranked with a billboard of his own face

This guy really had to *face* himself at work. Let's say you post billboards for a living, and your friends regularly prank you by getting you to put up a massive billboard of yourself. This is a true story: Redditor u/Jaydeem89 posted his friend's reaction to r/funny and r/discgolf.

Fine, we want the Windows Ugly Sweater

I hate that I love it.In a pun-filled tweet, the Windows Twitter account announced that it's giving away a select amount of "ugly sweaters" adorned with the blocky Windows 95 logo. SEE ALSO: No, you don't need an iPhone X scarf but it 100% existsIt's chunky. It's knit.

Facebook sets up holiday pop-up shop in New York to inform users about privacy concerns

From the Cambridge Analytica scandal to countless other privacy issues, 2018 hasn’t been such a banner year for Facebook when it comes to its users’ private data.Facebook undoubtedly realizes this and would like to get back in its users’ good graces. So, on Thursday, in Manhattan’s Bryant Park,

Virgin Galactic's most recent test flight looks pretty dang impressive in a new video

Read more...{"player":{"description":"Look at that spaceplane move.","image":"","mediaid":"63nwkJbAn5","preload":false,"title":

Bees with sensor backpacks may help farmers monitor crops

University of Washington researchers developed tiny sensor backpacks that attach to the back of bumblebees. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Bees, Farms, Backpack, and Science

Amazon has an under-the-desk elliptical from Cubii on sale for $130 off

Psst: We found a way for you to work on your #BeachBod without even going to the gym after work.Okay, well it might not be 100% the same as pumping iron and doing squats, but isn't it comforting to know that there's a way to burn calories and stay fit while sitting at your desk?Yeah,

Mozilla's next browser might be controlled by your voice

Firefox maker Mozilla is working on an entirely new type of internet browser: One that's controlled with your voice. Because why not? We're all getting used to talking to Alexa, Siri,

Walmart has a sale on this Shark ION cordless vacuum for $100 off

Summer is good for warm nights with the windows open and ice cream for dinner.Summer is bad for spiders taking advantage of those open windows to make webs on your ceiling.You're going to need some extra cleaning days in the next few months.


国外媒体撰文对Android和Windows Phone双系统的传闻进行评述,文章认为微软或许通过免WP授权费或提供折扣鼓励合作手机厂商在Android手机上配置WP系统,真正目的是为了提升自家WP手机的销量。

Watch An Industrial Robot Nearly Beat A Professional Ping Pong Player At His Own Game – Sort Of

If you’re looking for a vaguely frightening realization of just how good robots are getting at activities that require a high degree of optical precisions and fine motor control, than the video above has exactly what you need.

Calif. Court Orders Preservation of Disputed NSA Phone Records

An anonymous reader writes with this snippet from an report at PC World: "A court in California has prohibited the destruction of phone records collected by the government until further orders,



FIFA 14 and Despicable Me Minion Rush games updated for Windows 8 and Windows Phone

The biggest soccer tournament in the world- FIFA World Cup 2014 is about to kick-off in Brazil. And just in time, the FIFA 14 app has received an exciting new update. Also, the popular game Despicable Me Minion Rush snagged an update to add some exciting new features.

HP hands president and CEO Meg Whitman chair-ship of the board

Whitman takes the position of chair from Ralph Whitworth and additional appointments include Pat Russo, Klaus Kleinfeld and Robert Bennett all joining the board of directors.Read more:

App Store本周最佳免费应用: SketchBook

威锋网讯 8 月 8 日消息,苹果将 Autodesk 旗下的人气绘画软件 SketchBook 列为本周最佳免费应用,用户现可以通过 App Store 免费下载iPhone 和 iPad 版本——SketchBook 并不是一款通过的软件,用户需要分别下载 iPhone 和 iPad 客户端。

主人花200美元为宠物金鱼动手术 切除脑部肿瘤


2014 will almost certainly be Earth's warmest in 134 years

This year is almost certain to be the warmest that our planet has seen since at least 1880, according to new data released Thursday. Earth had its warmest October on record and warmest January through October period,



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